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7 Secrets Walmart Employees Want You to Know

From how helpful the store's app can be to the exact moment security cameras are watching you.

Walmart is the one-stop shop for massive savings on everything from televisions and patio furniture to bar soap and bananas. However, the sheer size of the big-box store is enough to overwhelm even the most skilled buyers. Whether you're a regular customer or visit a few times a year to stock up on essentials, there are Walmart tips and tricks that can save you serious time and money. Read on to discover the seven secrets Walmart employees want you to know.

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The Walmart app can provide just as much in-store assistance as an associate.

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Walmarts tend to be enormous, which can make tracking down every item on your shopping list a challenge. However, the Walmart app simplifies this process. "The app will tell [you] the aisle something is in," says Reddit user and employee u/kyersthrowaway2013 on a thread about things employees wish shoppers knew. Indeed, Walmart confirms that if you enter a store and open their app, it will transform into a virtual store assistant. There, you'll be able to see a map of the store, which can "help you find where an item is located, down to the aisle and shelf area," they write. The app also includes a product search bar and barcode scanner so you can easily read product reviews and find accurate pricing information.

Employees don't have department-specific expertise.

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Not sure which vacuum to buy? The sales associate in the home goods department probably can't help. "Do not come to us for expert advice," writes Reddit user and employee u/beepboopbebopbop. "No, I don't know which non-clumping litter would be best for your asthmatic rescue cat. Yes, I do work in the pet section. Today, that is. Yesterday, I was in hardware, and tomorrow, I might be in health and beauty, or I might be in paper and chemicals." They recommend researching your purchases before heading to Walmart or visiting a more specialized store where employees might have more niche expertise.

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The best deals on high-ticket electronics are hidden.

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Oddly enough, the clearance section isn't the number one place to look for your local Walmart's best budget buys. In fact, "it rarely offers truly good deals," writes Reddit user and employee u/blong217. "Most stuff there is unwanted or [low quality], with very few exceptions." Instead, go straight to the electronics department for serious savings. "Most marked down, high-end electronics are held in cabinets near or under their respective items. Most reduced items are not displayed and rarely have price tags. Ask to see their clearance specifically in cases," they add. Sure, you'll need to wait for an associate's assistance, but you might be rewarded for your patience with a massive steal.

Walmart has a sneaky way to catch self-checkout thieves.

Grocery Store Self Checkout Grocery Shopping Mistakes

Think you can ring up four potatoes as one? Think again. According to a former Walmart employee who goes by @obeygoddess on TikTok, the retailer has developed a way to stop this from happening. "Walmart employees that work in the self-checkout area carry devices around called TC devices," she says in a viral TikTok video. "With these TC devices, we're able to see everything you're purchasing, how much your total purchase is, and how much each item costs." She says that if an employee suspects you have stolen something, they can use the device to make it look like the self-checkout machine froze. "At that point, you have no choice but to call for help," she says. From there, the employee will take you to the main checkout area so a cashier can ring you up (and prevent any hijinks).

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You can ask for another register to be opened.

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If the line at your local Walmart is wrapped around the store, you may be able to ask for another register to be opened. "Go to the cashier and say: 'Can you call someone to hop on this register that's empty because this line is too long,'" former Walmart employee Paris Mars tells The Sun. Mars adds that Walmart policy states that there should never be more than three shoppers in line. She also explains that if you ask for another register to open, employees aren't supposed to tell you "no." Mars told The Sun that when she shops she asks for a register to open when she enters the store so that when she's done shopping there isn't a line. 

There are under-cover security guards disguised as shoppers.

Santa Fe, NM: Two young women approach Walmart. The store is constructed in the Pueblo architectural style.

Paris Mars and @obeygoddess both note that Walmart has plain-clothes security officers monitoring its stores. "They pretend that they're shopping, they might have a cart, they might have a basket, but they [are] watching you," Mars tells The Sun. In a TikTok video, @obeygoddess said her store always had two of these undercover shoppers. "They would deal with issues like if someone was outside trying to start a fight…or looking for customers that are stealing or putting things in their pockets," she explains. The former employee adds that the guards will stop thieves as they exit the store. Both Paris Mars and @obeygoddess say they will often call the police.

Kindness gets you everything.

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As with most stores, the better customer you are, the better service you'll receive. "Be nice to the managers and you will always, always, always get your way," Mars tells The Sun. "If you talk with a normal voice and you're just explaining stuff, I promise you the managers will respect you and will do anything in their power to make you happy." So, the next time you visit Walmart, bring your best manners. You never know what kind of perks or special treatment it could bring you.

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