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The 5 Best Household Items to Buy at Dollar Tree, Experts Say

The bargain store can be the best resource for these everyday products.

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It's no secret that Dollar Tree can be a great way to pick up the items you need while shopping on a budget. And with their wide selection covering everything from cosmetics to groceries, it's easy to find a lot of what you need in one stop—sometimes even cheaper than at competitors like Walmart and Target. Of course, this also means you can find great buys for the everyday products you use around your home. Read on for the best household items to buy at Dollar Tree, according to experts.

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Extension cords

black cord plugged into blue extension cord

If your home or office's outlets aren't perfectly placed, you're no stranger to needing access to plenty of extension cords. But before you stock up from just anywhere next time, experts say you can find great deals at the bargain chain.

"To cut costs, check out Dollar Tree's three-outlet, six-foot indoor extension cord for $1.25. Meanwhile, a similar option on Amazon will run you $2.85," Samantha Landau, consumer expert at, tells Best Life. "That's over 50 percent savings when shopping at Dollar Tree."

Cellulose sponges

Colorful sponges with foam and reflection isolated on black background

If you're using them correctly, sponges are the one household essential item that must be replaced constantly. That's why it can be helpful to pick them up from the dollar store where they're the best value.

"We saw a 2-count pack of Scrub Buddies cellulose sponges for $1.25 at Dollar Tree, which comes out to about 63 cents per sponge," says Katie Roberts, consumer analyst with "At Target, meanwhile, a 4-pack of Scotch-Brite Ocelo cellulose sponges costs $2.79, or about 70 cents per sponge. You'll get the same type of sponge at Dollar Tree for less."

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Shower curtain liners

The storefront of a Dollar Tree location

Showers may help you get clean, but they certainly don't stay clean themselves. So if you're regularly changing out your shower curtain liners to avoid mold and mildew, you might want to consider picking up your next replacement when you make a run to Dollar Tree.

"To save money, opt to buy clear shower curtain liners at Dollar Tree, which offers clear PEVA plastic liners for $1.25 each," says Landau. "When compared to Walmart's offer for a similar item, priced at $2.97 each, Dollar Tree's choice is the clear winner by saving you $1.72."

Small trash cans

A Dollar Tree store. Dollar Tree is an American multi-price-point chain of discount variety stores.

Dollar Tree isn't just a decent resource for cleaning supplies: It can also be one of the best places to pick up the receptacles that help keep your home tidy in the first place.

"Shoppers probably don't need anything fancy for a trash can that sits under a desk or bathroom sink, and Dollar Tree has solid prices on these items," says Roberts. "They have 1.75-gallon white plastic wastebaskets for just $1.25 each, which comes out to about 71 cents per gallon."

By comparison, the 2.5-gallon Brightroom white plastic wastebasket on sale at Target costs $2. "You'll pay more for that one, at 80 cents per gallon," she points out.

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Super Glue

man using super glue

If you're embarking on any home improvement and DIY projects, shopping at dollar stores can save you some cash. This includes one unique repair item that really can't be replaced in your toolbox.

"Dollar Tree is selling a two-pack of The Original Super Glue—or 0.25 ounces total—for $1.25. On the other hand, Amazon is selling a one-pack of The Original Super Glue—or a total of 0.07 ounces—for $6.12 each," says Landau. "This is the kind of purchase that can turn your project into a real money-saver.

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