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I'm an Interior Designer and Just Bought 11 Luxe Decor Items at Dollar Tree

An expert is sharing her favorite decorative finds at Dollar Tree.

Savvy shoppers have recently taken to social media to extoll the underrated beauty items at Dollar Tree. But that's not the only section of the store that's hiding products worthy of a much higher price tag than $1.25. Recently, interior designer Ruqiya Imtiaz-Uddin shared a video highlighting her favorite luxe home decor items from Dollar Tree. Keep reading to see what she says are must-have picks.

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Iridescent candle holders

Iridescent Candle Holder Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

In her video on TikTok, the first home decor item Imtiaz-Uddin shares is an iridescent candle holder, which she says can double as storage for "makeup, or cotton balls, or even cotton swabs." She writes in her caption that they look identical to the collection at World Market.

Incense sticks and holder

Incense Holder Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

Next, Imtiaz-Uddins points to these incense holders as another favorite because she "loves the wood design" and "the simplicity of it." The set also comes with 20 incense sticks.

Taper candles

Taper Candles Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

Taper candles can add a bit of elegance to your space, and Dollar Tree sells two-count boxes in a variety of colors.

In her video, Imtiaz-Uddin points out a pack with one purple and one pink candle, which she says are "a perfect pop of color and great for Valentine's Day."

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Twisted taper candles

Twisted Candles Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Imtiaz-Uddin also loves these pink twisted taper candles for the holiday.

"They sell for about $40 at Anthropologie and more than $10 anywhere else," she notes in the video.

Pink taper candle holder

Candle Holder Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

Of course, you'll need a holder for those taper candles. "How beautiful are these pink candle holders," she says of these glass holders. "I love the design."

Mini rainbows

Mini Ceramic Rainbows
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

When you're looking for bedroom decorations, these little ceramic rainbows are a great addition. Imtiaz-Uddin shares that they come in pink or white and are ideal for a girl's room or a nursery.

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Glass candle holders

Glass Candle Holders Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

For a fancier taper candle holder, this glass version from Dollar Tree is lovely. Imtiaz-Uddin says she's previously thrifted items like these because she had no idea they were sold at Dollar Tree.

Burnt amber candle holder

Burnt Amber Candle Holder
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

Imtiaz-Uddin shares that this may be her favorite piece. "Burnt amber is all the rage in 2024, and this candle holder is so beautiful and can work with so many design styles," she says.

Bubble candle

Bubble Candle Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

When you don't want a basic candle, Imtiaz-Uddin suggests checking your local Dollar Tree for these specialty bubble candles. She only found one at her store but suggests stocking up if you find them.

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Incense holder dish

Incense Dish Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

This white dish is another incense holder that can be found at Dollar Tree. It's a little plain, so Imtiaz-Uddin notes that it's something she would add texture to.


Baskets Dollar Tree
Copyright @studioriuhome/TikTok

Whether you're looking for more storage at home or you're making a gift for someone, Dollar Tree has plenty of plastic baskets to choose from. Imtiaz-Uddin shares that she picked up a small pink one to make a baby shower gift basket.

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