Dollar Tree Shoppers Are Praising Its Anti-Aging Serums: "My Skin Is the Best It's Been"

A TikToker said the ingredients "check out," offering quality products at an affordable price.

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Skincare treatments have never felt more on trend, with an ever-growing emphasis on keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful at any age. But while skincare products are vital, they can also be pretty pricey—especially if you're shelling out for a new, multi-step routine. That's where Dollar Tree comes in: Shoppers say these affordable stores are havens for skincare products, specifically anti-aging serums. Read on to find out which products they say are worth a go.

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A TikToker purchased a few different serums at Dollar Tree.

dollar tree face serum tiktok
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In a Jan. 2023 video, TiKToker Cyn Gordon (@queenbcyn) showed off her Dollar Tree haul, namely the serums she scored.

"Guys, look what I found at the Dollar Tree, these of course were all $1.25," Gordon says in the video, picking up a hyaluronic acid serum, a niacinamide serum, a vitamin C serum, and a multivitamin serum. The multivitamin product has vitamins B, C, E, and niacinamide, she explains.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, hyaluronic acid is something your body produces naturally, but adding extra helps to keep your skin hydrated. It also works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines. And niacinamide is another ingredient that can smooth and brighten your skin, effectively preventing signs of aging.

We know vitamin C is a helpful additive to boost your immune system. But as an antioxidant, it helps fight off harmful toxins that come in contact with your skin, all while improving wrinkles and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

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The ingredients "check out."

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You may be skeptical about skincare products around the $1 mark, but according to Gordon, the ingredients "check out."

"I don't know if you would need all of these, but I got all of these because I wanted to show them to you," Gordon says.

She continues, "Before I even bothered to get on here and do the video, I did test out, just a few minutes ago, the niacinamide, and now I'm just kicking myself because I literally watched something happen to my skin when I applied this."

Gordon explains that she allowed the niacinamide to soak in before trying the hyaluronic acid.

"The niacinamide serum, it soaked right in, so it didn't feel 'goopy,' it didn't feel any kind of way," she says, adding that the hyaluronic acid then felt "super nice" when applied on top.

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She also points out that the serums are fragrance-free.

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The serums Gordon purchased were all from the Global Beauty Care brand, she says—and as another plus, they are all fragrance-free.

"The niacinamide had no scent, and neither does the hyaluronic acid—and that's really good, too," Gordon explains. "For it to be such an affordable skincare product and to not have a scent, [that's a] big deal."

Another shopper said they've seen a difference thanks to these serums.

global beauty care serum in tiktok
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In the video, Gordon stresses that skincare takes a little while to determine if it's really making a difference. But in the comment section, another TikToker was quick to say that they have seen results with these serums.

"I have these and my skin is the best it's ever been," a commenter wrote. "I do vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, then my moisturizer, and my skin is so plumped, these are [100 percent] legit."

Others were simply excited to try them. "I bought these too at my Dollar Tree here in Florida," a commenter wrote.

Another thanked Gordon, adding, "Thank you for this info I've been wondering about these!"

Some commenters noted that they hadn't found all of the serums at their local Dollar Tree, so be sure to check a few locations if you don't have any luck at your usual store. On Dollar Tree's website, they do have products listed under the Global Beauty Care brand, but they do not include the serums mentioned by Gordon.

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