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Makeup Expert Shares the Affordable Dollar Tree Products She Buys "Over and Over Again"

Don't miss these top quality products at rock bottom prices.

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When you shop at Dollar Tree, you're sure to find some steals—but the question of quality is the greater gamble. Though you can certainly snag high-value products at basement-level prices, not everything at the discount store is equally worthwhile. That's why one 50-year-old "mature beauty" influencer (@mtagbeauty), who goes only by her first name Melissa on social media, recently shared her favorite makeup and fashion items from Dollar Tree, including three items she buys "over and over again." Read on for the makeup expert's three go-to purchases, plus the other items in her shopping bag.

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L.A. Colors Lengthening Mascara

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree mascara
Copyright @mtagbeauty / TikTok

The first item that Melissa swears by at Dollar Tree is L.A. Colors Lengthening Mascara. In fact, she says it's one of her most commonly purchased items of 2023.

"I've talked to you guys about this mascara a few times over the course of the year, and I'm always stocked on this," she says. "You cannot beat the lengthening and volume you get from this mascara for $1.25."

Mask applicator

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree mask applicator
Copyright @mtagbeauty / TikTok

Next, Melissa—who uses the TikTok handle @mtagbeauty—recommends a simple plastic mask applicator, which she has cleverly turned into a multi-purpose beauty tool.

"I love using it as a spatula to kind of take the moisturizer out of a big tub of moisturizer or skincare product, and at this end, I like to use to be able to put on your eye to help create a shadow or wing eyeliner look," she explains, holding it up to her outer eyelid.

Tortoise shell hoop earrings

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree tortoise shell hoop earrings
Copyright @mtagbeauty / TikTok

Dollar Tree also carries inexpensive accessories, and Melissa favors one design in particular: a pair of faux tortoise shell hoop earrings.

"These tortoise hoops are so adorable, and as I get older I realized that I cannot wear heavy hoops for the entirety of the day," she explains. "These I can wear all day and I don't feel them, and they're extremely light."

She recommends pairing them with a simple black outfit, which she says gets her "compliments all the time."

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These were the other makeup items in her Dollar Tree haul.

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree foundation stick
Copyright @mtagbeauty / TikTok

Melissa scored several other great beauty buys in her Dollar Tree haul, including a spot concealer by the brand Candy Moyo Longwear, Goody hair elastics, and a cheery shade of L.A. Colors blush. "If you can find this blush color—it's called Sweet Cheeks—this is the prettiest pink that all the brands are doing right now and I absolutely love this color," she says in her post.

However, her favorite new find was from the popular beauty brand Maybelline. "I think this is my biggest score—this is a Maybelline foundation stick, and it's in warm coconut. I actually think that will make a really pretty bronzer," she notes.

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