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Shopper Reveals the "Most Underrated" Section at Dollar Tree—And 10 Must-Have Items

Check out these beauty products if you want the look for less.

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Many of us go to Dollar Tree to pick up a few groceries or grab some stationery and birthday cards—all at a steep discount. But while you might already have your favorite bargains, there's more to your local Dollar Tree than meets the eye. According to Paige Constantino, a TikToker who documents her shopping finds and strategies, the "most underrated" part of Dollar Tree stores is the beauty section.

"I feel like people are so off-put by Dollar Tree beauty—they have so many good things that you can actually use," Constantino says in a Jan. 3 TikTok video.

Ready to revamp your beauty routine? Read on for the 10 products Constantino says are must-haves.

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Airless pump bottles

dollar tree pump bottles
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

First on Constantino's list of go-to items at Dollar Tree are airless pump bottles, which she says are dupes for those sold by the Drunk Elephant brand.

"You put whatever you want in there, and it just comes out like the Drunk Elephant one," she says. "Or you can get the acetone that's already in one of the bottles."

Nail products

dollar tree artificial nail tips
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Constantino says there are some hidden gems when it comes to nail products at Dollar Tree.

"They also have such a great nail section," Constantino shares. "For example, these little clips to take off your gel nail polish, or these nail tips if you're a DIY nail girlie. They also have the 100-pack of the clear ones."

She also points to press-on nail options with different designs, as well as nail stickers.

"I mean, literally, [they have] just so many, I can't even cover all of them," she says. "I could do a separate video just on nails."

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Gua sha tools

dollar tree gua sha
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

For skincare, Constantino says people are "sleeping on" the gua sha tools available at Dollar Tree. (Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique where you use a massage tool to scrape your skin and improve circulation, per Healthline.)

"I always gift people these gua shas," Constantino reveals.

Eyeshadow tools

eyeshadow remover
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Other must-have Dollar Tree beauty products? Tools you can use for your eyeshadow, including brushes and sponges.

"I always get my eyeshadow brushes from here," Constantino says, picking up an angle brush from Wet n Wild that she deems "perfect for eyeliner."

She also recommends the Sassy + Chic mini beauty blenders at Dollar Tree, which are useful when applying makeup to the corner of your eye, as well as a Sassy + Chic  "shadow switching sponge" that you can use to switch from one eyeshadow color to another.

"I definitely recommend that," Constantino says of the switching sponge. "These go for like $20 on Amazon. Just buy it here."

Eyeshadow palettes

eyeshadow palettes dollar tree
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

When it comes to eyeshadow itself, Dollar Tree has you covered.

"They also have all these little eyeshadows—especially if you're new into makeup, or you want to play around with some fun color, these are a great option. They also have a lot of neutral palettes," Constantino points out.

If you're looking for a specific brand, the TikToker recommends options from L.A. Colors.

Cream blush

cream blush dollar tree
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

In the market for some blush? The cream options from the Clean Beauty brand are also worth a try, as Constantino says they're "so nice and feel so high quality."

In general, the Clean Beauty brand is a good go-to as well.

"Anything by Clean Beauty is always a win," Constantino gushes.

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Lip stains

dollar tree lip stains
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Another Dollar Tree "dupe" on this list? The lip stains, which Constantino says are the same as the tints made by Benefit Cosmetics, called Benetint.

"I've made several videos about these lip stains—[they're a] literal Benetint dupe," the TikToker insists. "Try it, it will change your life. I put these on my cheeks as well."

False eyelashes

dollar tree eyelashes
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

False eyelashes are also on Constantino's list of "slept on" Dollar Tree beauty products.

"They have the individual [packs] and so many different lash types," she says. "If you go through eyelashes like crazy, Dollar Tree has so many good options. Definitely do not sleep on that."

However, Constantino notes that one thing you should invest in is a good eyelash glue, recommending that you purchase that from somewhere slightly more upscale, like Ulta Beauty.

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Skincare products

b pure skincare products dollar tree
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Constantino concedes that purchasing skincare from Dollar Tree is a bit "tricky," mostly because you don't want to purchase products that have "a bunch of chemicals." However, there are still quality options.

"B Pure is a really good brand. These are literal dupes for Glow Recipe serum and toner," she explains. "It has niacinamide and hyaluronic acid—and these are glass bottles, these are high quality."

Constantino also recommends the Glowing brand at Dollar Tree.

Hair products

claw clips dollar tree
Copyright @paigeconstantino / TikTok

Rounding out the list of Dollar Tree beauty must-haves are hair accessories. According to Constantino, this aisle in the beauty department is chock-full of steals.

"I feel like people don't understand how many cute things they have down here," Constantino shares, picking up a claw clip that she claims could easily be found at Target. She also points out fuzzy claw clips that people often think are from Anthropologie.

"They're shocked when I tell them they're from Dollar Tree," she says.

Beyond that, Constantino recommends hair clips that you can use when doing your makeup—which go for around $10 on Amazon—as well as a brush from the Sleek brand, which she says is great for creating a slicked-back look.

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