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Dollar Tree Shoppers Find Bed, Bath & Beyond Items for Just $1.25

TikTokers have come across "great quality" products previously stocked at the home goods store.

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It's not exactly a secret that there are some great bargains to be found at Dollar Tree on everything from skincare products to kitchen staples. In some cases, the bargain retailer can even beat other stores at their own game by offering the same products at an even lower price. Now, Dollar Tree shoppers are saying that they've found items from Bed, Bath & Beyond stocked at the discount store for its famously low price point of $1.25. Read on to see which products they say are too good to pass up.

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A TikToker says she found home items previously sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond for just over a dollar.

TikToker holding up a silverware organizer
@ bargainbethanydiys / TikTok

It's nothing new to find the same products carried in competing stores for different prices. But in a video posted on Jan. 6, user @bargainbethanydiys explains that she was able to find several home items from Bed, Bath & Beyond at her local Dollar Tree location in the store's lowest price tier of $1.25.

The first item she points out is a lazy Susan for cabinets and fridge organization, saying you wouldn't normally "find something like this in Dollar Tree for $1.25." She also shows off a cutlery drawer organizer from the Simply Essential brand, adding that "they do have a grip on the inside [and] they're great quality." By contrast, she points out that Dollar Tree's in-house brand of drawer organizer doesn't feature the same steady grip, making it more likely to move around when you're opening and closing your drawer.

In addition to organizers, the user found six-piece Farberware silicone straw sets and four-count glass straws from Natural Home that were once sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond. She also picked up Beeswax Reusable Wraps from Prepara—an eco-friendly replacement for single-use plastic wraps.

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Another user found the products selling for much less than they used to.

Dollar Tree Outside Storefront
Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Others on social media have touted similar findings. In a short video posted on Feb. 1, YouTube user @DoItOnaDime says she also spotted the Simply Essential cutlery tray and anticipated the brand's lazy Susan landing at her location soon.

"I've been seeing these all over TikTok, and I can't wait til they come to my store," she tells viewers.

She also points out that the tray is available at Dollar Tree for its low-tier $1.25 pricing and shows a screenshot of the Bed, Bath & Beyond website listing the same cutlery organizer on sale for $20.24.

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Dollar Tree ended up with many of the home goods store's items after locations were shuttered.

bed bath and beyond with store closing sign
A. Jamal / Shutterstock

Part of the reason these products have migrated over to new shelves has to do with the recent changes Bed, Bath & Beyond has been through. In April 2023, the iconic home goods store declared bankruptcy and announced it would shut down all its remaining 360 stores, as well as 120 buybuy BABY locations.  @DoItOnaDime explains that the company rehomed its inventory elsewhere as locations were closed.

"Bed, Bath, & Beyond went out of business, and Dollar Tree got all of the liquidation," she explains. "So you're saving a lot."

And unsold items aren't the only things that got passed along. In June, the online retailer announced it had acquired the company's assets in a $21.5 million bid, The New York Times reported. The website has since rebranded as Bed, Bath & Beyond and continues to sell to shoppers online only.

Other shoppers weighed in on the finds.

A Dollar Tree storefront as seen in a TikTok video
@ BargainBethanyDIYS / TikTok

Other shoppers jumped into the comments section of the videos to voice their approval of the discoveries.

"I have two of the lazy Susans," one wrote in response to the YouTube video. "I almost took all of them but decided not to."

However, some noted that other Dollar Tree locations are selling the items for different prices. "My [Dollar Tree] is selling those items in the plus section for $3-5," one said.

Several users complained that their local stores didn't have any of the posted items on shelves. But one YouTube user suggested checking before heading out to shop: "I look online to find the items, and that's how I can tell if it's in the store," they wrote.

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