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9 Best Things to Buy at Dollar Tree This Spring

Give your home a seasonal refresh without breaking the bank.

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When you're looking to refresh your home for spring, it's easy to overspend. Yet Dollar Tree is here to prove that you can get everything you need to update your space without wasting the hard-earned contents of your wallet. In fact, as the first flowers begin to bloom outside, budget-conscious influencers have been taking to social media to share the best Dollar Tree buys of the season. These are the nine best items to ring in spring 2024.

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Colorful doormats

Emma Villaneda, the influencer behind The Crafted Studio Co., recommends brightening your doorstep with a colorful new doormat for spring.

"In the Dollar Tree Plus section, they have these cute doormats," she says in a TikTok video, sifting through a variety of styles. Keep in mind this means they'll be closer to $5 than $1.25.

Villaneda then shares a fun hack using two black doormats and one colorful mat: "What you're gonna do is lay the black thin mats out side by side and you can put your outdoor mat right on top of the wording, and you get that layered look on a budget."

Metal flower decorations

Kathryn Snearly, the YouTube influencer behind Do It On a Dime, suggests sprucing up your space with these fun metal flowers from Dollar Tree.

"You can add some spray paint to this for an incredible installation—and we can do this for about 20 bucks," Snearly told her 2.3 million subscribers in a recent post. "I know this looks like a lot, but just trust the process," she says while loading up her cart with flowers of all sizes.

Using Space Tape, a removable double-sided tape that she also purchased from Dollar Tree, the DIY star demonstrates how she arranged the flowers in a "gentle, flowing, very organic way" on her wall.

"This would look great above a vanity like I did but you could also do it in a nursery or a kid's room… The quality is so awesome. I love how this turned out," she says.

Pastel dishes

"The spring dishes are back at Dollar Tree," says TikToker @thatssotrendydiy, while panning over a selection of seafoam green and navy blue dishes, bowls, and mugs.

She also highlighted a pink and blue floral set of dishware, including plates that say "home sweet home."

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Spring-themed placemats

To go with those new dishes, how about some pretty floral placemats, oven mitts, and dish towels that are new for spring? TikToker @shopwithme7771 shared a few different collections, one in blues and yellow featuring butterflies, another in soft green and yellow, and a third in pink, blue, and green.

The best part? It's all made to match the aforementioned dishes!

Metallic charger plates

Still from a video of a shopper holding up a metallic charger plate from Dollar Tree
Copyright Do It On A Dime / YouTube

If you plan to host an Easter brunch or spring fling, another way to instantly upgrade your table is with these metallic charger plates, says Snearly.

"They're shimmery, sheen-y—how pretty would this look on an Easter tablescape?" she says while piling the silver plates into her arms. "This is better than Pier 1. I'm totally obsessed."

Online, Dollar Tree is also selling gold fluted plate chargers.


Kathryn Snearly holding up planters in Dollar Tree
Copyright Do It On A Dime / YouTube

As the weather warms up, spring is also the perfect time to plant some new greenery in your yard. If you don't have a ton of space, these small planters are perfect.

"These can go over, like, your banister outside, " Snearly says in her video, adding that they'd look great in a row.

She also shows some much larger planters that have built-in drainage at the bottom.

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Candle holders

Still from a video of a shopper in Dollar Tree holding up tealight candle holders
Copyright Do It On A Dime / YouTube

Now that winter has thawed, you might find yourself hosting more social events with friends and family. To give your table or mantle a soft glow at your next gathering, Snearly recommends picking up a half-dozen of these glass candle holders, which she says have the "weight, style, and look of real crystal."

"They're so beautiful for your tea lights," she says, recommending them for a "wedding, bridal shower, or any event."

Wooden wall crafts

Wooden cutouts shown on a bedroom wall
Copyright Do It On A Dime / YouTube

Snearly also bought a range of wooden wall decorations in the shapes of feathers, plants, and butterflies. Covering them with a bit of gold spray paint, she demonstrates in the video how she arranges them in an artful line in a bedroom.

"I am so impressed with all of the wood products in the new section," she says, remarking on the wide range of styles on offer. "This would look good in your house!"

Glass vases

Glass vase from Dollar Tree shown with pink and purple flowers
Dollar Tree

If you don't have an outdoor garden, bringing spring indoors with some cut flowers can get you in the seasonal spirit.

Liz Fenwick, a home upgrades influencer who posts to her YouTube channel Liz Fenwick DIY, shared in a recent video that you can pick up glass vases for unbeatable prices at Dollar Tree.

"You can find a variety of glassware vases in different colors and sizes, and these prices definitely beat Amazon," she says.

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