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HomeGoods Sells Cheap Pottery Barn Fall Decor Dupes—Are They Just as Good?

Shoppers and retail experts weigh in on how more affordable options compare.

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August isn't over yet, but many of us are itching for the cozy atmosphere that accompanies the fall season. Pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, and spooky vibes are all on the docket—and if you're really getting a jump on things, you may have already pulled out your autumn decorations or started shopping for new ones. Many of us head to Pottery Barn for fall decor, since it's a reliable stop for chic and refined items, albeit at higher price points. But if you have your heart set on Pottery Barn-style goods and don't want to shell out the big bucks, shoppers say you can find nearly identical options at HomeGoods. Read on to find out if these fall decor dupes are just as good.

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Shoppers say HomeGoods' decorative pumpkins are a Pottery Barn dupe.


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No Halloween-themed home is complete without pumpkins. Pottery Barn sells its handcrafted terracotta pumpkins (labeled as a bestseller) for a pretty penny: The small pumpkin goes for $29.50, the medium retails for $39.50, and the large gourd will cost you $59.

Pottery Barn also sold beloved terracotta jack-o'-lanterns, which are "no longer available," according to Pottery Barn's website. However, a screenshot of the product page posted on TikTok in Aug. 2022 shows that they were even more expensive than the standard pumpkins, going for between $49.50 and $89.50.

If those prices aren't in your budget, TikTokers say you can find eerily similar decorative pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns at HomeGoods.

"When you find the Pottery Barn dupes, you buy all of them," TikTok user @txmathews says in a video posted last week, filming larger pumpkins with price tags that read $19.99.

Several other TikToks show off similar scores, with @amberroell stating that anyone with a HomeGoods store near them "has to go."

"They have the Pottery Barn dupe terracotta pumpkins, and they're so cute!" she says, noting that she paid $24.99 for a larger jack-o'-lantern.

Another TikToker, @MySimpleLittleHome, posted a video of both the terracotta pumpkins and the jack-o'lanterns, writing in the caption that they "look JUST like the Pottery Barn ones!"

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That's not the only dupe you can find.

In a separate TikTok, user @Hotpinkpineapples said that she found another convincing Pottery Barn dupe at HomeGoods. This one was for Pottery Barn's "Trick or Treat Metal Candy Bowl," which retails for a whopping $99.

"I went to HomeGoods—because you know I'm obsessed with HomeGoods—and I found a dupe to the Pottery Barn trick-or-treat bowl," @Hotpinkpineapple explains. "The Pottery Barn one is $100, which is just a little too out of my price range."

The TikToker adds that the HomeGood version is still made of metal, and it's a fraction of Pottery Barn's price, selling for just $19.99.

"Good luck, run to HomeGoods, hopefully the HomeGood gods are with you," the TikToker concluded.

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Retail experts say you can definitely go with the dupe.

pottery barn store
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According to Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, both the bat bowl and pumpkin dupes are pretty convincing.

"The bat bowl looks spot on to me. Granted, I haven't compared the two in person, but they're both metal bowls, with the Pottery Barn one being made of hand-cast aluminum and with a bronze finish," she tells Best Life. "I'm not sure of the details of the HomeGoods dupe but at a glance I wouldn't have been surprised to find out it's the same bowl and excess Pottery Barn inventory had made its way to HomeGoods. The more affordable option may be lighter in weight, but it looks to still be fairly substantial."

When it comes to the candy bowl, she says that given Pottery Barn's price point, you're probably better off with the cheaper option. "I can't think of a reason why you'd spend $100 on the Pottery Barn one if you can get your hands on the much more affordable dupe," Ramhold says.

For the pumpkins, she notes that the quality between HomeGoods and Pottery is likely similar, as they both have a terracotta-style look. (It's worth noting that it's unclear what brand the HomeGoods pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns are—several TikTokers said that they didn't see a tag when they purchased them.)

"While the more affordable option might be thinner—I don't know this for certain, it just might be a way for them to offer something like that at a cheaper price tag—it's not a guarantee that it'll be any lighter or more fragile than the more expensive alternative," Ramhold says. "If these terracotta pumpkins fit your decorating scheme or whatever project you have in mind, they seem to be well-worth finding."

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You might want to compare both items.

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Ramhold says that you shouldn't write off stores like HomeGoods, as off-price retailers can still sell "high-quality items."

However, if you're really curious about whether the quality of Pottery Barn options is worth paying extra for, consider finding the products in-store.

"If you have a chance to see both items in person, you may find that they feel different—the lower price items might be lighter in weight for example—but as these are decorative items, the weight really shouldn't matter," Ramhold explains, adding that a higher price tag doesn't always mean that you're paying for higher quality materials.

"For example, the bat bowl at Pottery Barn is meant to store wrapped food only—it shouldn't come into direct contact with anything edible. So even higher price tags don't make something inherently safer," she says.

You can also store the more affordable items out of reach when decorating, if you're worried that they're more fragile, but in general, Ramhold says that HomeGoods is a safe bet when shopping for this kind of seasonal decor.

"Honestly, shopping at retailers like HomeGoods is a solid strategy for finding pieces that look high-end but won't cost a fortune and will still last for a long time as long as they're well cared for," she says.

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