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Amazon Sells a West Elm TV Stand Dupe for $1,500 Less—Is It Just as Good?

You may not have to blow your entire furniture budget for that high design look.

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The fact that Amazon sells practically every product imaginable has made it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to score the best price. Of course, shopping with the giant online retailer doesn't allow you to inspect a product for quality before buying it, making some purchases a relatively risky prospect. But even when it comes to bigger ticket items such as furniture, it can be almost too good to pass up when a nearly identical option goes for a mere fraction of the price of a high-end original. And in one recent example, shoppers say they've discovered that Amazon sells a West Elm TV stand dupe for $1,500 less than the specialty item. Read on to find out if retail experts think it's just as good as the costly original.

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You might be able to save $1,500 on a West Elm TV stand thanks to an Amazon dupe.

A Furniwood Mid Century Modern TV Stand

No one wants to set themselves up for failure when shopping for furniture. Unfortunately, high-quality items sold by reputable furniture outlets like West Elm can immediately chew up your budget. But social media is showing that doing a little digging online can sometimes yield some impressive results—and serious savings.

In a TikTok video posted on June 9, user @alannasunny10 points out West Elm's Quinn Media Console as her "dream TV stand." But while the original item goes for close to $1,800, she shows a nearly identical piece from a company called Furniwood sold on Amazon for just around $250.

"The best West Elm dupe I've seen," she writes in the caption. "Love it so much, and I built it myself."

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Experts agree that there are striking similarities between the two items.

person holding smartphone with iphone app on it

A $1,500 price difference is enough to make almost any potential buyer curious. And according to experts, this is one instance where the comparison is relatively easy to sell.

"The first notable thing about the Amazon dupe is that it looks pretty much identical to the West Elm Quinn console in Haze [color option]," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "At least from a distance—even a short distance—I'm not sure you could distinguish the two side-by-side. It's definitely a piece of furniture that qualifies as an actual 'dupe,' in my opinion, based on looks."

Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, says the cheaper option has the same four-door storage and gold finishings that make the piece stand out. "Plus, Amazon's option has a higher weight limit of 150 pounds, as opposed to West Elm's option, which has a 100-pound limit," she adds.

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But some drawbacks still need to be considered once you get past looks.

A West Elm Quinn media console
West Elm

The nearly indistinguishable appearance of the two products might make going for the cheaper option a no-brainer. But experts point out that there's more to making a decision than meets the eye in this case.

"When comparing a dupe product with the original, the first consideration is how closely the dupe resembles the authentic item in terms of design, materials, and overall quality," Jing Ju, founder and creative director at JUJU Studio, tells Best Life. "Ensuring that the dupe stands up to scrutiny and genuinely replicating the appeal of the real thing is essential."

In this case, Ramhold points out that the West Elm piece is made of "kiln-dried wood with metal pieces" and coated in a water-based finish, while the Amazon Furniwood piece is made from "high-quality particle board and density board."

"Anyone who has put furniture together—especially with an affordable price tag—will recognize that particle board and density board aren't materials known for longevity and stability," she warns.

Ramhold says another thing to keep in mind is measurements, noting that the bigger option of the West Elm piece is considerably larger than the solo Amazon option. And while the Furniwood appears to be able to hold more capacity, it's actually limited to 150 pounds overall, compared to 25 pounds per shelf for the West Elm Quinn stand. "That means the TV and any other items you're storing in and on the piece can't exceed that weight," she says.

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You should consider your future plans before you choose which item to purchase.

Young woman doing an online shopping for new home

So, is it actually worth it to invest in the dupe? Experts are split on the decision, with some saying the near-term upsides could make the affordable option a genuinely good purchase.

Landau points out that the only negative reviews for Amazon mention damaged parts, which is an unfortunate possibility when ordering anything online.

"However, the reviews also boast amazing customer service from Furniwood and that the product looks more expensive than it actually is, which is a huge win for any dupe," Landau adds. "In this case, you can save money on your furniture without compromising on style."

But according to Courtney Wollersheim, an interior designer with Floor360, there are certain warning signs that the Amazon dupe simply isn't built to last. "If you are in a temporary living situation and want a mid-century modern look, then the dupe would meet your needs perfectly," she says. "But if you're decorating a permanent long-term residence, the more expensive, better constructed original version is the way to go."

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