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5 Best KitchenAid Mixer Dupes for Less, Retail Experts Say

Get ready to step up your baking game with these affordable alternative appliances.

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Few kitchen appliances have held widespread appeal and a highly esteemed reputation with home cooks quite like the KitchenAid stand mixer. The product has been a mainstay on wishlists and wedding registries for decades thanks to its reliability and time-tested performance that helps recipes come together quickly and consistently. But the kitchen gadget remains somewhat of a lofty purchase due to its relatively high price tag, which starts at $350 and can run all the way up to $750. Fortunately, you can still get baking on a budget thanks to a few affordable products similar to the iconic accessory. Read on for the best KitchenAid mixer dupes, according to retail experts.

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The 5 Best KitchenAid Mixer Dupes

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

A blue Hamilton Beach electric stand mixer
Hamilton Beach

If you're willing to scale back on size or are just beginning a new baking hobby, the Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer can be a reliable starter option, Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life.

"It's only 4 quarts, and it still comes in around $120 depending on where you shop, but that's still much more affordable than the base price of a KitchenAid," she says. "For most home cooks and bakers, the Hamilton Beach will probably do just fine."

She does clarify that amateur chefs may have to modify some of their recipes or allow more prep time depending on what they're making. "You may have some issues with the dough hook attachment depending on your recipe, but be prepared ahead of time and ensure you have enough volume in the bowl for the hook to grab onto," she suggests.

Ramhold also points out that the motor is slightly less powerful than a KitchenAid, which can cause issues depending on the recipe. She cites the example of butter in a cookie recipe becoming too soft due to the increased mixing time, which can make the cookies spread more in the oven. But even that is not exactly a dealbreaker.

"You can typically solve these kinds of issues by refrigerating the dough to chill the whole thing before scooping," she says. "But that does add time to the process, so just be sure to factor that in if you opt for this mixer."

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2. Whall Kinfai Electric Stand Mixer

A Whall Kinfai Electric Stand Mixer

If you're looking for a bit more power but can't see yourself spending over $200 on a KitchenAid standing mixer, you can find the Whall Kinfai 4.5-quart stand mixer machine for just under $100, says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at

"This option is great if you're looking for affordability without sacrificing quality," she tells Best Life. "Whall Kinfai's mixer offers 12 speeds and comes with a spatula and a splash guard attachment in addition to the typical tools you'd expect (i.e., whisk, dough hook, bowl, etc.), making it a solid option for anyone looking to upgrade their at-home baking potential."

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3. Cuisinart Precision Master 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

A Cuisinart SM-50 Stand Mixer

When it comes to kitchen appliances, finding a dupe that performs as well as the higher-priced original should be a top priority. But it doesn't hurt that the Cuisinart Precision Master 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer also bears a striking physical resemblance to its more expensive countertop counterpart, as well.

"This is still a bit of an investment—the Cuisinart site has this model priced at $250—but it may just be the mixer that is most similar to a KitchenAid," says Ramhold. "It comes in a variety of colors like KitchenAid, but it has a 500-watt motor, whereas the KitchenAid Classic has a 275-watt motor. And since the KitchenAid website prices that model at $330, the Cuisinart is already a better deal based on volume and motor alone."

She adds that the fact that you can also get the same kind of accessories for the Cuisinart at lower prices—usually for less than $100—also makes it an even better alternative to the KitchenAid. And don't put too much stock in one of the most frequent customer complaints.

"Some reviewers have noted that the attachments don't reach the bottom of the bowl, but the mixer should be able to be adjusted to solve this issue," she explains. "KitchenAid mixers are the same way, so this isn't anything new for this kind of appliance."

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4. Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Hand Mixer

A Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 electric mixer
Hamilton Beach

Whether you're short on storage space or don't cook often enough to justify a bigger purchase, combining affordability and function can sometimes be especially smart. That's where the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Hand Mixer becomes a great option.

"KitchenAid has long been renowned for its standing mixers, but they can be pretty expensive if you're not a frequent user. So when looking for an alternative on a budget, you can opt for a 6-speed Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 mixer that has both hand mixing and stand mixing options for around $50," says Landau. "This mixer is a great choice to help you save space without compromising function—and without breaking your budget!"

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5. Frigidaire Stand Mixer

A powder blue Frigidaire stand mixer

If you're looking to get the most performance out of a limited budget, the well-reviewed Frigidaire Stand Mixer might be the best fit for your culinary needs.

"This is one of the most affordable alternatives to a KitchenAid and is probably best for home bakers not looking to do anything too intensive," says Ramhold. "It has a 300-watt motor, which is slightly more powerful than the KitchenAid Classic motor, plus the volume is slightly larger at 4.75-quart instead of just 4.5-quart."

She points out that you can shop in more places for this popular model, but you may have to hunt around to find the best price. All available models on Amazon are under $100—though prices vary by color.

Ramhold concludes that if you're looking for something to make standard baking projects easier, the Frigidaire seems like a decent option—especially since its price makes it a much lower barrier to entry than some other models. "Plus, the Amazon listing notes it's made of stainless steel rather than plastic," she adds. "For the cost and the fact that it's a well-known brand, it's certainly worth checking out."

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