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Dollar Tree Shoppers Find 8 Luxury Brands for Just $1.25: "Hit the Jackpot"

Shoppers were shocked to see name brands on the shelves at their local Dollar Trees.

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Shoppers can't seem to get enough of Dollar Tree's high-quality beauty dupes, home decor finds, and everyday essentials at low costs. But the price tag isn't the only thing blowing their minds. In fact, shoppers have recently taken to TikTok to share all the luxury brands they're finding at Dollar Tree for just $1.25. Keep reading to see which hidden gems you can grab at the dollar store.

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Hey Humans

Hey Humans Body Lotion Dollar Tree
Copyright @rachelxburrows/TikTok

Both Erica, a shopper who goes by @onecutecouponer on TikTok, and Rachel, another shopper with the username @rachelxburrows, couldn't believe that they spotted Hey Humans body lotion and body wash on the shelves at their respective Dollar Trees. This brand was created by Jada Pinkett Smith and is sold in 99 percent plastic-free packaging.

"I thought I hit the jackpot… when I found this," says Erica in a video she posted on Jan. 29. "Y'all this stuff is expensive."

To compare, at the time of writing, the same 14-ounce bottle of body lotion was selling on Amazon for about $10. Dollar Tree carries a variety of scents including banana aloe, apple matcha, and lavender vanilla.


Dermageek Skincare Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty/TikTok

In one of her videos, Kimberly (@kimberlymichbeauty) advises shoppers to check behind other items when they're at Dollar Tree.  "I found an amazing skincare brand that goes for $20," she wrote in the caption.

Dermageek, the brand Kimberly is referring to, was hidden behind boxes of other products. Kimberly found the detoxifying facial serum, the gentle face cleanser, and the nourishing night face cream at Dollar Tree for only $1.25 each.

On Amazon, the facial serum sells for $10 and the night cream for $25. The cleanser is $16 at Walmart.

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Sukin Eye Cream Dollar Tree
Copyright @rachelxburrows/TikTok

Rachel also found items from Sukin at her Dollar Tree. "I wanna try the eye cream," she says in the video. It's only $1.25 at Dollar Tree while Target sells it for $9.99.

She points out that Dollar Tree also has a one-liter bottle of soap from the brand, as well as one-liter shampoos and conditioners.

Kendall and Kylie

Kendall and Kylie Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Caitlin Tetrault, who goes by @allthingsdollartree on TikTok, was excited to see that her Dollar Tree still had KENDALL + KYLIE products (the namesake brand of Kendall and Kylie Jenner) in stock.

She picked up these cute cosmetic pouches for only $1.25 each. They retail for $8 at Walmart.

Last year, shopper @dollartreedude found mini backpacks from the brand at his Dollar Tree.

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Milani Lipsticks Dollar Tree
Copyright @boujeefindsofficial/TikTok

Emma Force, another frequent Dollar Tree shopper who goes by @boujiefindsofficial on TikTok, couldn't believe she found Milani lipsticks at her store. This brand is usually sold at drugstores and, for example, a single lipstick costs around $8 at CVS.

Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty Lip Liners Dollar Tree
Copyright @boujeefindsofficial/TikTok

In a separate video, Force was excited to find this set of lip liners from the Flower Beauty brand. While Ulta sells a single liner for $11.50, Dollar Tree has the duo for just $1.25. Force has also tested these and replied to a comment saying she "loves them."

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Madison Tyler

Madison Tyler Hair Clips Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Madison Tyler hair accessories typically retail for upwards of $10, but Tetrault shares that you can find their "really cute" hair clips at Dollar Tree.

Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Mrs. Meyers is a popular eco-friendly soap and cleaning product brand that's sold everywhere from Whole Foods to Target. A hand soap at the latter sells for about $5, which may not seem like a lot, but it can add up when you're buying it so often.

That's why Tetrault was excited to find the item at Dollar Tree. She says her location had the lemon verbena and lavender scents and that they're an "absolute steal."

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