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5 Best New Dollar Tree Beauty Products, Shopping Expert Says—and 4 to Avoid

Which cosmetics are worth it and which should stay in the store?

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Even if Dollar Tree's items are just $1.25, you don't want to spend frivolously on makeup that may or may not work for you. It's much easier to turn to social media to see what other shoppers are filling their carts with and what they leave behind. And when it comes to beauty products at Dollar Tree, no one is on top of the newest merchandise quite like Alexis Simone, a shopper and influencer who shares product reviews on TikTok.

She recently took to the app to share a ton of new cosmetics that she thinks are either must-buys or destined to stay on the shelves. Read on for five beauty products she says you should buy from Dollar Tree and four you should avoid.

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Buy: Clean Beauty Lip Jellies

Clean Beauty Lip Jellies Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

Simone raves about the Clean Beauty Lip Jellies from Dollar Tree, pointing out that they're nicely pigmented and have a "soft feel to them."

"This is cute," she says in her video after testing the "sandy" shade. "Didn't go in for anymore product, so comfortable, not stringy, not sticky," she says. She also notes that it felt more like lip oil and wasn't "thick or sticky like some glosses."

"This formula is next-level good. Seriously… doesn't break up at all," she adds.

Buy: Clean Beauty Foundation

Clean Beauty Foundation Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

Another Clean Beauty product Simone says is worth buying is their new foundation.

She says it's important to see what the formula looks like even though the shade she bought is too dark for her skin tone. "Does it cover pores? Does it cover redness?" she asks when testing it out in a TikTok video.

"It looks really pretty, and that little amount had so much…coverage," she says. While she didn't put it to a longevity test, she adds that "there's no creasing at all" and that she "was able to add other creams on top of it."

One thing to keep in mind is that the tube is only 0.41 fluid ounces. But overall, Simone says that this foundation is "really luminous" and "really glowy."

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Avoid: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Color in Metallic Blue

Metallic Blue Revlon Lip Color Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

Simone was excited to see Revlon products (a typical drugstore makeup brand) at Dollar Tree. In a February video, she tried on five of the Ultra HD Lip Colors—a pinky nude, a purple, a regular nude, a red, and a blue. She was not a fan of the last hue, however.

She was immediately confused by the packaging of the blue lipstick, as she notes that it's supposed to be "a matte lip color, but it says metallic."

"I mean, that's pretty, we're gonna have to go in for another layer cause… I feel like it's just sheering it out," says Simone. "Something's going on with the formula."

Unlike other Revlon lip products she's used, she says this blue is "kinda breaking up," a "little patchy," and is "kind of hard to blend."

If you do purchase the blue lipstick, Simone suggests using it as a lip topper rather than a color by itself.

Buy: Essentially Ageless Blushes

Essentially Ageless Blushes Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

In one of her January videos, Simone shares that the Essentially Ageless Luminizing Blushes are a great find. She picked up the Just Peachy and Poppy Pink shades and loved how pigmented they were.

According to the packaging, it's "infused with serums and natural oils and vitamins, gives you long-lasting hydration while reducing the signs of aging," Simone reads in the video, noting that it's "formulated for mature skin."

When testing the Just Peachy shade, Simone points out how vibrant the color is and says it's "beautiful" and "a really wearable color."

She also likes the Poppy Pink shade and adds, "These are gorgeous. They need more shades."

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Avoid: Beauty Intuition Big Plump Lashes Mascara

Big Plump Lashes Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

Simone grabbed all three mascara styles from Beauty Intuition—Big Bold Lashes, Big Plump Lashes, and Big Long Lashes—and noticed that all three applicator wands looked very similar: "I swear it's the same… wand."

While Simone liked the other two formulas from the brand, she was less enthusiastic about the Big Plump Lashes mascara.

In a TikTok video from Jan. 11., she tried the product on her bottom lashes and said she felt like it was "smudging under my eye." She adds that it's also not easy to build on top of the product when it dries.

Avoid: L.A. Colors Cosmetics Iced Pigment Powders

Iced Pigment Powders Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

After trying four different shades of the L.A. Colors Cosmetics Iced Pigment Powders, Simone concludes that she isn't a fan of the loose-powder metallic eyeshadows.

In one of her videos, she tries a silver, a copper shade, a purple, and a blue and runs into issues immediately when glitter gets all over just from opening the eyeshadows. "And this is going to cause fallout, it's already giving streaky," she says.

After trying one on her eyelids, she notes that it's "like kinda cute but not giving with the base, at least." When testing the purple, she says, "I don't know about these." After going through all four shades, she says the silver is the most visible, but "it's just not giving what it needs to give."

In a follow-up video, Simone tests them again with glitter glue and concealer as the base, but if you're not looking to add in these extra steps, these aren't worth grabbing.

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Buy: Sassy+Chic Lash Comb

Lash Comb Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

"If you never tried this lash separator, you need. It's a game changer," Simone says about the Sassy+Chic lash comb in one of her videos.

She suggests using it right after you put on mascara because "it gets rid of the clumps."

Avoid: BPure Clear Rose Lip Balm

B Pure Lip Balm Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

Simone loves trying out Dollar Tree's lip products, but she's not a fan of the Clear Rose Lip Balm from BPure. She says at first it feels "comfortable" but then begins to feel like "it's not staying moisturized."

She also doesn't like the strong rose smell. "This is not my favorite," says Simone

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Buy: Guru Nanda Floss Picks

Guru Nanda Floss Picks Dollar Tree
Copyright @itsalexissimone/TikTok

While these floss picks from Guru Nanda are a bit outside the beauty realm, Simone says they're a "must-have."

"If you find this brand at Dollar Tree, snatch it up. It's so good," she says. She bought these on a couple of different Dollar Tree runs, so they're definitely on her must-buy list.

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