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Shopper Finds "High-End" Beauty Dupes at Dollar Tree for Only $1.25

These makeup and bath products cost way less than name brands.

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We're led to believe that high-quality beauty products must come with just as high a price tag. However, savvy shoppers know that's not the case and even argue that the dollar store has some amazing alternatives. One such shopper, who's known for her affordable retail tips and beauty content,  recently took to social media to share five of the best "high-end" beauty dupes you can find at Dollar Tree for just $1.25. Keep reading to learn what makeup and personal care products she recommends.

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Dupe for Native body wash

Personal Care Body Wash Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty/TikTok

In her TikTok video, the first dupe Kimberly (@kimberlymichbeauty) points out is the Personal Care-brand body wash in the caramel corn scent.

"This is supposed to be like the Native [brand] and the ingredients are actually pretty close," she says.

For comparison, an 18-ounce bottle of Native body wash costs $10.39 at Target, whereas this 15-ounce bottle is just $1.25. The Dollar Tree scent is a limited edition, so you'll want to grab this fast.

Dupe for Cinema Secrets brush cleaner

Brush Cleaner Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty/TikTok

Next up is the Bath & Beauty makeup brush cleaner. "This… is just like the $35 Cinema Secrets brush cleaner at Sephora, and it's only $1.25," says Kimberly.

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Dupe for Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream

B Pure Hydrating Hand Gel Cream Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty/TikTok

A three-ounce tube of Neutrogena's popular Hydro Boost Gel Hand Cream with Hyaluronic Acid retails for over $10 at Walmart. But Kimberly recommends checking your local Dollar Tree for this b-pure dupe—even the packaging compares it to the trusted drugstore brand.

Dupe for Tower 28 Lip Jelly

Clean Beauty Lip Jelly Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty/TIkTok

Kimberly points out that Dollar Tree's b-pure lip jelly is "a lot like the Tower 28 Lip Jelly from Sephora," which is $16.

And she's not the only one who says the Dollar Tree dupe is worth it. Alex Simone, another influencer who shares Dollar Tree beauty content on TikTok, recently posted about the lip jellies and shared that even though they are only $1.25, the "formula is next-level good. Seriously… doesn't break up at all."

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Dupe of Honey Pot pads

Pads Dollar Tree
Copyright @kimberlymichbeauty/TikTok

Feminine hygiene products aren't cheap, especially when you want to buy organic brands like Honey Pot. A 12-pack of their overnight pads is $8 at Target, but Kimberly says there's a great Dollar Tree dupe.

In her video, she says she "loves" the b-pure pack of eight pads made with organic cotton. "These are just like the Honey Pot pads you would find at the drugstore for much more," she notes.

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