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Dollar Tree Expert Shares the 7 Best New Buys for March: "So Many Good Finds"

The discount retailer has put some new products on its shelves for the season.

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Spring is in the air, and if you're looking for some fresh finds for the season that won't cost you a fortune, you may want to head to your local Dollar Tree. "So many goods finds at Dollar Tree this month," said Liz Fenwick, a digital creator who shares affordable DIYs and shopping finds, in a recent video on her Instagram account @lizfenwickdiy. Read on to learn the seven new products she says are worth getting from the discount retailer this spring season.

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Reusable baggies

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new tulip baggies
Copyright @lizfenwickdiy / Instagram

For Fenwick, one spring Dollar Tree product stands out above the rest: "I think my favorite find so far are these reusable tulip baggies!! So cute," she wrote in the caption of her post.

In her video, Fenwick refers to the reusable bags as "adorable" and shows that they come in two different sizes—one regular and one snack-size.

"Okay, I'm definitely getting these," she says. "You guys, I hope you can find them at your store. Mine are over in like the kitchen area on these little hang tags."

Fabric carrots

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new fabric carrots
Copyright @lizfenwickdiy / Instagram

If you're looking for something a little less functional but still fun for your home this spring, Fenwick points out that the retailer now has "cute little fabric carrots."

They come in two different patterns—one features an orange base with white polka dots, while the other has more of an orange and white plaid design—perfect for Easter!

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Easter garlands

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new garlands
Copyright @lizfenwickdiy / Instagram

Another fun spring decor find is the new Easter garlands at Dollar Tree. Fenwick says there are "several different garland options" at her store, including an egg garland and a carrot version.

Giant eggs

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new giant eggs
Copyright @lizfenwickdiy / Instagram

If bigger is better in your book, Fenwick shares that Dollar Tree is selling giant Easter eggs for just $3. Marked in her store as the "Item of the Week," the eggs appear to come in several different colors including pink, green, light blue, and dark blue.

Meal prep containers

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new meal prep containers

But it's not just new decor Dollar Tree is pushing out this month. Fenwick says she spotted "another Amazon dupe" at her local store.

"Here are meal prep containers," she says. "You get a pack of two. They have three different compartments on it, but these are great if you like to make meals ahead of time."

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Storage containers

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new storage containers
Copyright @lizfenwickdiy / Instagram

Towards the end of her video, Fenwick notes that she almost passed by an end cap in her Dollar Tree store because it had a lot of items that had been there since January. But after a second look, she realized there was a new flower pattern for the retailer's fabric storage containers. Fenwick says the new pattern comes in dark gray and light green at her store.

Collapsable baskets

video still from creator of Dollar Tree's new collapsable baskets
Copyright @lizfenwickdiy / Instagram

While the reusable tulip baggies were Fenwick's "favorite find," she says "by far the best new item out at Dollar Tree for March" is a collapsable basket. These would be great for running errands and storing flat in your car.

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