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10 Best Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby for Easter

From decor to basket fillers, Hobby Lobby may be your one-stop shop this spring.

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Easter is a bit early this year, meaning stores are already decked out with pastel-colored decorations and Easter candy. Some retailers actually have so much on display, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you're looking for holiday-themed home decor or supplies for family brunch, it's best to turn to the experts. We consulted smart shoppers and social media to find the key Easter purchases at Hobby Lobby. And as a bonus, they're not going to break the bank. Read on to find out the 10 best things to buy ahead of the holiday.

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Flocked bunnies

One of the most popular Hobby Lobby Easter finds is making the rounds on TikTok: flocked bunnies. Available in a range of colors and sizes, these decorative items are great additions to any Easter-themed or spring display.

"Hobby Lobby is seriously killing it with the flocked bunnies," TikToker @lifewithrachelvance gushes in a Feb. 6 video, adding in the caption, "Their large, medium, and small flocked Bunnies are so sweet, and perfect for those Easter displays!"

You also can't beat the price. At the time of writing, Hobby Lobby's Easter selection is 40 percent off, meaning the large flocked bunnies are $9.59 each (typically $15.99); medium bunnies are $7.19 (typically $11.99); and small bunnies are just $2.39 (typically $3.99).

"I love to decorate for Easter, and when I was at Hobby Lobby, I found these felt [bunnies]. I knew I needed them this year," @echobluesullivanbackup, a party business owner, says in a Jan. 24 TikTok. "I'm gonna have them all over my house."

Easter eggs

Next to the flocked bunnies, you might also come across matching Easter eggs made from the same material and in similar colors, @echobluesullivanbackup points out. These are also a steal and a great addition to an Easter decor setup.

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Easter banners

happy easter banner from hobby lobby
Hobby Lobby

Another Easter must-have from Hobby Lobby is a celebratory banner, Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, tells Best Life.

"What better way to celebrate Easter than with banners? For the party hosts out there, consider shopping at Hobby Lobby to save money—you can score the 'Happy Easter' 86-inch banner for only $2.39," Landau says. "Amazon sells a similar option for $9.99, making Hobby Lobby the best deal for this type of decor."

Lace table runners

lace table runner
Hobby Lobby

Also on Landau's list of Easter finds at Hobby Lobby are lace table runners.

"Prepare for a nice Easter dinner with the right table accessories, including a themed table runner," she says. "Hobby Lobby's 72-inch Eggs & Lace Table Runner comes in either pink or blue for only $2.39. This is a great deal, especially when compared to Temu."

Landau points out that Temu's option is actually a bit pricier, coming in at $4.39—and you'll have to wait for it to arrive in the mail!

Disco ball Easter eggs

Looking for something with a bit of festive flair? Hobby Lobby also sells Easter eggs that fit in with the latest disco trends.

"Hobby Lobby has disco ball Easter eggs," TikToker Bella Woodward (@b_woodward) says in a Feb. 20 video, noting that she headed to her local store right away when she saw someone else post about them. "I was like, I need that immediately."

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Minimalist decor


If you love minimalist easter decor, save this post for later 🌷 We spotted some @McGee & Co. inspired easter decor at @Hobby Lobby you could easily use to recreate this easter entryway moment (all on sale for 40% off)! If you love all things home decor, follow for more simple design hacks and inspo 💛 #springdecorating #springhomedecorating #springcleaning #studiomcgeespring2024 #springdecorfinds2024 #easterdecor #easter2024 #eastertable #easterbrunch

♬ New Home – Frozen Silence

If you skew more toward minimalist decor as opposed to disco ball Easter eggs, that doesn't mean you need to skip Hobby Lobby. Home and seasonal decor company The Humble Abode (@the.humble.abode) spotted some minimalist finds reminiscent of the Studio McGee brand.

"If you love Studio McGee's newest Easter collection and you're looking for dupes, we found the perfect ones at Hobby Lobby, all of which were 40 percent off," @the.humble.abode says in a Jan. 28 video.

The video shows several finds, including a white ceramic pair of bunnies, small wicker baskets, realistic-looking decorative eggs, as well as artwork, spring vases, and bunny-shaped napkin rings—perfect for Easter brunch.

Easter baskets

Hobby Lobby is truly one-stop shopping for Easter, since you can also pick up baskets for the annual hunt.

"I have to show off these light blue Easter baskets," @echobluesullivan says in her video, explaining that she purchased one for her son the year before.

If you like something a bit more whimsical, there are also options with bunny faces, bows, and more, additional TikTok videos show.

Baking cups

easter baking cups
Hobby Lobby

Easter is also known for its sweet treats, meaning you might be baking up a storm when the end of March rolls around. But while Hobby Lobby might not be the first place you think of when it comes to baking supplies, this store shouldn't be overlooked, Landau says.

"If you're planning to bake Easter treats, head to Hobby Lobby for themed baking cups. The standard-size patterned baking cups come in 50-packs for $1.19 each, with multiple designs to choose from," she shares.

Landau continues, "Michael's, on the other hand, sells 24-pack standard-size Easter baking cups for $2.79. Not only is Michael's more expensive, but you're getting less than half the amount of product making Hobby Lobby the most cost-efficient option."

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Easter basket fillers

We're all guilty of impulse buying from time to time, but when you're filling an Easter basket, you need to grab some of the little odds and ends throughout the store—and according to shoppers, you'll have a great selection at Hobby Lobby.

In a Feb. 25 video, lifestyle TikToker @melizabethhh000 showcases basket fillers at Hobby Lobby, including bunny bubbles, Easter puzzles, sunglasses, and other toys that any kid would thank the Easter Bunny for.

Decorative carrots and mushrooms

gingham carrots at hobby lobby
Copyright @echobluesullivanbackup / TikTok

TikTokers also recommend grabbing some decorative carrots and mushrooms this Easter, which make for a fun and festive vibe.

"Carrots galore for Easter this year, how cute are they?" @lifewithrachelvance gushes in her video, then pulling out several pastel-colored mushrooms she got from Hobby Lobby, too.

@echobluesullivanbackup also picked up some carrot napkin rings, as well as gingham carrots that she put in a ceramic Easter basket.

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