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8 Best Things to Buy at Hobby Lobby

The next time you head to your local Hobby Lobby, have these items on your list.

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While it has its fair share of detractors, Hobby Lobby is still a go-to destination for many crafters looking to score a good deal. But according to shoppers and retail experts, Hobby Lobby has more to offer beyond paint and project supplies—and some finds might surprise you. If you only head to Hobby Lobby when you need new yarn or beads, it might be time to reconsider. Read on to discover the eight best things to buy at Hobby Lobby.

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Picture frames

picture frames against wall / Shutterstock

It's not uncommon to have photos lying around that you haven't had a chance to hang or display. If you're guilty of this, consider picking up some picture frames from Hobby Lobby.

Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert at, notes that the craft store "has a broad selection of stylish frames for your artwork or photographs."

She adds, "There are all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes available and the prices are affordable."



Did you all know that @Hobby Lobby has the BEST vases of all? I kid you not they feel so high quality and have the perfect modern organic look that everyone loves! These retail for so much more on other sites and I will almost always source these when doing a staging project or design install. Did you know they had them? Thank me later and head to your local store to purchase 🤎 #hobbylobby #organicmoderndecor #homedecor #vases #hobbylobbyfinds #hobbylobby #potterybarnlookalike #designercheck

♬ Gold (Remix) – Kiiara

The home decor options at Hobby Lobby have become pretty well known, but in recent years, many shoppers have also highlighted the retailer's selection of vases.

"Did you all know that @Hobby Lobby has the BEST vases of all?" Denver-based home staging and design company @sagewoodinteriors writes in a Nov. 2023 post on TikTok. "I kid you not they feel so high quality and have the perfect modern organic look that everyone loves! These retail for so much more on other sites and I will almost always source these when doing a staging project or design install."

TikToker @lizlikespink0, another interior designer on the platform, praises the vases at Hobby Lobby as well, specifically the temple jars.

"Temple jars are like a variation of a ginger jar when they have these real pretty perforations," the TikToker says in an Aug. 2023 video, pointing to the black and white options that you can buy in different sizes.

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Wall decor

arhed mirror from hobby lobby
Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is known for its decor selection, including artwork and cute signs. But Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, says that there's a specific mirror you can pick up if you keep up with decorating trends.

"If you've seen Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirror on TikTok or Pinterest, you might be shocked by the $500+ price point. So if you're looking to mimic the style for your home decor, Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop," she says.

At the time of writing, Hobby Lobby was selling a dupe of the three-foot design for just $59.99. The Gold Arch & Flourish Wall Mirror was originally $119.99, which is a far cry from $500, but offering even more of a chance to save with the sale price!

"This product currently has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating, with reviewers noting how it's the perfect dupe for the original and boasting about the high quality of the piece," Landau says.

Baking supplies

In the market for baking supplies? Experts recommend heading to Hobby Lobby. Shoppers say there's a great selection of cookie cutters, candy flavorings, baking pans in different shapes, and more.

According to Landau, you can also find themed sprinkles for Valentine's Day.

"Making sweet treats for Valentine's Day this year? Check out Hobby Lobby's sprinkles mix, which is on sale for $3.59 each (originally $5.99). This mix comes with five ounces of sprinkles," Landau says. "On the other hand, Target's option comes in a smaller, 2.7-ounce container for a bit cheaper at $2.99. However, when calculating the cost-per-ounce, Hobby Lobby's option shows a better value."

Faux flowers

artificial flowers in vase
ZDL / Shutterstock

Having fresh flowers in the house is always a treat, but if you can't be bothered to change the water or replace them regularly, fake flowers are a great alternative. And according to Bodge, you should definitely pick yours up from Hobby Lobby.

"If you're looking to brighten up the space, but fresh flowers are too temporary a solution, consider Hobby Lobby's vast selection of faux and dried flowers," she says. "They have wreaths, too!"

As a bonus, fake flowers are a great option for brides who may want to use them at their wedding or for events leading up to the big day.

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Classroom supplies

If you're a teacher or have one in your life, let them know that Hobby Lobby is a reliable destination when they need classroom supplies.

"Teachers! Hobby Lobby has the cutest classroom supplies that you need to go pick up," TikTok user Kalle Crouch (@kallecrouch) says in a June 2023 video. "They have the best organizational bins with all the colors that you could possibly need."

She continues, "I wanted to come into Hobby Lobby to see what they had, and I was so impressed at the variety of options they had. They had stickers, birthday stuff, 'star student' stamps, anything you could possibly need for your classroom. I'm definitely going to be coming back."

Scrapbooking supplies


Reply to @saracrary I love you forever, @Hobby Lobby 🥰🥹! #scrapbooking #crafting #shopwithme #hobbylobby #fyp #fypシ

♬ Tropical Beach(812641) – TimTaj

Crafters already rely on Hobby Lobby for different supplies, but according to TikTokers and Landau, scrapbookers in particular shouldn't sleep on this store.

"Hobby Lobby is often the best choice for scrapbookers to get a variety of paper options for less, compared to other craft stores," Landau says. "For example, Hobby Lobby typically offers their 12-inch by 12-inch scrapbook papers at 69 cents each. Alternatively, Michaels is offering the same sizes at 99 cents each. While they vary in patterns, Hobby Lobby is a clear winner for those looking to cut costs without sacrificing craftiness."

In a May 2022 TikTok, scrapbooker Bekah's Creative Journal (@bekahwithakay), says that stickers are something she goes to Hobby Lobby for, as the retailer doesn't typically disappoint in this area.

"They got a whole aisle with stickers on both sides," she explains. "Every junk journaler has their thing that they just love. For some, it's scrapbook paper; for others, it's washi tape; but for me, it's stickers. So, needless to say, I went a little crazy in this aisle."

The TikToker also points to Hobby Lobby's selection of Tim Holtz products, 3D elements, stamps, ink pads, and refills for tape runners.

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Seasonal items

Unrecognizable woman decorating a Christmas tree at home, close up of the hands hanging a snowman ornament on a branch.
Carolina Jaramillo/Shutterstock

The final must-have items from Hobby Lobby are seasonal decor pieces, according to Bodge.

"If you can think ahead to next year, the end of the season is the best time to score clearance-level deals," she says.

However, keep in mind that the stores do not sell merchandise for certain holidays, including Hanukkah, Halloween, and Mardi Gras.

"Our seasonal merchandise assortment carried at Hobby Lobby is constantly changing, and they evaluate it annually," a statement from a corporate customer service employee to Snopes reads. "Due to the need to find additional space for some of our stronger categories as well as our newer ones, the decision was made over the last couple of years to discontinue several seasonal product lines, including Mardi Gras, Halloween and Hanukkah."

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