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6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials as You Get Older

Buy them once and wear them forever, stylists say.

What better time to refresh your wardrobe than spring? The warm weather makes us want to toss aside our big, bulky jackets and sweaters and throw on easier, breezier attire, like lightweight pullovers, T-shirts, and pants. If the weather allows, we can even welcome back skirts and dresses into our rotation. But getting older means you might feel more inclined to collect spring essentials versus trendier items. Here, professional stylists share their favorite staples to load up on once the weather turns warm. They'll make you feel great now and last a lifetime.

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Tunic dress

green and yellow tunic dress on hangar
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A great base for a classic spring wardrobe is a tunic dress. "Lightweight and loose, they have great airflow to keep you cool and comfy through the warm seasons," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "The A-line shape is camouflaging too, and the decorative neckline directs the gaze up toward the face, distracting away from any problem areas."

The dresses are also easy to pack and can be layered with pants, leggings, or skirts for extra warmth or style.

V-neck sweater

A mature woman wearing a v-neck blue sweater on the beach
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If you're looking to collect more quality knits—and who among us isn't?—make them a V-neck.

"A light V-neck sweater is definitely a staple, though a trendy one these days would be a striped polo sweater," says Sahra Schukraft Brandt, personal stylist and founder of Shop the City in the Bay Area.

For even more style points, make your V-neck a cardigan. You can layer a T-shirt underneath to add depth, and you'll also be able to remove the sweater if you get toasty.

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Denim jacket

mature woman wearing denim jacket on the beach
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As soon as the temperature hits 60 degrees, a denim jacket will be your best friend.

"It's the perfect layer for everything from jeans and a tee to a floral spring dress," says Schukraft Brandt. "I'd opt for a lighter color to start, and if you want a secondary denim jacket, go for a darker one that can be transitioned to a more evening look."

Both cropped and oversized ones can look equally stylish, no matter your age.

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Trench coat

Stylish older woman smiling on phone with trench coat, holding a shopping bag and coffee
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If you're looking to achieve a sophisticated, mature look, then a trench coat is a must.

"Length matters, so shop cropped styles or longer ones that end either at the mid-thigh or mid-calf to maintain flattering proportions," says Kosich. "Color is important too, as the classic khaki trench hue skews warm—for cool undertones, consider a trench in black, gray, or olive green."

Kosich also loves a statement yellow in lemon chiffon, true yellow, or citronelle, for a fun pop of color.

Crossbody bag

Red leather bag on a long strap on an orange background.
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Consider this the unofficial bag of spring. "Spring through summer is a carefree time, so when it comes to a staple handbag, think hands-free," says Kosich. "Crossbody bags are super stylish, plus the diagonal line is elongating head-to-toe."

You'll want to choose one that matches your frame. If you're more petite, select a compact, flat style that doesn't overwhelm your height.

Belt bags are also a great option for everyone. "Look for convertible styles that transform to either a crossbody or sling for maximum versatility," says Kosich.

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View of woman's legs and feet in espadrille sandals lounging on the beach
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Complete your footwear collection with a comfy espadrille that will work from spring to summer.

"They come in a range of heel heights from flat to wedge to sky-high platform wedge, and in a range of fun, statement-making pops of color and patterns," says Kosich. "Espadrilles pair well with both street style looks and date night outfits, plus they don't break the bank, making them affordable to replace as often as needed."

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