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7 Warm Weather Outfits That Will Keep You Cool If You're Over 65

Here are some good spring and summer options if you don't feel like showing too much skin.

You should be able to wear what you want and feel confident at any age, but for many of us, getting older means wanting to cover up a bit more. Maybe you don't want to be accused of dressing younger when showing off a lot of skin, or maybe you just prefer to keep your legs and arms protected from the sun's harsh rays. Whatever the case may be, it can get harder to wear what you like when the weather starts to heat back up. Looking for ways to dress a bit more modest without overheating? Read on to discover seven warm weather outfits that will still keep you cool if you're over 65.

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Linen pants

woman in casual linen trousers and shoes

Looking for your go-to outfit as the weather warms up? Abhi Madan, co-founder and creative director of the evening wear wholesale manufacturer Amarra, tells Best Life that linen pants can easily be considered a "summer staple."

Paired with a lightweight top, linen pants "provide good coverage for the legs and are typically loose-fitting, keeping the individual cool," Madan says.

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Linen shirts

Shirts in linen fabric in the wardrobe

Linen can make all the difference up top, too. Brian Lim, founder of the festival fashion brands iHeartRaves and Into The Am, says that linen shirts are a "timeless option" for anyone over 65.

"They're highly absorbent and known for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather," he shares.

Wide-legged pants

rear view of senior couple interacting with each other on the beach

If you're not a fan of linen, don't worry. You can also seek out wide-legged pants in other lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo, according to Lim.

"Wide-legged pants made from these breathable materials can provide comfort and style without clinging to the body, ensuring air flow and making them a practical choice for everyday wear," he says.

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Cotton midi dresses

A beautiful and elegant female model posing in front of a classy fashion shop. Wearing a light black dress with a belt, her black hair down. Looking away, 3/4 length image.

You don't have to always wear pants, of course. Cotton midi dresses are also an "excellent option" for older adults looking for more warm weather outfits, according to Madan.

"They're breathable, versatile, and offer ample coverage," he says.

Silk dresses

Group of full length elderly women having fun walking city street, three retired female friends, happy mature woman outdoors

Another ideal fabric for older adults is silk, according to Michael Nemeroff, CEO and co-founder of the apparel company Rush Order Tees.

"Long sleeves and full-length pants can create a lot of friction against your skin as you move around all day. But aging skin tends to be drier, more fragile and prone to bruising," he cautions.

To avoid running into issues, opt for a full-coverage silk dress instead.

"Silk material is soft and smooth and far more comfortable for seniors to wear," Nemeroff says. "It's also light so you won't feel hot despite wearing fully-covered clothing."

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A-line skirts

Senior woman with laptop in living room

Madan also says those over 65 should consider "investing in pieces with draped silhouettes," such as A-line skirts.

This type of bottom provides coverage similar to that of a full-length pant, but also "allows for ventilation" in order to keep you cool, Madan explains.

Flowing kaftans

Women kraftan dresses for sale in the shopping mall.

If you want to appear a little more unique and elegant while still covered up, kaftans could be the right choice for you.

"Flowing kaftans made with light, airy materials also make a stylish statement while keeping the wearer cool," Madan says.

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