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6 Best Spring Jackets to Wear If You're Over 60, According to Stylists

They'll match everything—and keep you warm (but not too warm).

Spring is a challenging time to choose a jacket. For one, the temperature is never stable—it's chilly when you leave the house in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and downright cold at night. It's also difficult style-wise: While many of us turn over our wardrobes from dark colors and heavy knits to lighter ones, it's hard to find a jacket that suits that easy-breezy springtime style—and all that's especially true in your 60s and beyond when you want to present yourself as stylish and sophisticated.

To end the spring jacket drama, we asked stylists for their favorite pieces to get you through this limbo season. They're the perfect weight, cut, and design to accentuate your outfit while keeping you comfy.

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Safari jacket

Smiling mature woman using mobile phone while walking. She's wearing a beige safari jacket.

These lightweight jackets come in lots of versatile spring neutrals like tan, olive, tobacco, and navy. Plus, they're often made of wrinkle-free fabric.

"With pockets galore, the high-utility design is perfect for Sunday walks and weekend adventures," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Shop belted styles for the most flattering silhouette or ones with cinch cords at the inner waistband for a more subtle taper."

Bomber jacket

quilted peach bomber jacket on a peach background
Igisheva Maria / Shutterstock

Round out your spring jacket collection with a bomber, and you'll never be without something to wear.

"I love a bomber jacket for this age group—it's a fun piece that adds some subtle edge," says Sahra Schukraft Brandt, personal stylist and founder of Shop the City in the Bay Area. "I opt for a more statement texture like leather or suede as opposed to a classic satin or twill, which can often feel too sporty."

The detail adds style points and elevates the piece.

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Leather jacket

Stylish senior woman in black leather jacket leaning against a wall on a city street
Goodluz / Shutterstock

A great leather jacket is practically a necessity for casual evenings out.

"After 60, try moving away from basic black and toward softer colors like brown or gray, and also consider suede material for a softer, more matte look," says Kosich. "A smart, tailored blazer cut in leather is a great silhouette for adding structure above the waist, or instead, opt for a draped style in suede to soften strong shoulders."

Oversized blazer

Casual Business Woman, outdoors, using mobile device

All the youngsters are wearing oversized blazers these days—and they might be onto something. These jackets are easy to style and totally comfortable.

"It may feel corporate, but choosing a blazer, especially opting for a slightly oversized fit, can help you look and feel youthful," says Schukraft Brandt. "It's the perfect elevating piece for jeans and a tee or even a dress!" Try a fun color for extra pizazz.

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Trench coat

Mature woman walking next to water while talking on her phone. She's wearing a gray trench coat over a red-and-white striped shirt.
Creative Credit / iStock

Your handy trench coat will never fail you.

"The premium ones from heritage brands like Burberry and Brooks Brothers have removable liners that easily peel off in warmer months, making trench coats the all-season wardrobe wonder," says Kosich. "Not only are they versatile, but trench coats also have great airflow, which matters after 60."

It'll keep you warm when you need it to and cool when you don't.

Denim jacket

older woman wearing jean jacket while traveling
lucentius / iStock

Jean jackets are another classic springtime staple for your seventh decade.

"It's great for layering and grounding any formal or set-formal look with an unexpected splash of casual," says Kosich. "Always opt for classic cuts and washes, avoiding trends like cocoon sleeves, distressed details, and acid washes."

After 60, Kosich suggests selecting lighter versions in baby blue denim as opposed to darker washes.

"Don't forget a structured chambray shirt can double as a shacket for outerwear, standing in for a jean jacket in a pinch," she adds.

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