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6 Tips for Wearing Trousers If You're Over 60, According to Stylists

They're about to become your new favorite wardrobe staple.

If you asked us a decade ago what the trendiest pant of 2023 would be, we probably wouldn't have guessed the trouser. These pants—which were once reserved for job interviews and offices—are now seen on both influencers and fashion runways. But in our opinion, they're best suited for the 60-plus crowd.

Trousers are classic, comfy, and easy to style—once you know a few dos and don'ts. And no: They don't have to be overly formal or paired with a matching blazer. If you're questioning how to style them, keep reading. We polled personal stylists to learn their best tips for wearing trousers in your 60s and beyond.

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Use the rule of thirds.

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This fashion rule really works: "Keeping the body parsed in thirds is optimal for a flattering appearance," says certified image stylist Elizabeth Kosich, founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. A high-waisted pair of trousers does that automatically.

The trouser covers the bottom two-thirds of your body, and your top covers the top third. "The line lengthens for a taller, stronger silhouette, plus the high waist helps with tummy control," Kosich adds.

To accomplish the look, pair your trouser with a classic T-shirt, turtleneck, long blazer, or trench coat. You could also wear a sweater that's cropped to around the same area as your trouser's waist.

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Choose a sturdy fabric.

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In your seventh decade, you'll want to choose fabrics that are comfortable, durable, and look fantastic. For that, Andie Sobrato, a personal stylist and image consultant, suggests ponte fabric, especially for cooler weather.

"These types of trousers often have some stretch to them, which makes them very versatile for women of all shapes and sizes," says Sobrato. "They almost feel like a legging while also holding in all of the areas of the body that we may be self-conscious about."

Another great fabric for trousers is crepe. "It can also be heavy, making it flattering, but it has some flow to it, creating comfort," says Sobrato.

Or a breezy, lightweight one.

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Trousers don't have to be reserved for the cold. An airy, wide-leg pair is perfect year-round.

"Choose lighter weight fabrics with drape, like Tensel, gaberdine, or polyester blends and opt for pleated details if your shape is wider above the waist, or no pleats if it's wider below it," says Kosich. "Keep the hem long for the most high-style look and pair with a tank or tee and cropped blazer, jacket, or shacket for a weekday look, or a turtleneck and puffer coat for a weekend uniform."

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Go cropped.

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If an oversized silhouette feels outside your comfort zone, select something more tailored.

"Ankle crop pants are longer, and perhaps lesser known, than the classic capri," says Kosich. "They have a gentle taper that ends at the ankle bone, not above it, remaining not too narrow through the leg or hem." For a polished look, choose a pair with creases; for more casual wear, choose one with none.

"Ankle crop trousers transition well from spring to summer and pair best with a tunic, jean jacket, and summer sandal or espadrille," Kosich adds. They're also totally timeless.

Choose your footwear wisely.

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The shoes you pair with your trousers can make all the difference in styling. If you choose a tapered pair, try something like a heel, ballet flat, or loafer. If you choose a wide-leg pair, you'll want to add something bulkier.

"Heft on the bottom—be it a loafer, beefy sneaker, or boot—balances the whole look," writes Hallie Abrams of The Wardrobe Consultant. "A heel or pointy toe also looks great with a trouser; however, heels will take the outfit up a notch on the dressy scale." It all depends on what you're doing to accomplish.

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Assess your fit often.

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To make your trousers look incredible, they'll need to fit perfectly and be tailored to your body.

"Fit is one of the most essential components to having smashing style, though the least talked about and most ever-changing," says Kosich. "Pants, in particular, can either help our appearance or hurt it, especially as we age when some silhouettes stop being flattering."

Keep tabs on the fit of your trousers. If they start to feel a bit snug or loose, you may need to tailor or replace them.

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