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6 Best Things to Wear to a Wedding If You're Over 60, Stylists Say

These wedding attire options combine fashion and function.

Finding something to wear for a wedding is not always an easy task. Perhaps you have an outfit that you always reach for, but with so many different dress codes and venues, it's hard to find a one-dress-fits-all option. This is especially complicated as we get older, when we want to stay fashionable without sacrificing comfort. But stylists say there are a few key things you can wear to a wedding if you're over 60, with reliable options to suit every sense of style.

"There is so much to consider when it comes to wedding attire—formality, appropriateness, design, color—especially after 60, when options seem more limited," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "While it's important to not upstage the bride or mother of the bride, it is also important to look and feel your best. If shopping your closet yields outdated options and chasing trends doesn't feel age-appropriate, consider rethinking your head-to-toe look with a fresh, modern eye."

If you're struggling to plan your attire for upcoming weddings, read on for stylists' suggestions for the best items to wear.

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Fit-and-flare dress

older woman in fit and flare dress
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One of the best options over 60 to highlight your figure is a fit-and-flare dress. This A-line style fits through the top, then flaring at the skirt, effectively accentuating your waist.

"Universally feminine and flattering, fit-and-flare dresses strike the perfect balance between appropriate and drop-dead gorgeous," Kosich says. "The loose hourglass shape subtly alludes to curves, while its simplicity sets the stage for power accessories—a statement necklace, drama chandelier earrings, or a cluster of brooches that shimmer and glimmer. Be sure to wear a deep hue so the jewelry pops off the dark background."

If you're going with a fit-and-flair option—or any other style—make sure you're comfortable, as Melony Huber, global fashion stylist and co-founder of La Peony, points out that weddings typically last five hours or more.

"You want to wear something comfortable and something you can wear all night without having the urge to change," she says. "When trying on dresses you will want to make sure you can dance and sit in the dress. There will be photos so make sure you wear something you love and feel good in—you will also want to choose a dress that flatters your figure, so you feel photo confident and ready!"

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Formal suit

older woman wearing tuxedo style suit holding drink
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If you're looking for something other than a dress, you can also reach for a tailored suit.

"In the right material, a sharp, tailored power suit can be a sophisticated look for wedding attire," Kosich says. "Consider a formal fabric like velvet or brocade for a dressier look with tailored structure, or satin and silk for a slouchy, unstructured line with drape. And even better if it's tuxedo-style with satin lapels, satin pant stripes, or a two-tone, dinner jacket design."

Underneath, Kosich recommends a silky shell blouse and finishing off the outfit with feminine heels "to soften and balance the menswear lines."

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older woman wearing magenta jumpsuit
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Another great option for wedding attire over 60 is a jumpsuit, which Kosich describes as a "one-and-done outfit."

"Look for dressier styles with shawl collars, statement belts, and wide-leg pants to optimize a flattering shape, and consider soft prints that add interest but don't overpower," she says. "Try a three-quarter length sleeve that forces the eye to rest at the waist, which will further accentuate it."

If you don't want sleeves for a summer wedding, Huber recommends a cap sleeve, which is "really flattering for photos."

Cape dress

cape style dress
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If you like to make a statement with your outfits–without overshadowing the bride, of course—consider a cape dress.

"Cape dresses are stylish, sophisticated and make an elegant, tasteful statement without stealing the show," Kosich says. "They also camouflage (arms, midriff), accentuate (long, lengthening silhouette), and pack just enough drama (cape) to make anyone feel fancy."

Any color will do (aside from white), but Kosich recommends choosing a color based on your skin's undertones.

"Try a soft pastel like peach or buttery yellow for warm undertones, dove grey or lavender for cool undertones, or universally flattering mint for neutral undertones—or for anyone in doubt," she says.

If you're stuck on your color scheme, Huber says you can ask the mother of the bride or groom what they're wearing, provided you have a close enough relationship. Then you'll know which colors to avoid, and you'll also get a better understanding of the color scheme for the wedding party.

"It's always nice to stay away from the wedding party colors so they can have their moment," Huber says.

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Kaftan or tunic-style dress

tunic dress on hangar
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A kaftan or tunic-style dress is a great option for wedding guests who don't want anything too tight, but also don't want to wear something boring.

"Kaftan dresses are an exotic look that deliver a touch of drama for anyone wanting to push boundaries," Kosich says. "The flowy silhouette, ornate prints, and bejeweled embellishments double as accessories, making them easy to wear. Pick muted prints and soft colors to ensure the palette isn't too bold and pair with a solid color, dark wrap to break up the pattern."

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Comfortable shoes

nude heels on street
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It feels like it goes without saying, but you should absolutely consider what you wear on your feet when you attend a wedding—especially if you plan on hitting up the dance floor.

"Make sure you pick shoes you can dance in, and think about the heel height and thickness," Huber says. "The higher and skinnier the heel, the harder it may be to make your feet last all night!"

Leanne Lee, head fashion stylist and buyer at Blue Bungalow, recommends going for a "small, comfortable heel" in a color that matches your skin tone.

"A nude heel will elongate the leg and can be worn over and over again as it pretty much goes with any and all colors—a true wardrobe staple!"

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