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7 Ways to Dress Trendy Over 60, Stylists Say

These tips will help you keep up with the latest styles, without requiring a full wardrobe refresh.

Thanks to social media, styles are falling in and out of fashion faster than ever, making it difficult to keep up at any age. As a result, it can be much more intimidating to figure out which trends work with your personal aesthetic—especially if you've spent years curating pieces in your closet. But if you do want to keep up with today's hottest styles after 60, you're in luck, as stylists say there aren't any age restrictions when it comes to dressing trendy.

"The good news is that most of the dressing rules mature women should follow are based on comfort and self-awareness about what works best for them," Joana Walker, writer and fashion expert at Margo Paige, tells Best Life. "Women over 60 who choose to keep up with the latest trends, be it classy, flashy, or sporty (or all of them together), should remember that age is just a number, and whatever they would do before, they can do now."

Even for those who do feel comfortable trying out new trends, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. If this sounds like you, read on for seven tips for staying on trend over 60.

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Get back to basics.

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Basics are making a huge comeback in the fashion world. Basic pieces are pivotal as part of your capsule wardrobe, acting as the building blocks for any polished and stylish look.

"Basics never go out of style and are wardrobe staples for all seasons and decades!" Rosie Mangiarotti, fashion and garment expert and founder of Perkies, says. "Keeping the basic staples in your closet and adding clothing pieces that are trendy to the overall look are easy ways to gradually add trendy pieces to your style."

If you're trying to keep up with the "old money aesthetic" that everyone's been talking about, you'll definitely want elevated basics on hand to level up your look. (Think crisp button-downs, polished white sneakers, and argyle vests.)

Always accessorize.

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As hard as Gen Z may try and convince you, you're not obligated to donate your favorite pair of skinny jeans or anything else they've deemed out of style. In fact, you can easily adapt your existing wardrobe to evolving trends by adding accessories.

"Try trendy accessories first!" Mangiarotti says. "This is an easy way to ease into trendy looks that you can add to your wardrobe. Think new boots, a hat, or trendy new jewelry."

Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, also recommends starting small with accessories—because at the end of the day, "trend is impermanent."

"For this reason, be disciplined by first evaluating how many dollars you're willing to commit to it, then start small with accessories to assess if the trend warrants a larger investment," she says. "If asymmetrical hemlines are on trend, try a crossbody purse to echo the line and test drive it before shopping skirts. When shoulder pads make a comeback, accessorize with a scarf over your shoulders to experiment with extra volume above the waist before buying a wide-shouldered (and potential one-season-wonder) blazer."

She adds, "Always remember accessories are a cheap and cheerful way to mitigate trend risk, so use them wisely."

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Try layering.

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Similar to the strategy with accessories, you can also add different layers.

"Add a trendy jacket or sweater to your typical look to add new elements to your style," Mangiarotti suggests.

You can't really go wrong with a well-tailored denim jacket, but you can also grab a light linen jacket, which is perfect for cool summer nights.

Reach for neutrals.

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Similar to her suggestions about basics, Mangiarotti says that neutrals are another avenue for trying out trends.

"If you are hesitant to try something new, start with the item in a neutral," she says. "These colors are easier to pull off and a great way to work up to pops of color!"

You'll look classy and elegant in a pair of long black or cream-colored linen shorts, which you can pair with a well-tailored white button-down. If you haven't yet, it's also worth it to pick up a pair of white jeans—they go with everything and are the perfect summer staple.

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Don't abandon all of your colors.

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While neutrals offer great options to build outfits around, both Mangiarotti and Kosich say that adding color is one of the simpler ways to look and feel trendy after 60.

"Take Pantone's Color the Year as your first cue and, if it's bright, add as an accent color—scarf, tote, shoe, or lipstick—for an on-trend pop," she recommends. "If it's a neutral, consider a more substantial wardrobe investment like a jacket, cashmere sweater, or seasonal handbag. Never forget accent colors are fleeting and neutrals stand the test of time."

Consider your lengths.

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When it comes to dressing trendy over 60, you should also consider the length of your skirts, pants, and shorts.

"They say hemlines fluctuate as often as the stock market, which can be tough to keep up with," Kosich says. "Simplify things after 60 by adjusting hemlines below the knee only, forgoing anything above it. Keep skirt lengths ranging from one inch below the knee to one inch above the ankle and instead focus on design trends—A-line, pencil, wrap, bubble, ruffled, flounced, tiered, pleats, asymmetrical—and adapt with moderation. This will keep you both on trend and age appropriate."

The same goes for your pant legs, and if you do want to branch out beyond your skinny jeans, Kosich recommends getting your feet wet with a tapered style. When shorter styles are popular, reach for a "timeless capri or anything cropped."

"Remember that after 60, a nod to trend is just enough to be on-trend," Kosich notes.

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Don't feel like you need to change everything.

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Walker also cautions you from doing a full wardrobe revamp just to stay on-trend. We're all well aware that styles come and go, and especially as we get older, our closets are often stocked with reliable pieces that have withstood the test of time.

"Being over 60 isn't the time to change your style drastically," Walker says. "Instead, sharpening the style you have loved for all these years is a much more clever move. If you've always adored loose trousers, there's no reason to abandon them for dresses after turning 60."

Instead, Walker recommends supplementing your wardrobe. Try shopping for kitten heels—which have made a huge comeback—or a chic designer belt. "Add top-notch jewelry and welcome the new you!" she says.

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