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6 Tips for Wearing Sweaters Over 60, According to Style Experts

Embrace sweater weather with this advice from style professionals.

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Love it or hate it, sweater weather is here again. But the good news is that the cozy winter staple doesn't have to be synonymous with bulky and itchy (or ugly and Christmas). Stylish sweaters are out there, ready to keep us warm while looking good. If you're over 60, the number of options may feel daunting, which is why we consulted style experts for their best tips on how to warm up to this cold-weather wardrobe staple. Read on for their best sweater fashion advice.

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Invest in quality.


A well-made sweater can last in your closet for decades, and, as a bonus, many of the most timeless styles are made of the most durable materials.

"When it comes to wearing sweaters for women over age 60, the key is to keep things comfortable and classic," says Caitlyn Parish, founder and CEO of bridesmaid brand Cicinia. "To start, pick out sweaters that feature natural fibers like wool or cotton."

Luke Lee, designer and CEO of fashion brand PalaLeather, recommends pieces made from cashmere or a wool blend. Though they may cost more, they're a great investment, and their luxurious quality adds a special kind of softness to your look.

Embrace the preppy vibe with a classic cardigan.


A classic soft wool cardigan never goes out of style and can function as a top during the winter or a light jacket for chilly summer nights. A long cardigan in a heavier material is also an elegant coat alternative.

"If you're not into bulky sweaters, then lightweight cardigans may be the perfect way to keep warm while maintaining your style," notes Lee.

Harman Arwal, a beauty and lifestyle blogger at Your Girl Knows, also points out their versatility. "Buttoned up or open—it's all about what you feel comfortable in! Throw it over a tee and pair it with jeans or tailored pants for an effortless look."

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Layer up.


Sweaters are the perfect layering piece. "Wear one over an embroidered blouse and straight skirt for an effortlessly stylish, adorable brunch-ready look," suggests Awal.

Parish says, "Try layering with a jacket and shirt underneath for maximum warmth. Additionally, for a more professional look, top it off with a blazer or cardigan."

But making sure the underneath layer isn't too bulky is the key to comfort with this look. "Layer a turtleneck under a blazer. This classic combo is timeless for women over 60 and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion," Lee advises. "The key to pulling off this look successfully is finding the right fit—you don't want it too tight or too loose"

Stay stylish with interesting textures and cool details.

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If a crew-neck Merino wool sweater feels too basic for your wardrobe, fear not. "Try a statement animal print sweater like zebra or leopard," recommends Arwal. "It'll give your outfit some serious 'pow' without coming off as brash or too young."

Heather Hyde, founder of the blog Awesome Over 50, is partial to the current ruffles-and-frills trend. In a YouTube video, she styles a frilly-edged cardigan with a skin-tone camisole underneath. The buttons on the sweater also give you control over how much skin you'd like to reveal.

Another option is to keep the sweater simple but accessorize around it. "If you're looking to stay modern but keep things classic, try pairing sleek leather pants or skirts with the right sweater," suggests Parish.

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Don't rule out sexy.


Sweaters don't have to be bulky or preppy. "Find the right fit to flatter your figure and sweaters in fuzzy fabrics that feel cozy and hug your curves," says Arwal.

In another style-tutorial video, Hyde shows us how a sheer, crocheted black cardigan, paired with something slightly revealing underneath (for example, a satin tank or dress), is a lovely look for dressed-up functions. "Just putting on this tiny cardigan really hides my upper arms, but it also has a feminine feel, so it doesn't really distract from the top. It's also really, really lightweight, so it's good for that warmer weather," she explains.

Choose colors you love.

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Classic neutrals go with everything, but sometimes it's nice to stand out from the style pack. Just as form-fitting sweaters are sexy at any age, pieces in your favorite colors can brighten up even the coldest and darkest days.

Hyde's advice: If you absolutely love a sweater, buy it in several colors. According to Arwal, "Pick colors that make you glow, and top off your outfit with confidence—trust me, you'll be ready to own the room!"

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