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4 Tips for Wearing a Leather Jacket Over 60, According to Stylists

These style staples don't have to be intimidating.

As we get older, many of us become more confident in our personal style. We know what we like and what we don't, we know what looks good on us, and we have a handful of go-to outfits we can throw on in seconds to feel like a million bucks. Still, there are certain clothing pieces that can intimidate even the most daring dresser—and leather jackets are one of them. These sophisticated toppers can overwhelm us with choice (there's one available in literally every color and cut you could imagine) and present a styling challenge. But fear not. Read on to hear from personal stylists about the best ways to style a leather jacket over age 60. Prepare to put together your chicest outfits yet.

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Opt for a classic cut.

older woman classic leather jacket

If it's your first time wearing a leather jacket in a while, you'll want to stick with something simple. "Too much hardware and trendy looks are tough to pull off as we mature," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Consider a timeless blazer style or bomber cut to minimize bling and extreme lines." This way, your jacket will be versatile and easy to style.

Tara West, a fashion stylist who serves clients in Connecticut, Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles, also suggests a classic blazer style for clients over 60. She specifically recommends the Hollis Vegan Leather Blazer and the Cooke Leather Dickey Blazer from Veronica Beard. "The tailored cut and large metallic buttons make an elegant statement while flattering your figure, hitting comfortably at the hip line and giving just enough shape at the shoulder," she notes. Wear them with a silk blouse, tank, or T-shirt for a cool, casual look.

Or a shacket.

woman smiling in leather jacket near palm trees

What's that, you might ask? It's half shirt, half jacket. "It's a beautiful and transitional silhouette for a more casual play with leather," says Allie McKenna, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper. "Pending the length of my client's torso, and taking into consideration the fit and style they prefer, I recommend either a hip-length leather shacket or a longer shacket. Both can be paired with a multitude of outfits as a chic finishing touch." She specifically suggests them with a dress. If you've got a hip-length or longer leather shacked, try a T-shirt and jeans. "It instantly updates and upgrades your look to be timeless, yet trendy," McKenna adds.

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Find your "personal black."

woman brown leather jacket

Yes, it's possible to find a classic leather jacket in a hue other than black and camel. In fact, Liana Chaouli, a personal stylist and image therapist, suggests it. "Find what I call 'your personal black,'" Chaouli says. "That is to take your prominent eye or hair color and deepen it as far as you can. Think navy blues, burgundy, chocolate brown, and emerald green." These colors will enhance your features without becoming difficult to style.

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Choose a matte leather.

woman laughing in leather jacket hat

One small but important styling tip is to choose a matte leather jacket. "As we age, shiny materials tend to accentuate skin imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and the like," says Kosich. "For this reason, reach for the buttery soft leathers, not the patents."

If even those seem harsh, you may want to take a different route entirely. "For some, suede jackets may be a better choice than traditional leather because it softens the jacket while still allowing you to wear a timeless piece," says Chaouli.

Of course, the easiest way to know the leather type that best complements your features is to try on a bunch. So, you'll want to schedule a day to hit the shops in search of your perfect leather match. Chic and stylish layering lies ahead.

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