15 Style Tips for People Over 40, According to Fashion Experts

Follow this simple fashion advice from designers, stylists, and more!

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Turning 40 most definitely doesn't mean that your days of being fashionable and turning heads are over. In fact, this big birthday marks a turning point in your life when you can and should reconsider your priorities when it comes to your clothing. "As you head into your 40s and beyond, finding the pieces that make you feel most comfortable is key," says Crystal Cave, founder of Crystal Cave Style and founder and creative director of the size-inclusive, eco-conscious clothing line Poppy Row. And no, when Cave says "comfortable is key," she doesn't necessarily mean elastic waistbands; she means that being comfortable in your own skin is key.

Your 40s are a time to stop trying so hard and just embrace all the flair you naturally have. Want to know how to let that shine through in your wardrobe and accessories? Here are some stellar tips from stylists, designers, and more that'll make you look and feel your best after 40.

Figure out your signature style and own it.

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"The 40s is when people embrace who they really are, [and this] should also apply to their personal style," says Elizabeth Kosich, a New York City-based certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Now is the time to determine a signature look that represents your authentic self."

Kosich recommends thinking about what makes you you and leaning into it. There's no time like the present to figure out what clothes make you feel the most comfortable in your own skin and embracing them to the fullest.

Incorporate your favorite things into your look.

Flamingo Shoes Style Tips Over 40

Whether you're especially fond of tropical vacations to Florida or hot yoga classes, Cave suggests using the things you love as inspiration for your wardrobe. "Not only will it brighten your day, but it'll remind you of who you are and give everyone around you an idea of who you are without you having to say a word," she explains.

Build a capsule wardrobe.

uniform dressing

Now that you're in your 40s, you should have a pretty good idea of your color and style preferences. And if you want to keep things simple but chic, Kosich recommends channeling these into a capsule wardrobe. Just two suits, two bottoms, and up to five tops are all you need to yield more than 40 flattering outfit combinations. "Keeping with this formula will save on time, allowing you to focus on what matters most—firing on all cylinders," Kosich says.

And update your basics.

shoe repair

No 40-year-old man or woman should be walking around in a stained T-shirt or in shoes that are about to fall apart. That's why during this decade, fashion stylist and motivational speaker Catherine Bachelier of CB StyleMaker recommends updating and upgrading your basics.

Clothing-wise, Bachelier suggests buying at least two new basic tees and, for women, a well-fitting bra. And if your tried-and-true shoes are wearing thin, she notes that a trip to the cobbler should do the trick. "Good shoe repairs update your look instantly," Bachelier says.

Invest in a few statement pieces.

chanel bag

Once you've taken care of the basics, Kosich says it's time to focus on investment pieces. "Mid-life is the perfect time to acquire timeless statement pieces that add flair and interest to your look," she says.

For the modern businesswoman, Kosich recommends a power suit, diamond stud earrings, or a designer handbag; for supermoms, a shearling winter coat, cashmere sweaters, or a statement boot tend to do the trick; and for the budding philanthropist, Kosich notes that the ultimate little black dress goes a long way. "Regardless, it's time to make every purchase count by being selective and smart," she advises. "Start thinking quality over quantity."

Buy outerwear that complements your existing wardrobe.

Fashionable Older Woman Outside in a Coat Style Tips Over 40

Turning 40 doesn't necessarily mean getting rid of everything you owned in your 20s and 30s. Rather, Carmen Alfaro, creative director and co-founder of fashion brand Moda Kalon, says that you can bring pretty much any piece to life with the right outerwear.

"If you love that mini skirt, or have a favorite worn-in tee or pair of jeans, keep them and then add a subtle touch of sophistication to your look with a neutral-toned blazer or a basic cape or poncho," Alfaro advises. "All of these can be thrown over any of the aforementioned items and dressed up or down, depending upon the occasion."

Try out a kimono.

Kimono on a hanger style trends over 40

AJ Majumdar and Scott Sussman, co-founders of fashion brand Area Stars, say a kimono is a great choice for women in their 40s. In addition to updating your style, a kimono also keeps you warm when the temperature drops or the A/C is blasting. Plus, this one clothing item can add a great deal of style to your everyday look, and it's easy to pack in your tote bag for whenever you feel chilly.

Keep your fluctuating body temperature in mind.

checking textile style tips over 40

"With peri-menopause often starting in your 40s, having clothing that works with you is important," Cave says. For example, at Poppy Row, Cave and her team use eucalyptus-based fabric because it's naturally cooling and moisture-wicking. The fashion designer explains that having a fabric-first approach to dress and shopping can help you feel cool "without further impacting your life as your body goes through changes, especially with temperature fluctuations."

Play up your features with fresh eyewear.

Fashionable older man in glasses style tips over 40

According to Elena Doukas, head of design at Garrett Leight California Optical, folks often want to cover up their faces with their glasses. But she explains that "although oversized frames can be a cute look, they can often overwhelm your features rather than enhance them."

Her rule of thumb when it comes to eyewear is that less is more. After all, you want to wear your glasses—not for them to wear you. "Instead of trying to cover up your face, think about the features you want to play up," Doukas advises. "For women over 40, the shapes that are most flattering usually angle upwards at the corners of the frame, such as a slight cat eye. This small detail can actually provide a 'lifting' effect and help draw the eye up."

And color, Doukas says, is just as important as shape. Be sure to "complement your skin tone, hair color, or the wardrobe you wear" with your glasses' color, she adds. "If you like a lot of neutrals, try crystal, grey, and black tones. If you have a lot of navy and browns, try brown and tortoise frames."

Try the trends that speak to you.

leopard print handbag

Samantha Brown, a New York City-based personal and celebrity stylist, says that your age shouldn't prohibit you from experimenting with trends. The key is finding ways to integrate seasonal fads into your style based on your profession, your lifestyle, and your body type.

"If you want to try this season's animal prints, choose a piece that feels natural and a silhouette that you're used to," Brown advises. "If you don't wear short skirts, this isn't the time to rock a leopard micro mini!"

And experiment even in the tiniest of ways.

Men's Fashionable Ties Style Tips Over 40

When it comes to trying a new trend, Melissa Tuttle, founder and designer of athleisure wear company Fit For Barre, says you should "take small steps. Start with trying some new styles and prints [via] shoes and accessories. Try integrating some accent pieces such as a bracelet or bag and see how you feel in it." This allows for a smoother transition—and if you end up hating the new style, well, no harm done and no major funds wasted!

Show skin in select places.

woman in red dress

Being over 40 and looking sexy don't have to be mutually exclusive. However, when it comes to showing skin, Brown suggests choosing one body part to highlight via exposure and covering up the rest. This is the perfect combination of modest, modish, and coy.

Prioritize the fit of your clothes.

Man shopping for a nice outfit that fits well style tips over 40

"The key to looking stylish yet elegant in your 40s—or at any age—is understanding the power behind the fit of your clothing," says Beatrice Purdy, president of women's pant company Measure & Made. Both women's and men's body sizes tend to fluctuate over the years, and it's important to dress in a way that embraces your unique shape and features.

"People who are 40 [and over] should become familiar with their body's natural shape in order to find clothing that is the most complementary," Purdy explains. "Be sure to honestly assess not only how something looks but how it fits. Nothing should be too loose or tight, and comfort is key."

Get your old suits tailored and mix and match them with other clothing items.

slim fit suit

Suits are currently a runway staple. However, Bachelier recommends leaving the oversized, boxy suits of high-fashion runways to the youngins and working with a tailor or seamstress to revamp your old two-piece sets instead. And once your suits are tailored to your body, the possibilities are endless. Both men and women can use just two basic suit sets to create countless looks.

"Break them up by using the trousers with a beguiling cami or new fresh T-shirt and sneakers. Both looks are modern and easy," Bachelier notes. "Take your blazer and pair it with a pair of denim shorts, denim pants, a pencil skirt, or khakis, and add a pop of color [via a] sneaker, flat, or heel."

Get rid of anything that carries baggage.

empty closet

If you have clothing in your closet that no longer fits or that someone toxic from your past gave to you, Bachelier says it's time to get rid of it. After all, part of the beauty of getting older is understanding the value of time and space. "You don't need a daily reminder of what you used to weigh, period. Freeing up clutter is pinnacle to staying applicable," she explains. "Also, a closet filled with items you love and fit properly cuts your 'getting ready' pace in half." And for more ways to enjoy your 40s, check out The 40 Best Ways to Conquer Your 40s.

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