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Wearing This Color Instantly Makes You Less Attractive, Research Shows

Next time you find yourself getting ready for a first date, make sure you don't wear this color.

Who hasn't found themselves standing in front of their closet in complete despair before a first date, convinced they have nothing suitable to wear? Those pre-meetup jitters are totally normal and, of course, wearing what makes you most comfortable is the way to go. But the truth is, there surprisingly is a little science that can help you make your next date outfit choice; it turns out, you should consider holding off on putting on that mustard top. According to research, wearing the color yellow can instantly make you less attractive to a prospective suitor.

A 2013 poll from of 1,128 female and 1,232 male adults from across the U.K. sought to determine the best first date clothing choices. What they found was that both men and women find yellow to be among the least attractive color options: 39 percent of men and 31 percent of women said it was likely to be a sartorial put-off, The Daily Mail reported.

Man wearing a yellow hoodie

While the idea of judging someone immediately based on their clothing choice may seem superficial, plenty of research has looked into the effect that the color of our outfits can have on the way others perceive us. A 2010 study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found that men and women both ranked the opposite sex as the least attractive when they were donning yellow duds.

Plus, a survey conducted by U.K.-based clothing company Buyshirtsonline found that yellow once again ranked near the bottom alongside brown and orange as the color least likely to inspire confidence. Additionally, it was one of the colors that "exudes arrogance," alongside orange and red.

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But just how important of a first impression are the clothes we wear on a date anyway? Well, when the 2013 survey asked whether or not a bad outfit would have been enough for someone to turn down a second date, 38 percent of women and 27 percent of men said yes.

"Whilst it may well be considered fickle to base the odds of a second date with someone on the color they choose to wear upon an initial meeting, the fact is that we make our primary assessments of potential partners extremely quickly," George Charles of told The Daily Mail. "It is human nature to want to find faults and imperfections within these individuals in order to protect ourselves from hurt later down the road."

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