50 Essential Accessories for Women Over 50

Because beauty truly has no age limit

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If you're like most women, your home is positively brimming with clothing. In fact, according to a recent survey by ClosetMaid, the average American woman has 103 items in her closet. However, if you're eager to upgrade your look, you don't have to add to that overflowing mess: all it takes is the right accessories.

For women over 50, who've spent a lifetime cultivating a distinct personal style, completely revamping a wardrobe can seem like a thankless task. Fortunately, there's an easy way to make over those beloved pieces in no time. We've rounded up the essential accessories every woman over 50 should have in her closet, making it a breeze to transform those staples lurking in the back of your closet in an instant.

A pair of statement earrings

statement earrings over 50 accessories
Image via Anthropologie

$58; buy now at Anthropologie

The right pair of statement earrings, like this black beaded pair from Anthropologie, can instantly take an outfit from day to night. Better yet, they pair just as well with a white t-shirt and jeans, adding some much-needed flair to an otherwise dressed-down brunch outfit.

A patterned silk scarf

silk scarf over 50 accessories
Image via Hermès

$395; buy now at Hermès

If you want to take your outfit in a more sophisticated direction, add a patterned silk scarf, like this vibrant number from Hermès. Even if an ascot isn't exactly up your alley, you can easily incorporate a silk scarf into your lineup by using it as a headband or simply tying it to your purse for a pop of color.

A bracelet watch

bracelet watch over 50 accessories
Image via Kate Spade

$250; buy now at Kate Spade

The right timepiece, like this elegant bracelet watch from Kate Spade, can work beautifully alongside your usual jewelry. In fact, menswear-inspired watches like this one not only work with everything from ripped jeans to cocktail dresses, they're also a great way to make your arms look longer and leaner.

An envelope wristlet

wristlet over 50 accessories
Image via Nordstrom

$128; buy now at Nordstrom

Leave those miniature clutches where they belong: in the past. Luckily, an envelope wristlet, like this one from Rebecca Minkoff, goes with virtually any outfit and is actually big enough to fit all those essentials, from your phone to your car keys.

A delicate gold ring

gold band over 50 accessories
Image via James Allen

$120; buy now at James Allen

Who says you need to tie the knot to treat yourself to a beautiful gold ring? This delicate gold band is a subtle addition to any look, but unlike larger rings, won't overpower your other pieces.

A classic black tote

marc jacobs tote over 50 accessories
Image via Marc Jacobs

$375; buy now at Marc Jacobs

Ditch those boring briefcases and shapeless hobos in favor of a stylish black leather tote. While it has ample room to store everything from your computer to your favorite book, it's not so oversized that you'll be tempted to fill it with a back-breaking load.

A personalized phone case

iphone case over 50 accessories
Image via Etsy

$33.74; buy now at Etsy

Those novelty phone cases may have once been an adorable accessory, but as a full-fledged adult, it's time to upgrade. Enter: this sleek black monogrammed case, perfect for differentiating your technology from that sea of iPhones on the table at brunch.

An elegant straw hat

straw hat over 50 accessories
Image via Nordstrom

$44; buy now at Nordstrom

Preventing sun damage doesn't end at the application of sunscreen. Fortunately, with this wide-brimmed sun hat, you can fend off those fine lines, spots, and wrinkles while looking effortlessly stylish.

A thin leather belt

leather belt over 50 accessories
Image via Anthropologie

$38; buy now at Anthropologie

Whether you're using it to keep those jeans from slipping or as a means of accenting your waist in a loose dress, a thin leather belt will never go out of style.

A brightly-colored handbag

anya hindmarch handbag over 50 accessories
Image via Anya Hindmarch

$876.04; buy now at Anya Hindmarch

Looking for a simple way to jazz up a black outfit? A brightly-colored bag, like this Anya Hindmarch tote, is roomy enough for your essentials and adds a pop of color to those otherwise drab looks.

A pair of edgy flats

ballet flats over 50 accessories
Image via Salvatore Ferragamo

$595; buy now at Salvatore Ferragamo

While traditional ballet flats may be a workplace staple, if you want to spice up your typical outfit, try some fancier flats instead. Luckily, these studded Ferragamos will work just as well with your skinny jeans as they will with a work-appropriate dress.

A chain strap purse

chain strap purse over 50 accessories
Image via Madewell

$88; buy now at Madewell

Even if you're not in the market for a Chanel bag, you can still update your wardrobe with a classic chain strap purse. And at just $88, this one from Madewell looks chic but won't break the bank.

A chic winter hat

winter hat over 50 accessories
Image via Ralph Lauren

$48; buy now at Ralph Lauren

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn't mean you need to lose your sense of style. This Ralph Lauren pompom beanie is the perfect cold weather accessory, ideal for keeping you warm and stylish at once.

A pair of black leather booties

ankle booties over 50 accessories
Image via Via Spiga

$210.50; buy now at Via Spiga

Winter doesn't have to mean you're stuck in some less-than-stylish footwear for four months. These Via Spiga booties can upgrade your cold weather look in an instant without sacrificing comfort.

A statement necklace

statement necklace over 50 accessories
Image via Stella & Dot

$198; buy now at Stella and Dot

Transform your favorite outfits in no time with a stylish statement necklace, like this black-and-gold spiked collar from Stella and Dot. Perfect with a cocktail dress or a t-shirt and jeans, the right statement necklace can change any outfit for the better.

A cozy blanket scarf

blanket scarf over 50 accessories
Image via Macy's

$58; buy now at Macy's

Keep warm when the temperature dips without bundling up in a body-obscuring puffer jacket. A blanket scarf is a chic way to fight off those frigid temperatures while maintaining your style.

A well-made wallet

coach wallet over 50 accessories
Image via Coach

$175; buy now at Coach

Velcro wallets may work for middle schoolers, but as an adult woman, it's time to upgrade. The right choice? A sleek crocodile-embossed black leather wallet with plenty of room for your cards, cash, and keys.

A pair of diamond studs

diamond earrings over 50 accessories
Image via Neiman Marcus

$995; buy now at Neiman Marcus

No matter what your age, you can never go wrong with a pair of elegant diamond studs. And fortunately, this delicate yellow gold pair from Legend Amrapali won't break the bank.

Opaque black tights

opaque tights over 50 accessories
Image via Hue

$15; buy now at Hue

Make your legs look slimmer, keep warm during cold weather, and dress up virtually any look with the right pair of black tights. Luckily, this pair from Hue is not only comfortable, they're about as opaque as they come.

A pair of oversized sunglasses

sunglasses over 50 accessories
Image via Nordstrom

$69; buy now at Nordstrom

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with the right pair of sunglasses. Not only is this pair timeless, unlike many high-end glasses, this one won't eat up your entire paycheck.

A pendant necklace

pendant necklace over 50 accessories
Image via Kendra Scott

$65; buy now at Kendra Scott

Subtle, stylish, and work-appropriate, this drusy necklace from Kendra Scott adds a hint of subtle sparkle to any outfit.

A pair of gold hoops

gold hoops over 50 accessories
Image via Mejuri

$79; buy now at Mejuri

By the time you're 50, it's time to ditch those cheap hoops in favor of a pair that will last a lifetime. These Mejuri hoops certainly fit the bill: not only are they made of 14 karat gold, they're just the right size for any occasion, from a big day at work to a casual weekend brunch.

An edgy oversized scarf

chiffon scarf over 50 accessories
Image via Alexander McQueen

$248; buy now at Alexander McQueen

While a subtle silk scarf has its place, sometimes, you just want to feel a little edgy. And when those times arise, this trendy Alexander McQueen skull scarf is sure to fit the bill.

A pair of stacked heel boots

stacked boots over 50 accessories
Image via Jeffrey Campbell

$215; buy now at Jeffrey Campbell

Adding a little height doesn't have to come at the expense of your comfort. Case in point: these stacked heel boots from Jeffrey Campbell are every bit as stylish as they are wearable.

A delicate diamond bracelet

diamond bracelet over 50 accessories
Image via Tiffany

$360; buy now at Tiffany

Though full-blown tennis bracelets may have been a staple in your grandmother's style, if you're looking for a more au courant style, try this diamond bracelet from Tiffany on for size. With just a single diamond, this piece isn't so ostentatious that it will look out of place with a casual outfit, but works just as well with a more formal look.

A colorful brooch

brooch over 50 accessories
Image via Ben Amun

$220; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Brooches have come a long way in the past half-century. With a colorful, unfussy bug brooch like this one from Ben-Amun, you can instantly dress up any outfit.

A classic cocktail ring

cocktail ring over 50 accessories
Image via Etsy

$399; buy now at BellaJewelryShop on Etsy

Not every occasion calls for delicate jewelry. When you want your baubles to shine as much as your outfit, opt for a chunky cocktail ring like this stunning aquamarine-and-diamond number.

A pair of chic ballet flats

ballet flats over 50 accessories
Image via Repetto

$325; buy now at Repetto

By the time you're 50, it's time to let up on some of those more uncomfortable fashion choices, meaning that heels are more of a suggestion than a must. Luckily, classic ballet flats from Repetto are every bit as chic as a pair of stilettos—and a lot more comfortable, too.

A subtle gold bangle

gold bangle over 50 accessories
Image via Henri Bendel

$118; buy now at Henri Bendel

In the market for a classic accessory that goes with every outfit? Look no further than this riveted bangle from Henri Bendel. Similar in style to Cartier's classic Love bracelet without the bank-breaking price, this chic bangle will work just as well with jeans as it will your favorite LBD.

A weekender bag

le sud weekender over 50 accessories
Image via Cuyana

$250; buy now at Cuyana

By 50, it's time you upgraded your travel accessories. Luckily, this Le Sud weekender from Cuyana has enough room for all of your weekend essentials, and, better yet, it's monogrammable.

A pair of delicate diamond hoops

diamond earrings over 50 accessories
Image via Catbird

$594; buy now at Catbird

Sometimes, a pair of oversized hoops just won't cut it. When that's the case, opt for something more delicate, like these tiny black diamond hoops from Catbird instead.

A pair of leopard print flats

leopard flats over 50 accessories
Image via Cole Haan

$89.99; buy now from DSW

Who says you can't be chic and indulge your wild side at the same time? With these elegant leopard print flats from Cole Haan, you can do both.

A bad hair day baseball cap

baseball cap over 50 accessories
Image via Nordstrom

$112.50; buy now at Nordstrom

Your typical sports team hat has its place, but if you want to disguise those bad hair days in a more elegant manner, it's time to upgrade. Fortunately, this Rag and Bone suede baseball cap can forgive all manner of hair horrors.

A pair of sneakers you can dress up

black sneakers over 50 accessories
Image via Steve Madden

$59.98; buy now at Macy's

Who says that flats and heels are your only choices for office-appropriate footwear? These quilted platform sneakers from Steve Madden are elegant enough to pair with a work outfit, but comfortable enough to run around town in afterward.

A black statement belt

black belt over 50 accessories
Image via Asos

$13; buy now at ASOS

A little flair around your waist can go a long way. Add this black and gold statement belt from ASOS to your wardrobe and you can instantly elevate even the plainest dresses and flowy tops, making them more form-fitting and flattering in the process.

A cashmere wrap

cashmere wrap
Image via White + Warren

$350; buy now at White + Warren

A parka isn't your only solution for those dipping temperatures. For a chic cold weather accessory that doubles as the perfect travel blanket, turn to this comfortable cashmere wrap from White + Warren.

A pair of white sneakers

white sneakers over 50 accessories
Image via Bloomingdale's

$125; buy now at Bloomingdale's

Want to look chic and on trend this weekend? Pair that perfectly distressed pair of jeans with these classic white sneakers from Kenneth Cole for an on-trend, but age-appropriate look.

A stylish headband

striped headband over 50 accessories
Image via Nordstrom

$29; buy now at Nordstrom

Just because Gossip Girl has come and gone doesn't mean the reign of the headband is over. This chic scarf headband is the ideal way to push your hair out of your face on hot days without sacrificing style.

A pair of grown-up flip-flops

flip flops over 50 accessories
Image via Michael Kors

$59; buy now at Michael Kors

It's time to leave those cheap plastic flip-flops in the past. For a more elegant look that will last you next to forever, try these adorable bow-adorned Michael Kors jellies on for size instead.

A leather watch

leather watch over 50 accessories
Image via Skagen

$175; buy now at Skagen

Sometimes, a metal watch feels a little too dressy for what you're wearing. What that issue arises, an equally-chic leather-banded watch, like this one from Skagen, can help tone down your look.

A classic pearl necklace

pearl necklace over 50 accessories
Image via Pearl Source

$119 buy now at The Pearl Source

Whether you're attending a black-tie event or simply trying to dress up your favorite work outfit, a strand of pearls can instantly elevate any look.

A set of stacking rings

stackable wings over 50 accessories
Image via Madewell

$28; buy now at Madewell

Who says that attractive jewelry has to be expensive? This set of delicate stacking rings—just $28 at Madewell—has the look of a costlier collection and will have everyone asking where you got them.

A pair of opaque black leggings

black leggings over 50 accessories
Image via Lululemon

$98; buy now at Lululemon

There's no age limit on comfortable chic. While pricier than your average cotton pair, these Lululemon black leggings won't let you down, whether you're pairing them with some heels and a tunic for a night out or wearing them to a yoga class.

An ankle-strap heel

ankle strap heels over 50 accessories
Image via Franco Sarto

$119; buy now at Franco Sarto

Lengthen your legs, dress up your favorite outfit, and enjoy the thrill of coming home without your feet aching with these sensible, yet sexy, Coralie pumps from Franco Sarto.

Leather gloves

black gloves over 50 accessories
Images via Bloomingdale's

$98; buy now at Bloomingdale's

Why spend another decade wearing mittens more befitting a fourth-grader than a full-blown adult? When you're ready to upgrade, check out these cashmere-lined leather gloves from Bloomingdale's, which pair perfectly with casual outfits and formalwear alike.

A reliable umbrella

umbrella over 50 accessories
Image via Vera Bradley

$44; buy now at Vera Bradley

By the time you're 50, it's time to ditch those cheap, breakage-prone umbrellas for good. Upgrade to this chic clear umbrella from Vera Bradley—you'll not only enjoy more protection from the rain, you'll also get to enjoy tons of compliments.

A pair of strap-happy sandals

ankle strap heel
Image via Nine West

$59.99; buy now at Nine West

Welcome the summer in style this year with a pair of elegant strap sandals. Luckily, this Nine West pair is dainty enough to pair with your favorite floaty sundress, but its stacked heel is sturdy enough for those nights you find yourself trekking from venue to venue.

A fashionable backpack

black backpack over 50 accessories
Image via Bloomingdale's

$195; buy now at Bloomingdale's

One-shoulder bags may look great, but they rarely feel great on your arm after a long day. Enter: this chic Rebecca Minkoff backpack, which can hold everything you need in a day, but won't leave you needing a trip to the chiropractor.

A comfortable pair of espadrilles

red espadrilles
Image via TOMS

$58.99; buy now at TOMS

Comfort and style can go hand-in-hand this summer, thanks to these adorable espadrilles. Perfect when paired with jeans, a midi skirt, or even a summer dress, these shoes are perfect for all-day wear.

A fitness tracker

fitness tracker over 50 accessories
Image via Bloomingdale's

$129.96; buy now at Bloomgindale's

If you've noticed your metabolism getting more sluggish after your 50th, you're not alone. The good news? A cute fitness tracker, like the Fitbit Alta, can help keep you accountable throughout the day, helping you meet those fitness goals in no time.

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