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18 Genius Pieces of Home Gym Equipment You Can Still Buy Online

If you're looking to stay fit at home, this essential equipment is the perfect place to start.

If your gym closing in the wake of the coronavirus has left you feeling a bit unmotivated to exercise, you're far from alone. While you may not be getting in as many steps as you would in the course of a typical day—and it may feel next to impossible to find the motivation to mask up and head out for a jog—there are plenty of ways to stay active right at home. Whether you love running or favor resistance training, we've rounded up the must-haves for any home gym that'll keep you motivated to get moving.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This rowing machine

young woman on rowing machine

Want a full-body workout that will have your arms and abs looking like the missing member of a '90s boy band? Look no further than this compact rowing machine, which even comes with its own app to guide you through workouts.

$299 at Walmart
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This set of resistance bands

multicolored set of resistance bands

Getting a long, lean, toned body doesn't have to mean spending hours at barre class. With these resistance bands, you can build lean muscle in your legs, abs, and glutes without putting undue pressure on your joints.

$70 at Amazon
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This exercise step

exercise aerobics step

Still think Jazzercize is the best workout of all time? Consider Jane Fonda a personal hero? Then you'll love this exercise step, which makes for the perfect accompaniment to any aerobics routine.

$30 at Target
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This Schwinn elliptical trainer

young black man on schwinn elliptical trainer

No room in your home or apartment for a huge home gym? No problem! This space-saving elliptical is just over four feet long and two feet wide, making it the perfect piece of low-impact cardio equipment for smaller spaces.

$950 at Amazon
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This stylish stability ball

blue stability ball or yoga ball

There's no denying that doing crunches on the floor can be beyond uncomfortable. However, with this stability ball, you can take the pressure off your back during those ab workouts, practice your push-up form, or even use it to keep your core engaged while you're working from home!

$15 at Target
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This folding weight bench

red and black weight bench

Eager to rebuild those hard-won muscles that have gone a little soft since quarantine? This weight bench is the perfect place to work on those bench presses, squats, and push-ups. Better yet, once you're done, you can fold it up to save space.

$110 at Amazon
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This stair stepper with resistance bands

young woman on stairstepper

Take your TV watching up a notch by adding in a calorie-blasting workout with this stair stepper. Not only is it a great way to tone your lower body—the attached resistance bands are perfect for getting in a challenging arm workout, too.

$80$55 at Amazon
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This metallic yoga mat

black and gold gaiam mandala yoga mat

Whether you're just starting out or are already a devoted yogi, a good mat is essential for any yoga practice. This 68-inch-long latex-free mat has a non-slip surface that's perfect for tackling any kind of yoga, whether you're getting your headstand up to snuff or taking a rest in child's pose.

$24 at Target
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This adjustable dumbbell set

black and red adjustable dumbbells

You don't need a gym to get in a great weight-bearing workout. Case in point: This adjustable set of dumbbells starts at just 12.8 pounds, but can go all the way up to 40, helping you customize your workout to fit your current fitness level and exercise goals.

$150$120 at Amazon
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This folding treadmill

blonde woman on folding treadmill

Pounding the pavement on a sweltering summer day isn't always the most appealing prospect. Fortunately, with this folding treadmill—which has 450 five-star ratings on Amazon—you can get in a jog right in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home gym. When you're done, just fold it up and tuck it in the corner until your next workout!

$400$331 at Amazon
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This yoga block

blue yoga block

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level in your home gym? This foam block can help you perfect those asanas and reach positions you never thought possible before—no hands-on help required!

$8 at Target
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This portable gym set

portable gym kit

When you can't get the gym, bring the gym to you! From resistance bands to a push-up surface to core-toning roller wheel, this portable gym set has everything you need to get in a great workout wherever you go—even if that's just your living room for the time being.

$200$150 at Amazon
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This balance trainer

blue and green balance trainer stability ball

Want to boost your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility? All it takes is this petite balance trainer. Whether you're using it as a touch point for HIIT or doing planks on it, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who wants diverse workouts without a ton of equipment cluttering their space.

$80 at Target
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This ab wheel

black ab wheel

You can get a six-pack when you're stuck at home—if you have the right tools, that is. This non-slip ab wheel can help you tone those core muscles—along with your back, shoulders, and arms—but it's still small enough to tuck in a closet or under the bed when you're done with it.

$40$33 at Amazon
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This under-desk elliptical

young blonde woman using under desk elliptical

If you're looking to turn your workday into a workout day, look no further. This under-desk elliptical can help you burn calories and tone your lower body while you sit through yet another interminable Zoom meeting.

$140 at Amazon
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This medicine ball

black and gray medicine ball

Toss it around, hold it while you're doing sit-ups, or use it as a weighted accompaniment to your squats—however you use this medicine ball, you're bound to see results. This particular version also comes in both 8- and 10-pound weights, making it easy to customize your workout.

$44 at Target
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This 9-foot jump rope

black jump rope

Want a workout you can take anywhere? A trusty jump rope is all you need. Lightweight for easy skipping and with molded handles for a comfortable grip, this jump rope is the perfect space-saving way to get in a great workout, no matter where you are.

$12 at Target
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This dip station

quadricep dip station

You don't need to set foot in a gym to get a gym-style workout. This dip station is ideal addition to your home gym, making it easy to do muscle-toning ab, arm, back, and leg workouts using your own body for resistance.

$250$210 at Amazon
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