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17 Women's Style Trends You Should Actually Try in 2020

These trends are here to take your look to the next level.

With trends coming and going faster than it takes to binge watch a show, it can be difficult to test out the newest looks before they're already over and done—especially if you're on a budget. And considering how unwearable many trendy pieces are, it often feels like it's hardly worth trying them at all.

The good news? 2020's style forecast is full of comfortable, wearable styles that will keep you looking au courant without making you feel like you're wearing a costume. We've consulted some of the best stylists and fashion experts in the industry to help you get ahead of the curve this year. And if you're looking for the hottest fashions for him, check out these 17 Men's Style Trends You Should Actually Try in 2020.

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Midi skirts

woman in midi skirt

Skip the minis this year—2020 is all about midi skirts. "They will be everywhere in 2020: Women feel so comfortable in them and this year's styles can easily be dressed up or down by simply changing up the shirt and shoes," says Jaime Diehl, stylist and founder of, who recommends pairing a skirt that hits at mid-calf. Her top picks for pairing? Strappy camisoles and heels when you want to dress up, graphic tees and fashion sneakers when you're going for something more casual.

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Bright hair dyes

moroccanoil hair mask

Bold pops of color aren't just for clothing, shoes, and jewelry this year: They're also a huge trend in hairstyles. "Temporary bright colors are all the rage in 2020," says Savannah Fincher, hairstylist and corporate educator for Blo Blow Dry Bar. "This allows those with lighter hair in particular to participate in trends such as the 'dip dye' effect and some vibrant transformations."

However, since lightening your hair can leave it dry, Fincher recommends using Moroccanoil's Color Depositing Mask to try out a new color without damage. And if you're looking to keep warm while the weather changes as quickly as your hair color, check out these 15 Spring Jackets You'll Want to Wear All Year in 2020.

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Colorful suits

woman in red suit

If you're someone who's looking to bring a little style into the workplace for 2020, you're in luck.

"For my professional clients, this will be the year of the standout suit," says Diehl. "Stand out in a sea of black at your next networking meeting with a colorful suit." And if you're looking for more clothing that's bursting with confidence, check out these 20 Women's Outfits That Will Make You Feel So Powerful.

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Sustainable fashion

pink and gray scarf
Jack and Mary

With recent revelations on the environmental impacts of fast fashion, 2020 has seen a surge in eco-friendly style. This decade, there will be plenty of outfitters offering alternatives that make going green look great.

"Recently, sustainability has become one of the leading trends in the global fashion industry. And it's not just small shops: Many large companies have changed their practices to follow suit," says Marilyn Roberston of This simple yet elegant cashmere scarf from their line is an easy pick for anyone looking to upgrade their look with a clear conscience. And if you're looking for more ways to protect your neck, check out these 15 Stylish Winter Scarves That Will Totally Transform Your Look.

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Bra tops

woman in black bra top

"As the trend of high-waisted bottoms continue to rock the runways, what better to pair it with than a sexy bra top?" asks blogger, fashion stylist, and brand influencer Molly Carey, who says that, for those who don't dare to go bear, these also look great under oversized tee or blazer.

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Puff sleeves

woman in pink puff sleeve dress
J. Crew

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your look this year? Try a puff sleeve. "These pops of volume drive the trend level up on your outfit, but are still appropriate for everyday wear, the office, or dressing them up with a skirt," says Sadie Cherney, fashion expert and owner of three Clothes Mentor stores in South Carolina.

So exactly how should you work them into your look? "Minimal accessories, like a small earring or dainty necklace, would be plenty for these bold silhouettes."

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Polka dots

woman in black and white polka dot top

Who says jumping into new trends can't mean bringing back tried and true classics? According to stylists, 2020 is going to be the year that polka dots work their way back into women's' looks from top to bottom.

"This sweet and feminine pattern is both timeless and classic," says Carey, "and it's one that everyone can pull off. Even sexier styles are going all-dot this season!" If you're looking for an easy way to work it into your wardrobe, snag one of these ruffled sleeve blouses, which can be dressed up with a pantsuit or played casually with jeans and sneakers.

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Bold functional eyewear

green tortoiseshell glasses
Maui Jim

Looking for the latest in accessories? This year, it's all about sunglasses that provide style and protection, like these green tortoiseshell sunnies "These sunglasses feature PolarizedPlus2 lens ensuring your eyes are never at risk, all while providing the best optics in sunglass technology," says Diego de Castro, Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Management Maui Jim. And if you're looking for accessories that pop on a budget, check out these 15 Gorgeous Pieces of Gold Jewelry Under $100.

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Camp shirts

woman in white top and jeans

One of the best parts about incorporating vintage looks into current trends is that it leaves lots of opportunity for unexpected pairing. This is especially true in the case of camp-style shirts, which runways have made decidedly in vogue for 2020. These lightweight, short-sleeved button downs couldn't be easier to work into practically any wardrobe, and make for a great chic summer look with jeans or relaxed fit pants.

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Square toed heels

white square toed boots

It's not just vintage-fit shirts and skirts that are having a style revival this year: Footwear is also taking some retro inspiration. "One of the biggest trends we're seeing for 2020 are square toed shoes," says fashion & style YouTuber Shea Whitney. "This trend can easily be incorporated into boots or even sandals as we head into warmer spring temperatures."

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Custom-fit clothing

woman in jeans and black top

It doesn't take a style guru to know that there's no clothing out there that will ever look better on you than clothes that were made specifically for you. And thanks to new technology, it's never been easier to deck yourself out in custom pieces.

"The future of fashion is all about custom-fit clothing," says Stephanie Stimmler, fashion and wardrobe stylist of Venita Stylist. "Through 3D body-scanning technology, companies like Unspun use software to design and alter each pair of jeans to fit perfectly without having to try them on."

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Tassels and fringes

red and white fringe bag
Area Stars

Sometimes, that "something" missing from your outfit can be an element of eye-catching fabric movement.

"The bohemian tassel trend continues to cycle back every few years and is having a 'stop and notice me' moment this year," say Scott Sussman and AJ Majumdar, co-founders of contemporary women's lifestyle brand "If you're feeling adventurous, try a bag with dramatic fringe details!"

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woman in yellow jumpsuit

Yellow may not be everyone's first choice when it comes to clothing color schemes, but this year, stylists are begging to differ. "Most women shy away because they don't think they can 'pull off' this happy color," says Diehl, "but retailers are going to practically explode with this trend in 2020!"

If you're still feeling unsure on how to work yellow into your look, she recommends simply tweaking the vibrancy. "If your skin tone is lighter, shades of mustard and dark yellow will be best. Medium and olive skin tones will shine in vibrant shades of yellow. And those with dark tan to black skin tones will make a stunning statement in all yellow shades!"

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Floral prints

red floral dress

When it comes to stylish looks in 2020, there's one trend that's quite literally budding up brightly. "Spring is a perfect time to flaunt floral," says Missy Dietz, Director of New Business Development at Boyds Department Store in Philadelphia. Not sure how to wear it?  "You can always pair florals with complimentary solids which can bring your look together nicely," she says.

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Leather moto jackets


Whether your choice of transportation is a Harley or not, there's a new trend in 2020 that borrows from a casual-yet-functional piece of fashion that looks as good on the road as they do on the runway: Well-tailored leather moto jackets."[They're] always in style, always perfect, always edgy," says Dietz. "Whether it's done in burgundy or black, I love leather over a dress, paired with jeans, or even over your shoulders to give a pop of color."

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Chunky-soled sneakers

pink air force ones

"Chunky-soled shoes are in and they're here to stay," says Nicholas Bailey, stylist and founder of, who says AF1 Sage Lows are the perfect mix of trendy and classic. The best part? You might get even more style mileage out of them than you think. "One major trend right now is pairing up sneakers with something a little more formal like a dress or suit," he adds.

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Transparent garments


Most of 2020's biggest style trends involve layering and mixing elements to get exactly the look you want. That's why it's not surprising that style experts are clamoring over transparent garments as a complement to practically any outfit. This pink piece is an easy look to dress up or dress down, using it as a top layer over everything from shorts and a bra top all the way up to a more formal fitted dress.

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