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20 Women's Outfits That Will Make You Feel So Powerful

If you need help conquering your day, these looks have you covered

Some days you wake up feeling like you can conquer anything life throws at you with the confidence of a Marvel superhero. Other days, drumming up the nerve to face that big job interview, coffee with your ex, or grad-school exam can feel like a near-impossible uphill battle. But every woman experiences moments of insecurity—times when the idea of braving the day can feel like the most daunting task in the world.

Luckily, there's a simple fix: Slapping on an outfit that makes you feel like the powerful, amazing woman you are. Here, a roundup of 20 looks that do just that. From structured crop tops to monochrome sets, these outfits will instantly deliver the confidence you need to take on whatever life throws at you.

A tailored blazer

red blazer - bloomingdales

$435; buy now on

Nothing screams power like a fitted blazer. It's a wardrobe staple every woman should have, and one that makes you feel like a boss the moment you put it on. If you're feeling bold, spring for a bright primary color like red. Throw it on over fitted slacks at the office, or jeans and heels for a night out.

A lace dress

lace dress - farfetch

$349; buy now at

Don't let the delicate fabric fool you: Wearing lace can be a true power move. And while lace dresses typically get street cred for airing on the romantic side, wearing one in a bold color or pairing it with black boots and a moto jacket can show you truly mean business. Spring for one that's tiered or has an A-line cut for an unexpected twist.

A monochrome set

R89PJ2 PACIFIC PALISADES, LOS ANGELES, CA, USA - OCTOBER 06: Actress Kaley Cuoco wearing a Fendi outfit and Stuart Weitzman shoes while carrying a Fendi bag arrives at the 9th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles held at Will Rogers State Historic Park on October 6, 2018 in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

The fastest way to feel powerful and chic? Spring for a monochrome outfit. There's something undeniably cool about suiting up in one color from head to toe.  If you're intimidated, start with a soft hue and move on from there. Want something more intricate? Try a matching pattern set like Kaley Cuoco.


LBD nordstrom

$109; buy now on

The little black dress (or "LBD," for short) is one item of clothing every woman can swear by. Both classic and timeless, the black dress is a wardrobe staple that makes you feel bold and confident with minimal effort. These dresses also work for just about any occasion. Whether you're heading to dinner or to the office, an LBD is easy to dress up or down. (Pro tip: Take your look a step further by pairing it with some fun colored pumps or a bold lip.) Just slipping into a black dress is bound to send you on an instant power trip.

Animal print

animal print bootie - sam edelman

$96; buy now on

Nothing will make you feel more fierce than sporting animal-print anything. If this intimidates you, start with an accent piece like leopard booties or a scarf. If you're feeling more brazen, go for head-to-toe animal print. (Hint: They don't have to match!) Trust us: Peppering animal print into your wardrobe will make you feel like you can take on anything.

A black leather jacket

leather jacket - nordstrom

$279; buy now on

A black leather jacket can instantly make you feel like the toughest woman in the room. Need proof? Just look at any woman who's ever been photographed wearing one. (We're looking at you, Kate Moss.) Throwing it on over jeans and a t-shirt, or even a dress, can make you feel as though you can take on anything life throws at you, like unexpectedly running into your ex. Whatever your day has in store, this jacket has your back.


color block - net-a-porter

$1,631; buy now on

Nothing says power like pairing bright, unexpected colors together in the same outfit. Walking into a meeting and want to feel confident? Marry a red blazer over a pink top. If that's too intimidating, spring for a checked dress or skirt with different colors woven in. It may feel like a fashion faux-pas to pair contrasting shades, but it's actually fashion-forward—and sure to make you feel more confident than ever.

Mixed prints

mixed print dot dress

$119; buy now on

Mixing prints can up your outfit's fun factor, which in turn makes you feel more confident. (If you can own your look, you can own your day.) Try bold patterns in varying silhouettes for an easy, effortless take.

A structured crop top

structured crop top

$82; buy now on

Adding a crop top to your outfit is a verified game-changer. Feeling bold? Pair it with high-waisted trousers or jeans. Want something more subtle? Layer it over a long sleeve top. Retail Fashion Director at Net-a-Porter Lisa Aiken told WhoWhatWear she loves marrying a crop top with an otherwise all-white monochrome look. "It feels classic and timeless while staying true to my overall aesthetic," she says. "Professional, with some personality!" However you style it, a crop top is a surefire way to add extra oomph to your outfit.

A jumpsuit

jumpsuit - shopbop

$275; buy now on

Jumpsuits are an effortless way to immediately look put together, without the fuss of having to plan an entire outfit in advance. Try stripes, a bold color, or a fun pattern for extra oomph.

Over-the-knee boots

over-the-knee boot - stuart weitzman

$798; buy now on

Ever throw on a pair of heels and immediately feel more powerful? Yes? Well, the same goes for over-the-knee boots. Pairing black heeled knee-high boots with any look immediately takes things to the next level. (There's something about being a few extra inches off the ground, am I right?) Try them over jeans to up your daytime look, or with a dress to elevate a date-night outfit. And for more footwear to make you feel your best, check out the Sexiest New Shoes for Women.


athleisure hoodie - intermix

$325; buy now on

Don't let the relaxed feel of athleisure fool you: It takes a powerful woman to rock this off-the-runway look. Pair track pants and a hoodie with heels to get that instant cool factor. Or keep it simple with a pair of white Allbirds. Either way, this is one outfit that will make you feel more calm, cool and collected.


metallic pants - topshop

$10; buy now on

Throw on something metallic and you'll immediately feel a surge of confidence. If you're freaked out by the idea of all-metallic-everything, start with one statement piece, like a silver metallic top, and pair it with jeans. If you feel daring, try a pair of cropped gold metallic pants. Trust us: The wow factor is worth it.

Hidden accents

tights - asos

$13; buy now on

When the weather gets colder, putting together a look-at-me outfit while still trying to stay warm can feel daunting. So when the below-zero temps hit, throw a pair of patterned tights on under cropped jeans, or a ribbed turtleneck under a denim jumpsuit. The hidden accents up your cool factor, without sacrificing warmth.

Professional pinstripes

pinstripes - net a porter

£1,295; buy now on

For years, pinstripes have been synonymous with power. (Just look at Robin Wright's epic wardrobe on House of Cards for proof.) There's something both eye-catching and demanding about the pattern that immediately commands attention. So whether you spring for the pattern in suit form or simply use it as an accent piece, it's sure to give you the extra confidence you're looking for.

A high-waisted structured skirt

leather skirt - bloomingdales

$237; buy now on

If you need a wardrobe staple that makes you feel immediately more powerful, look no further than the high-waisted skirt. Pair it with a vintage t-shirt for a relaxed look, or with a blouse for something more office-friendly.

A maxi dress

maxi dress - revolve

$343; buy now on

Nothing says power like floating into your next party in a billowy maxi dress. Choose one with a slit or in an airy fabric for maximum effect. Think you can't wear a maxi because of your height? That's just one of the 40 Common Fashion Tips Women Should Always Ignore.

Leather or faux-leather pants

leather pants - far fetch

$563; buy now on

Who says dressing like a pro can't include leather? Add some spice to your wardrobe with fitted leather trousers to add an unexpected edge to your power suit.

A plaid pant

plaid pants - bloomingdales

$248; buy now on

Plaid is one pattern that will never go out of style. For a standout look, choose a bold plaid in a green or mustard color. For a more demure look, choose a subtle pattern in a darker hue, like navy or merlot. Whichever you choose, a plaid pant will bring you next-level confidence the moment you put it on.

The LRD (little red dress)

little red dress - revolve

$76; buy now on

Pull an Amal Clooney and get yourself a little red dress, which is essentially the LBD 2.0. Amal has been known to sport her fair share of little red dresses, whether she's running errands or defending international human rights. Why? Because, as Amal knows, red is a power color, and can instantly make you feel more in charge of your day. Therefore, it's a wardrobe staple every woman needs. And for the fashion mistakes to watch out for, check out these 23 Dated Fashion Trends That Will Never Come Back in Style.

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