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10 Non-Boring Suits from Tallia Orange That Will Energize Your Days

Liven up your look with color. Your colleagues will thank you.

In 2017, the corridors of power in American office life might as well be 50 shades of gray. (Or navy.) And if you're anything like me, you're growing tired of it. Thankfully, there's a savior: Tallia Orange, a clothier that can trace its history back to the late 19th century. Don't worry: They've done quite the job of evolving. From yellow windowpane sport coat to a dinner jacket so snazzy and detailed it will make your head spin (in a good way!), Tallia Orange has given modern tailoring the colorful, vivacious update it so desperately needed. Throw any of these expertly tailored pieces on to bring a sense of fun and whimsy to your staid office. And then, to complete the dressed-to-thrill look, all you need to know is how to nail the perfect tie dimple, every single time.

Blue Neat Suit

tallia orange blue suit

$650; buy now at

A blue suit is par for the course for every man's closet (typically navy). Upgrade the look to a head-turning electric blue to break the mold. For more ways to stand out, check out the 20 dress shirts that will make any suit pop.

Navy and Black Cotton Sport Coat

tallia orange black sport coat

$140; buy now at

For years, horizontal stripes were a faux pas, but no longer. The subtle black stripes punch up the style on this classic navy sport coat.

Paisley Cotton Sport Coat

tallia orange paisley sport coat

$140; buy now at

Paisley requires a perfect balance: if it's too exuberant, you can't wear it; if it's too normal, well, does it even count as paisley? This sport coat treads that line flawlessly.

Navy and White Gingham Cotton Sport Coat

tallia orange gingham sport coat

$140; buy now at

Every man under the sun knows the trusty wear-a-gingham shirt-under-a-solid-sport-coat trick. Be adventurous: Flip the script.

Yellow and Gray Windowpane Sport Coat

tallia orange yellow windowpane sport coat

$170; buy now at

Yellow is tough color to pull off. But if it's subtle enough, you'll be turning heads left and right. As a bonus, this jacket is all linen, making it ideal for the balmy summer months. And for when you don't need to be quite so formal this summer, check out our curated list of the most ideal outfits to wear this summer.

Navy Windowpane Suit

tallia orange navy windowpane suit

$300; buy now at

Recruiters advise wearing something memorable—yet classy, of course—for job interviews. This number fits the bill with panache. Just make sure you don't say any of the 15 phrases that will tank any job interview.

Black and Metallic Silver Diamond Dinner Jacket

tallia orange dinner jacket

$140; buy now at

Unless you're at a funeral, this stunning number is the winner at any formal event. Yes, it's flashy, but since it's only black and silver, you're never to far from the realm of traditional tailoring.

Navy Dot Formal Dinner Jacket

tallia orange navy dot jacket

$140; buy now at

If you pay attention at all to the red carpets, royal blue is the next trend in formalwear. Stay ahead of the curve by adding subtle dots to your ensemble.

Gray and Tan Plaid Suit

tallia orange gray brown plaid suit

$300; buy now at

Plaid is a heritage pattern that is getting a lot of play lately. This is professional yet distinctive.

Gray Stripe Peak Lapel Suit

10. Tallia Orange

tallia orange gray pinstripe suit

$300; buy now at

The clean lines on this power suit exude confidence. Slap on this beauty and you'll be heading to the corner office in no time. As long as you keep kicking ass in business meetings, of course.

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