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20 Pairs of Men's Winter Boots That Go With Everything

Snow? Sleet? Rain? Bring. It. On.

Prepping your wardrobe for the arrival of cold weather is never an easy task, and finding the right pair of men's winter boots that will actually work with your look takes that style struggle to an entirely new level. Luckily, there's no need to shortchange your wardrobe just to stay warm. We've found the most stylish men's winter boots to keep you warm and dry in even the harshest conditions. And if you're also in the market to upgrade your space for the season, check out these 20 Winter-Home Must-Haves from Target.

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These waterproof leather boots

black men's boots, men's winter boots

Soaking wet socks are not the way to start your day off on the right foot. These simple black boots will keep your feet nice and dry, whether you're shoveling out the entire driveway or just brushing your car off to get to work.

$150 at Bloomingdale's
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These classic work boots

pair of tan boots, men's winter boots
Urban Outfitters

Timberland work boots are classic for a reason, but it's not just around construction sites where their full functionality can shine. They provide great traction, steel toe protection, and a waterproof finish that will keep your feet dry no matter what the weather is doing.

$198 at Urban Outfitters
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These chukka duck boots

brown boots with rubber toe, men's winter boots

Duck boots live up to their amphibious nickname, and if you expect to trudge through slush puddles at any point during your day, they can be the safest bet for keeping your feet warm and dry. These lower-cut chukka-style boots can easily be pulled on and worn with regular jeans or pants, making them the perfect addition to your outfit whether you're dressing up or down. And to make your home just as cozy as your feet, try these 23 Stunning Fall Home Décor Items to Make Your Home Look Gorgeous.

$62 and up at Amazon
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These waterproof zipper boots

brown suede boots, men's winter boots

Struggling to get your boots on can be worse than the winter weather itself. These will save you the pain of lacing up every time you leave the house, plus their two-tone style goes with just about everything.

$80 at Kohl's
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These faux-fur-lined leather boots

brown lace up leather boots, men's winter boots
Nordstrom Rack

Some of the best men's winter boots don't look like winter boots at all. These sturdy leather kicks are lined with faux fur, providing the warmth you need with a stylish edge.

$299$80 at Nordstrom Rack
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These classic Hunter rubber boots

hunter boots, men's winter boots

Harsh winter conditions are no reason to ditch comfort. These classic Hunter boots are fully waterproof, lined with thermal fleece, and feature a cushioned footbed to ensure that any walk in the snow is a cozy one for your feet. And if the craziness of the season has you feeling stressed out, check out these 27 Relaxation Gifts You'll Want to Keep for Yourself.

$145 at Nordstrom
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These versatile hiking boots

short brown hiking boots, men's winter boots

Whether you're trekking up a mountain or just to the corner store, these hiking boots provide the support and protection you need to make those long winter walks all the more enjoyable.

$40 and up at Macy's
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These highly-rated snow boots

brown boots with black rubber toe

As sturdy as they are stylish, these Kamiks are beloved among their owners. The only thing better? The fact that they're a steal at under $100 a pair.

$80$54 at Amazon
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These waterproof North Face boots

black north face boots, men's winter boots
Nordstrom Rack

Dressing to keep your feet dry doesn't have to feel like you've got barbells strapped to your shoes. These North Face boots are made of lightweight quick-drying ballistic nylon and will still keep the moisture out.

$100$61 at Nordstrom Rack
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These rugged throwback boots

brown doc martens, men's winter boots
Urban Outfitters

Doc Martens may have ruled '90s fashion, and they're back in a very big way two decades later. Luckily, these nostalgic gems are as functional and tough as they are stylish. And if you're looking to impress your significant other with something other than your look, check out these 30 Incredible Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants.

$140 at Urban Outfitters
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These simple pull-on boots

brown suede boots with black toes, men's winter boots

Constantly getting into and out of boots every time you have to step outside to check the mail or walk the dog is a hassle. Luckily, these simple slip-ons will keep your feet warm without the need to struggle with laces.

$60 at Target
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These waterproof knee-high boots

knee high black boots, men's winter boots

There's a big difference between not knowing how deep that slush in the parking lot is and not caring. These knee-high waterproof boots are so effective at keeping your lower legs dry they'll make you forget those puddles are there at all.

$44 and up at Amazon
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These waterproof Chelsea boots

black leather chelsea boots, men's winter boots

Dressing for winter weather doesn't have to mean sacrificing fashion for much-needed function. These waterproof Cole Haan boots are one of the few out there that look as good walking down the runway as they do trudging through slushy streets.

$249$210 at Macy's
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These casual two-toned boots

tan and black lace up boots, men's winter boots

Showing up for a night out on the town in galoshes can be tough to pull off, even for the most adventurously fashionable men. These insulated sneakers are easy to streamline into any outfit, keeping your feet warm and providing great traction.

$140 and up at Amazon
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These faux-shearling leather boots

brown shearling and leather boots, men's winter boots

Don't ditch leather footwear from your wardrobe rotation just because it's cold out. These handsome boots with a faux shearling lining can help keep you feeling warm and looking great. And if you want to make sure your significant other is as well dressed and prepared as you are, check out the 20 Best Winter Coats for Women.

$125 at Bloomingdale's
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These high-performance pull-on boots

black winter boots
Nordstrom Rack

The perfect pair of simple slip-ons can make winter that much easier to bear. These waterproof boots can handle harsh temperatures and provide great grip, making both quick trips outside and long walks so much easier.

$110$71 at Huckberry
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These ruggedly stylish classic boots

red wing lace up boots

Red Wing boots are some of the only ones on the market that can truly claim to be both tough enough for a day of hard work and handsome enough to then clean up for a night out. In fact, they're so comfortable, they might even become your favorite year-round footwear, regardless of the season.

$300$254 at Nordstrom
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These waterproof Timberland snow boots

timberland snow boots, men's winter boots

Sometimes the only answer for a harsh season is a pair of solid, rugged snow boots. Luckily, these simple waterproof Timberlands fit that description perfectly.

$140 at Nordstrom
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These affordable snow boots

green boots with black toe, men's winter boots

Keeping your feet warm and dry all winter long should be an option for everyone, regardless of their budget. These well-priced calf-length boots offer the protection from the elements you need at a fraction of the cost of most pairs.

$55 at Target
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These time-tested snow boots

brown duck boots with laces and shearling, men's winter boots

Post-blizzard footwear should be cut high enough to keep out snow and lined to keep your feet warm all day long. These classic Sorel boots are designed to do both, all while looking and feeling great. And if you're a fan of beating the cold by other means, warm up with the 25 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

$88 and up at Amazon
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