40 Amazing Accessories That Will Keep You Warmer All Winter

Stay warm against winter's worst.

40 Amazing Accessories That Will Keep You Warmer All Winter

For those who live in cooler climates, the phrase “winter is coming” doesn’t exactly call to mind visions of sugarplums and pleasant snow-fort-building. No, the first time the temperature dips below 50 arrives with a palpable sense of foreboding, signaling that it’s time to pack away those cute summer and fall outfits and say “so long” to any sense of style until the warm weather returns.

But just because the cold weather has unleashed its unrepentant wrath on your area doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your more fashionable instincts. Armed with the amazing winter accessories we’ve compiled here, you’ll look great while telling that snow and sleet who’s boss.

winter accessories

Barbour Dexy Jacket With Faux Fur Trim

$429; buy now at Nordstrom

If you want to stay nice and toasty this winter without obscuring that hard-earned shape beneath an enormous parka, this Barbour jacket is the perfect addition to your closet.

Made of water-resistant fabric and topped with a cozy faux fur hood, this jacket will have you looking chic, no matter what Mother Nature brings.

winter accessories

Spanish Shearling Trapper Hat

$129; buy now at Overland

Considering the amount of heat lost through a person’s head—about seven percent, according to experts—it pays to keep that melon covered when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But that doesn’t have to mean bundling up with that tired old knit cap for another season. Instead, treat yourself to this Spanish shearling trapper hat from Overland, sure to keep you warm, no matter how cold it gets.

winter accessories

Faux Fur Cape

$1,750; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Channel your inner Margot Tenenbaum this winter with this stylish Burberry cape. While it’s made of faux fur, it’s every bit as cozy as the real thing, and pairs perfectly with virtually any outfit, from jeans and a t-shirt to a cocktail dress.

winter accessories

Plaid Infinity Scarf

$44.50; buy now at Loft

Keeping your neck toasty doesn’t have to mean relying on some oversized scarf that’s more likely to drag on the ground than stay securely wrapped around your neck. Instead, beat the chill with this delicate plaid infinity scarf, the ideal complement to your favorite casual look.

winter accessories

Bluetooth Earmuffs

$79.50; buy now at J. Crew

Enjoying your favorite playlist and keeping your ears from becoming frostbitten are no longer mutually exclusive, thanks to these stylish plaid Bluetooth earmuffs. Now you can stay nice and toasty without having to periodically adjust those AirPods.

winter accessories

Under Armour Snowcrest Pom-Pom Beanie

$34.99; buy now at Macy’s

A little whimsy goes a long way when you’re styling a look for one of those drab winter days. Fortunately, when you want to look like a million bucks despite the snow and slush, this pom-pom beanie from Under Armour has got you covered—literally.

winter accessories

Women’s Knit Braided Headband — A New Day

$9.99; buy now at Target

Not digging the hat hair your usual head covering gives you? Then switch to this braided headband from Target, which not only comes with a wallet-friendly price tag, but also a design so adorable it will work with practically any outfit.

winter accessories

Cozy Alpaca Knit Legwarmers

$68; buy now at Lunya

Even if you aren’t headed to barre class, a pair of legwarmers can always come in handy, especially on those brutal winter days. If you want to stay warm this winter, channel your inner ballerina anyway and stock up on these alpaca knit legwarmers from Lunya.

winter accessories

Gucci Snake Print Silk Headband

$396; buy now at Saks Fifth Avenue

Between the cold weather and snow, winter is hardly an ideal season for anyone hoping to keep their mane manageable. Fortunately, this Gucci silk headband has got you covered when your usual haircare routine fails, helping you fend off those bad hair days and keep your head warm in the process.

winter accessories

Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Wedge II Shearling Boot

$250; buy now at Sorel

Who says snow boots can’t be stylish? These Sorel Joan of Arctic wedges have a playful shearling-tufted tongue and ample style to boost your winter look. Better yet, unlike many fashionable boots, they have a treaded sole, meaning you can look stylish and avoid slipping and sliding in the snow.

winter accessories

Anya Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

$51; buy now at Bloomingdale’s

If tech gloves aren’t your style, but neither is freezing your fingers off on a cold day, there’s a happy medium between the two, thanks to these fingerless gloves. And fortunately, their design, while infused with a bit of playful color, is still chic and subtle enough to pair well with any outfit.

winter accessories

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Winter Hat

$59.95; buy now at The Warming Store

If you number among the individuals for whom even the warmest clothing doesn’t do a lick of good, it’s time to invest in some heated gear. Fortunately, with this ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Winter Hat, you can stay extra warm, no matter what the winter weather throws at you.

winter accessories

Women’s Plaid Cocoon Poncho Sweater—Universal Thread

$29.99; buy now at Target

Sometimes, you want a little more style than your average sweater provides. In those cases, this fringed poncho from Target certainly fits the bill. And at just $29.99, it fits practically any budget, as well.

winter accessories

Men’s Silk Interlock Turtleneck

$35.97; buy now at Lands’ End

Staying warm this winter doesn’t have to mean adding layer after bulky layer to your outfit. Case in point: This men’s Silk Interlock Turtleneck from Lands’ End is sleek enough to go under your favorite sweater or button-down, but warm enough to keep you cozy, no matter the weather.

Winter accessories

Wicked Good Moccasins

$79; buy now at L.L. Bean

Cold-weather accessories aren’t just for braving the wintry wilds outside of your home. On those mornings when your floors feel like a block of ice, these moccasins from L.L. Bean will keep your toes comfy and, thanks to their rubber sole, they’re also the perfect footwear for picking up the paper off your porch.

Winter accessories

Women’s Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

$74.95; buy now at Lands’ End

Treat your hands to the gift of warmth and softness this winter by investing in a pair of cashmere-lined gloves, like these ones from Lands’ End. Fortunately, with their leather outer layer, they’ll keep your hands dry and toasty at the same time.

Winter accessories

“Superwarm” Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks

$26.95; buy now at Purely Alpaca

What’s under your boots is just as important as the shoes themselves when the temperature dips. Luckily, for those wearing these alpaca socks, no amount of wind, snow, or slush will stand between you and perfect comfort.

Winter accessories

ALLSAINTS Solid Brushed Wool Blanket Scarf

$118; buy now at Bloomingdale’s

Bigger is often better when it comes to battling the wintery chill. For those who won’t go outside without ample layers, this oversized scarf is the perfect accessory. Combining all the coziness of your favorite blanket with the style of a well-made scarf, it’s the next best thing to staying in bed.

Winter accessories

Men’s Windproof Warm-Lined Pants

$39.90; buy now at Uniqlo

While gloves, boots, jackets, and hats are wintertime staples, short of wearing ski pants all day, there’s little to keep those legs protected against the winter wind—until now. Fortunately, these stylish pants from Uniqlo are not only windproof, but lined on the inside, meaning you can stay nice and warm without adding bulk to your outfit.

Winter accessories

Canada Goose Carson Down Parka

$995; buy now at Bloomingdale’s

Sometimes, even the coziest wool coat won’t cut it against the wintery weather. When in doubt, bring in the big guns, like this Canada Goose parka, a slim-fitting puffer that can battle even the harshest temperatures.

Winter accessories

HotHands Hand Warmers

$8.85 for 10; buy now at Amazon

If your gloves just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to call in some backup. These HotHands Hand Warmers are the perfect addition to your winter arsenal, keeping your digits toasty even when the weather’s blisteringly cold.

Winter accessories

Cresta Wool Midweight 250 Base Layer

$69; buy now at L.L. Bean

Layering is the name of the game when it comes to avoiding those winter chills. The good news? With this ultra-thin wool base layer from L.L. Bean, you can easily keep warm without bulking up your streamlined style.

Winter accessories

Fendi Contrast Wool Scarf

$400; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Staying warm and staying stylish can go hand-in-hand, as evidenced by this wool scarf from Fendi. Part of the company’s monster-inspired line, this scarf is every bit as fashionable as it is functional.

Winter accessories

The Kooples Skull Spider Scarf

$111; buy now at Bloomingdale’s

Want to add some edge to that otherwise soft, bemittened look? This scarf from The Kooples, which combines skulls and spiders, is the perfect cold-weather look for folks who wish it was Halloween year-round.

Winter accessories

Smartwool Liner Tech-Compatible Gloves

$16.79; buy now at REI

You no longer have to choose between sending that text and keeping your fingers warm. With these Smartwool tech gloves, it’s easy to do both in perfect comfort.

Winter accessories

Saks Collection Cashmere Duster

$206.50; buy now at Saks Fifth Avenue

Whether you’re curling up at home in your pajamas or heading out for cocktails, there’s no better way to stay warm (and stylish) this winter than with this cashmere duster. The ideal topper for dressed-up and dressed-down looks alike, this incredibly soft sweater will keep you warm when your coat alone won’t cut it.

Winter accessories

Women’s Purrl Stitch Gaiter

$30; buy now at The North Face

Want to keep your neck warm without wrangling an oversized scarf all day? Then say hello to this gaiter from The North Face. This easy outfit addition is sure to help you retain some of your body heat while adding a bit of extra style to your usual look.

Winter accessories

Hotronic XLP One PFI 50 Heated Socks Set

$269; buy now at The Warming Store

Anyone whose toes start turning blue at the slightest dip in temperature has finally met their match. These heated socks, powered by lithium-ion batteries, are the perfect piece of techie gear to add to your winter arsenal—and better yet, unlike most other gadgets, they’re machine-washable.

Winter accessories

Smartwool Women’s The Tight II

$46.95; buy now at Smartwool

For those brave enough to wear a dress or skirt in the wintertime, there’s finally a way to keep your legs as warm as if you were wearing pants. These Smartwool tights are cozy, warm, and sag-resistant, making them the ideal accoutrement for those blustery days.

Winter accessories

Shearling-Trimmed Virgin Wool Coat

$1870; buy now at Barney’s

Even if parkas aren’t exactly your style, you can still stay nice and toasty this winter with the addition of this shearling-trimmed wool coat to your wardrobe. This double-breasted stunner is sure to help you battle winter’s worst in comfort and style.

Winter accessories

Timberland Waterproof Hiking Boots

$190; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Those tan Timberlands may not be the most stylish workwear, but their black counterparts are one of the best and most stylish winter accessories out there. Sturdy, comfortable, waterproof, and warm, thanks to their interior insulation, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air all day long, even when it’s more of a snow-and-slush situation at your feet.

Winter accessories

Calvin Klein Pink & White Wool Balaclava

$220; buy now at SSense

While the traditional black balaclava has more than a bit of an outlaw vibe, this pastel-colored version is about as sweet as a ski mask gets. Perfect for hitting the slopes (or just those chilly commutes to work), this hat-and-neck-warmer combo can turn any outfit into an adorably winter-ready one in an instant.

Winter accessories

Patagonia Winter Weight Oversocks

$45; buy now at Patagonia

If you didn’t already love Patagonia for its commitment to diversity, employee wellbeing, and environmentalism, at least give them some props for their unbeatable winter gear. These Polartec oversocks provide unbeatable warmth and are the perfect addition to any winter outfit, particularly for the avid fly fishers out there.

Winter accessories

Men’s Gordon Lyons ¼ Zip

$67.50; buy now at The North Face

Channel your inner lumberjack this winter by adding this Gordon Lyons ¼ zip sweater to your wardrobe. While thin enough to wear under your favorite jacket, this fleece sweater is cozy enough on its own, offering plenty of protection against the winter winds.

Winter accessories

Aero Tech Cold Weather Toe Warmers

$7.99; buy now at Aero Tech

Keep your toes warm and well-protected against the elements this winter by adding a pair of Aero Tech’s toe warmers to your outfit. Even if your shoes aren’t exactly ideal for the weather, there’s no way your precious piggies will feel any of the winter’s chill with these on.

Winter accessories

In a Flash Online Only Armwarmer

$38; buy now at Lululemon

You’ve got your head, neck, torso, and even your toes covered—so why are you neglecting your forearms when it’s beyond frigid outside? The perfect winter accessory for runners, these arm warmers are a great way to weather whatever winter throws your way.

Winter accessories

Gucci Princetown Fur Lined Mule

$995; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Infuse every outfit with a little extra style by investing in a pair of Gucci’s Princetown mules this winter. These fur-lined shoes have become a hot-ticket item among the fashion-forward in recent years, and with good reason: in addition to their stylish design, their fur lining will keep your feet comfortably warm, even in inclement conditions.

Winter accessories

Women’s Crossover Fleece Leggings

$80; buy now at Eddie Bauer

Upgrade your preferred pants for the winter by investing in a pair of these Eddie Bauer fleece leggings. Cozier than your average cotton-spandex blend, these winter-weight pants are ideal whether you’re hitting the gym or the grocery store.

Winter accessories

Men’s Aconcagua Vest

$99; buy now at The North Face

Whether you’re an avid runner in need of some extra warmth or just want to add an extra layer between you and the elements, is North Face vest is a great addition to any wardrobe. And thanks to its emerald green hue, it can easily brighten up any outfit. And if you’re eager to look a little less puffy this season, This Is the Best Way to Lose Weight in Winter.

Winter accessories

Starlyn Sneakers

$150; buy now at Ugg

While Ugg boots may be the redheaded stepchild of the footwear industry, that doesn’t mean every one of the company’s products is worthy of derision. In fact, these Starlyn Sneakers are not only stylish, but ultra-warm, thanks to their sheepskin lining, making them the perfect complement to any cold weather gear. And for more ways to improve your style game, check out the 40 Best Tips for Dressing Well in Your 40s.

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