30 Best Things about Summer

When the weather gets better, there are many reasons to rejoice.

30 Best Things about Summer

I think we can all agree: it’s been a doozy of a winter. What with all of the blizzards, bomb cyclones, and everything else we’ve had to endure on a near daily basis, we’ve earned a lazy summer lolling by the pool. (Or climbing a mountain—whatever’s your bag.)

Now, we know you can’t wait for the temperatures to continue their steady climb, but there are several other reasons to be super psyched for summer, as well. In fact, here are 30 of them right here. So read on, lather up on sunscreen, pour some sangria, kick back in your favorite hammock, crank up the “song of the summer,” and enjoy! And for more ways to maximize your favorite season, check out the 15 Summer Family Trips Your Teenage Children Won’t Hate.


Summer Fridays

What’s not to love about getting every other Friday off? Or getting a half-day every other Friday? Or some other sweet deal that gives a guilt-free jumpstart on the weekend? And if you don’t get summer Fridays, we seriously hope you’re not working for a company that issues any of the 30 Craziest Corporate Policies Employees Must Follow. 

bar in summer

You Travel Lighter Everywhere—Even the Bar

Layering up for winter means bringing all kinds of accessories with you whenever you go out—scarf, winter hat, gloves, umbrella—at least one of which you’re all but guaranteed to leave behind. In the summer, you’ve got to worry about your sunglasses and, well… that’s about it. Don’t you already feel free even thinking about it? And while you’re at the bar, see if you can tease out of your server the 15 Secrets Your Bartender Won’t Tell You.

top Hollywood hair tips

Don’t Have to Fix Your Hair Every Time You Enter a Place

Cold seasons mean that every time you unbundle you have to do a quick mirror check to see that your hair isn’t all messed up. In the summer—no problem! And for more ways to look your absolute best, check out these 15 Top Hair Tips from Top Hollywood Stylists.

Band t-shirt, for summer

You Can Break Out Your Best Vintage Tees

Your beloved vintage t-shirts have been stuck in a drawer for way too long. (If we had to guess, roughly 7 months.) Now you can break them out and rock them as they were meant to be rocked. But if you’re looking to go more upscale, consider some next-level Italian style. Here are 7 Must-Have Items for Looking Your Very Best. 

outdoor concerts in summer

Concerts in the Park

This is also the season where you can enjoy music as it was meant to be enjoyed: with sun on your face. Whether it’s in a park or a stadium, an outdoor concert offers a feel-good, relaxing vibe that no indoor space can replicate. Plus: a beer never tastes as satisfying as it does when you’ve worked up a little sweat first. And if you’re kicking back to a cold one this summer, consider buying of of the Best Craft Beers in America.

Outdoor Big Screen 144for summer

Outdoor Movies

This is also the time of year when cities all over the country throw up a big screen in a park, set up some chairs, and project some classic film or recent release, giving you an evening’s entertainment under the stars. If you’re lucky, they’ll be playing something amazingly fun and goofy, such as Empire Records, Goonies, or one of the 30 Funniest Movies of All Time. And if you’d prefer to go all DIY and create your own amazing movie-watching oasis, here’s How to Transform Your Backyard into a State-of-the-Art Summer Movie Theater. 

Hammocks in the summer


Hammocks are the single greatest way to nap on planet earth. Just curl into one, feel that gentle swinging sensation, and drift off. Fit couple summer

Beach Days!

Is there anything better? And if you’re looking for some great spots for soaking in the sun and sand, check out The 30 Best Beaches in America.

man dancing to the song of the summer

The Song of the Summer

Every summer brings with it the “Song of the Summer“—the season’s unofficial anthem that catches your ear the first time you hear it, and becomes inescapable, as it emanates from the radio, cars, and supermarket speakers. Whatever you think of the song itself, you can always rely on it to take you back to a time of summer fun. And for a trip down memory lane, see here for Every Song of the Summer for the Last 50 Years. 

slip on shoes

No Shoelaces or Socks Required

Flash that ankle, buddy! And if you’re not fully equipped with the right footwear for the season, don’t sweat it! Here are the 30 Coolest Pairs of Slip-Ons for Summer. 

yard sale in the summer

Yard Sales

Sure, you never buy anything at them, but isn’t it a lot of fun to peruse others’ cool antique stuff?

post-hiking meal summer

Post-Hike Meals

Millions of people love long hikes. But you know what’s even better than standing on the top of that trail? Heading right back down and making a bee-line straight for the nearest lunch place, where you reward yourself with an amazing meal (preferably with fries) and replenish all of those calories you just burned.

musical festival this summer

The Major Music Festivals

Bonnaroo. Lollapalooza. Pitchfork. Mo Pop. Sasquatch. Governor’s Ball. Panorama. Firefly. Boston Calling. Honestly, the list of amazing outdoor music festivals in America these days as nearly as long as the list of acts you’ll find at them. If you like beer, music, and sun, you couldn’t be alive at a better time.

eating out in the summer

Restaurant Reservations Are So Much Easier

When half your town bolts to the beach or cooler climates every single weekend, you all of a sudden have first crack at the best table at the best restaurant in town. It’s as if the gods managed to pump more oxygen into the room and slow down time simultaneously. But once you’re settled into your seat, make sure you know the 7 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making at Fine-Dining Restaurants. 

holiday sale summer

Shopping Deals

If you’re a bargain-hunter, the summer can’t be beat, with major sales on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and several other times throughout the summer. And whenever you’re shopping, be sure you’re always armed with the 30 Ways to Always Save Money on Clothes.

man date, friends, male friendship, male friendships, male friends summer


Sure, there plenty of major movies that come out all year round, but the summer is when the really big flicks are rolling out—like Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

ball in backyard summer

You Can Actually Use Your Backyard

It’s a shame that that rectangular plot of earth behind your home is utterly useless for such a large chunk of the year. But no more! String out the chili lights, fire up the grill, roll out the coolers and horseshoes, and enjoy your domain!

man in pool during the summer

Pool Time

We don’t care if it’s your pool, your buddy’s pool, your parents’ pool, a public pool, or even a baby pool—pools are without a doubt one of the most utterly awesome summer mainstays.

more vacation days summer

That Chlorine Smell

Sure, a lot of people find that pungent chlorine aroma associated with pools to be off-putting. And health-minded people—like Anthony Kiedis of the Red Chili Peppers—choose to avoid chlorinated pools altogether. But there’s something about this unmistakeable smell that, right when it hits our olfactories, takes us back to our happiest memories of childhood.

woman wearing sunscreen summer

Smell of Sunblock

Also, who knew that smelling like a banana or a coconut would put us in such a good state of mind?

frozen cocktail in summer

Frozen Drinks

This is the time of year that you can drink what is basically an alcoholic Slurpee, getting yourself a nice blended margarita or something even more exotic (banana bailey colada perhaps?). These are drinks that would be way too sweet to enjoy pretty much any other time of the year, but for some reason, when the sun is out, it’s all good.

Deep Fried Chocolate in Summer

Fried Foods at Fairs

Deep fried Oreos. Corn dogs. Funnel cakes. Yes, they’re horrible for you. But if you’re going to indulge at a summertime fair, don’t waste your time with anything short of the absolute most decadent!

carwash outside in the summer

Washing Cars Outdoors

This might be a chore for some, but taking some time on a summer day to soap up the car and get it looking fresh is a pleasure to be savored. Who needs a drive-in car wash when you can get your hands dirty doing some cleaning?

woman relaxing when her boss is away this summer

Your Boss Is On Vacation

This is the season when your boss will head out for a week or two and you can relax for a bit at work. Deadlines are a little less strict and work is just a little less urgent than usual during the summer months, letting you breathe easy and plan how you’ll spend your own vacation.

block party summer

Block Parties

Who needs to go out of town for fun when you can throw down right outside your front door? Sure, we know that the potato salad will be gross and you’re likely to get cornered by a really annoying neighbor, but your neighborhood block party—one of the original staycation stalwarts—is an American tradition we’re firmly behind. suitcase Never buy summer

Packing Is So Much Easier

Going on a trip? Just toss in a few t-shirts, pairs of shorts, and underwear, and you’re basically good to go.

ice cream in summer is just better

Ice Cream

Whether you’ve got a favorite artisanal organic ice cream shop in your neighborhood or just like a scoop of vanilla from Baskin Robbins, this is the time of year to indulge your ice cream craving.

Woman Sitting on Front Porch Simple Pleasures in summer

Chilling on the Front Porch

Right at dusk, when it feels like everything is possible in the entire world. What’s not to love?

books in a bag

Beach Reads

It’s the only time of the year when it’s accepted—even encouraged—for you to read the trashiest of genre fiction you can find. But if you’re looking to go a little higher brow, here are the 40 Books Every Woman Over 40 Should Own. 

Sangria is better in the summer


Wine is fine, but why not add some fruit and sugar to it? In the summer, sangria is the perfect beverage—whether you’re nursing a glass for a couple hours or enjoying the refreshing beverage a pitcher at a time. And for some amazing cocktail recipes, here are 15 Two-Ingredient Cocktails You Can Make in 15 Seconds. 

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