20 Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Shake the winter blues with these money-saving staples.

20 Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

You probably haven’t even considered browsing Costco for home décor and furnishings. But the bulk shopping store actually has a plethora of the chic, sophisticated, and practical items that can spruce up any room in your house. This winter, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better selection of décor and appliances to ensure your home will be just as comfortable—and stylish—as it is any other season of the year.

So, without any further ado, here are 20 winter-home must-haves from Costco. Cheers to keeping your abode classy and cozy in the new year!

Hot Tub Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

OC Hot Tub Serenity Lounge Spa

$6,000; buy now at costco.com

For those with the space and the funds for a hot tub, this five-person lounge spa will provide the perfect retreat from the cold winter months. At the end of a long chilly day, allow this hot tub’s 85 jets to provide a full body massage and warm you right up.

Drolet wood stove Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco


Drolet Eastwood Wood Stove

$900; buy now at Costco.com

To ensure you stave off the cold, invest in this wood-burning stove, designed to accommodate logs up to 20 inches in length. This appliance is perfect for the more drafty areas of your home, and can easily add cheer to any room in need of a pick-me-up.


Costco electric towel warmer Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Ancona Comfort Electric Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

$200; buy now at Costco.com

These are a staple in any European bathroom—and it’s about time Americans followed suit. Whether you’re avoiding the chill of the cold bathroom tiles after a winter shower or you’re looking to dry your clothes that got wet in the snow, this electric towel warmer and drying rack will come in handy this season.

Temperature Regulating Blanket Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Outlast Temperature Regulating Blanket

$80-85; buy now at Costco.com

Using technology originally developed by NASA, this temperature regulating blanket is designed to store and release heat to keep you comfy. So, instead of layering up and layering down as you sleep, you’ll feel good all night long with this blanket on your bed.

Heat Reflecting Mattress Pad Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Micro Flannel Heat Reflecting Mattress Pad

$60-100; buy now at Costco.com

With its micro flannel technology, this mattress pad reflects your own body heat back to you throughout the night, ensuring that you’ll stay warm, no matter the freezing temperatures outside.

Micro mink blanket Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Vellux Plush Micro Mink Blanket

$30-40; buy now at Costco.com

This mink blanket—available in a variety of colors—is so soft, you’ll struggle to get up from the couch while you binge watch your favorite shows.

Rose gold clock Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Citizen Rose Wall Clock

$65; buy now at Costco.com

Rose gold is the hottest color out there and with this clock, you can add a touch of contemporary design to a bedroom or office. Complete with ivory dials, this clock has the ability to transform any space into a sophisticated and chic retreat.

Tibetan fur pillows Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Two Tibetan Fur Pillows

$70; buy now at Costco.com

Available in a variety of cool winter-inspired tones, these fur throw pillows can add warmth and dimension to your couch or bed. These hand-crafted accessories, which are sold in two packs, provide a one-of-kind statement and keep your home looking cushy for the coldest time of year.

Sheepskin rug Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Single Sheepskin Rug

$40; buy now at Costco.com

Whether you’re placing this rug in your living room, bedroom, or home office—or on the floor or couch—it’ll instantly give you a sense of warmth and sophistication. Truly, this is the stuff of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and you deserve it.

Egyptian alabaster lamp Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Hand-Carved Sakara Egyptian Alabaster Lamp

$200; buy now at Costco.com

Bring the outside in with this hand-carved lamp, made from the outer crust of alabaster boulders. This unique piece will illuminate your bedroom and ease your winter blues. It’ll help your—and your home’s—seasonal depression.

Floor lamp Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Piper Floor Lamp

$60; buy now at Costco.com

Add a touch of rustic ambience to your home with this industrial steampunk-inspired floor lamp. With its exposed Edison LED light bulbs, this fixture will perfectly accessorize your farmhouse, industrial, or mid-century-inspired home.

Stoneware storage bowls Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Signature Housewares Stoneware Storage Bowls

$25; buy now at Costco.com

These storage bowls come in a variety of patterns and cheerful colors, bringing light and depth to your kitchen this winter. They come in packs of six and are the perfect way to store your leftovers—and they’ll make them more appetizing too.

Tabletop firebowl Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Northwoods Tabletop Fire Bowl

$170; buy now at Costco.com

This tabletop accessory proves that entertaining outdoors is entirely possible in the winter months. Fueled by an external 20-pound propane tank (which is sold separately), this fire bowl has the ability to project heat up to 135 square feet from its base. With this accessory, you don’t have to let the cold temperatures keep you from enjoying the beauty of your backyard.

Wireless weather station Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

La Crosse Professional Wireless Weather Station

$95; buy now at Costco.com

Be prepared for your next snow day with this professional wireless weather station. It’s equipped with information about the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed, rainfall data and relative barometric pressure, and a number of other features that allow you to stay on top of the weather, wherever you live. For less than $100, you can have your own personal meteorologist.

Dyson humidifier Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Dyson AM10 Humidifier & Fan

$350; buy now at Costco.com

This humidifier by the trusted brand Dyson measures temperature and moisture to create a comfortable environment in any room of your home. In the winter, it provides a hygienic mist to combat dryness. And when temperatures rise in the summer, the device is equipped with a fan that delivers high-velocity air to keep you cool and comfortable. It’s truly an appliance for all seasons.

pet bed Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Kirkland Signature Bolstered Bed

$60; buy now at Costco.com

Your pet does a lot to keep you cozy on the couch in the winter, so be sure to do the same for them. They’ll be snug with this plush bed, complete with a foam-filled base. Its lightweight design and durable exterior make it easy to tote this bed along wherever you go, with your dog (or cat) in tow.

Fallon fabric chair Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Fallon Fabric Accent Chair

$240; buy now at Costco.com

Embody the true spirit of the winter season with this accent chair. Its soft cushiony seat and comfortable wrap-around back make it the perfect place to lounge and read a book this winter. It’s also sure to add a retro flair to the corner of any room in need of a statement piece.

Crystal pendant Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Artika Crystal Ellipse Pendant

$160; buy now at Costco.com

If you’re looking for a light fixture that perfectly embodies elegance and modernity, you’ve found it with this Artika piece from Costco. The pendant light’s hand-cut crystal beads will make your dining room warm and inviting all winter long—and it’ll never go out of style as the seasons change.

Drysdale mirror Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Drysdale Mirror

$95; buy now at Costco.com

This distressed copper mirror will add dimension and light to any wall in your home during the dreary days of winter. Not only does will it work with nearly any design scheme, but it’s also durable enough to withstand years of wear and tear.

Gardenia small bonsai tree Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco

Gardenia Bonsai Tree

$35; buy now at Costco.com

No matter the season, your home can remain a sanctuary for colorful and creative plant life, like this small gardenia bonsai tree. This plant typically blooms from late March to June, so you can start to curate your own collection of blooming floral creations even in the winter. And for more tips for aspiring gardeners, beware of these 30 Plants You Should Never Bring into Your Home.

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