23 Amazing Home Decor Items You Won’t Believe Are From Walmart

That's right: Walmart has its head in the design game.

23 Amazing Home Decor Items You Won’t Believe Are From Walmart

When you think of modern and beautiful home decor, chances are the word “Walmart” doesn’t immediately leap to mind. But how wrong you’d be. From hand-woven, sumptuous rugs to vintage-inspired accents, many of Walmart’s home decor products actually strike the perfect balance between sophistication and affordability. For proof, read on—because we’ve gathered here the most amazing home decor items you can pick up from your nearest Walmart. Be prepared to have the most affordably design-savvy space in town.

Walmart Home Decor

Metal Cage Swag Pendant Light

$19.92; buy now at walmart.com

If you’re looking for a stylish way to illuminate your space—especially a reading nook or eating area—consider this wildly affordable and chic hanging light, which features a stylish and minimalistic bronze metal shade. The rustic, antique look offers a perfect contrast to any room in your home that may feel too clean and modern. Similarly, it’ll neatly fit into any room that currently rocks a vibe straight out of last century.

Mongolian Rug Walmart Home Decor

Mainstays Mongolian Faux Fur Figural Rug

$19.87; buy now at walmart.com

Made of Mongolian faux fur that’s both durable and easily maintainable, this fun, blush-colored rug—designed by Mainstays (that’s Walmart’s contemporary furniture and home accents brand)—is the ideal addition to a home in need of some livening up. At 30-by-46 inches, it’s large enough to be unmissable, but not so large it’ll overwhelm the rest of the decor in whatever room you place it in.

Pillow Walmart Home Decor

Better Homes and Gardens Triangle Geo Decorative Throw Pillow

$15.87; buy now at walmart.com

Yes, Walmart is a great place to hunt for decorative throw pillows. This geometric pick from Better Homes and Gardens is the perfect example of the tasteful selection you’ll find. It’s more than just a unique pattern that sets this pillow aside, though; look close, and you’ll spot a thickly woven texture (complements of a jacquard handloom weaving technique) that’s as plush as it is pretty. Say hello to your afternoon nap’s new best friend.

Geometric Sculpture Walmart Home Decor

Geometric Tabletop Sculpture

$9.87; buy now at walmart.com

This structure is small, sure (just 5-by-6 inches), but, since it’s constructed entirely from hand-painted iron, it’s sure to stand the test of time. It’s also a quick and easy way to make any neglected surface in your home—whether it’s a long-forgotten side table or a dust-collecting shelf—exponentially more interesting.

Fur Pouf Walmart Home Decor

Mainstays Long Hair Faux Fur Pouf

$25; buy now at walmart.com

Clocking in at a mere two pounds, this faux fur pouf is a comfortable addition fit for any social space in your home; it’s a perfect additional seat for when you play host on movie night. Available in three cool, muted colors (mint, teal, and millennial pink, as pictured), it’s also a great option for those looking to bring their home swinging into the 21st century with style.

Walmart Home Decor

Elegant Expressions by Hosley Silver Clear Ombre Glass Vase

$12.87; buy now at walmart.com

If you truly wish to amp up your home’s design potential, steering clear of the paint-by-numbers glass vase is a great baby step. In fact, even The New York Times is behind this theory, declaring that “the vase can be just as important as the blossoms”—and we couldn’t agree more. So make the most of your fresh floral bouquet by pairing it with this sleek ombre glass jar by the home decor brand, Hosley. There’s lots to love about it (elegant shape, trendy ombre), but the best part is something only you’ll notice: The price tag.

Walmart Ornate Mirror Walmart Home Decor

Better Homes and Gardens Ornate Baroque Wall Mirror

$18.03; buy now at walmart.com

One of the oldest design tricks in the book: If you want a room to look both bigger and more stylish, invest in a really great mirror. But you needn’t max out your credit card at Restoration Hardware or Room & Board to get a reflective service that is as beautiful as it is functional. This gorgeous baroque number, which is available in both gold and silver, will instantly add an extra level of sophistication to any room—without breaking the bank.

red and white walmart blackout curtains

Mainstays Thermal Wave Curtains

$15; buy now at walmart.com

Some people like waking up to bright swathes of light wresting them from sleep. The rest of us prefer to wake up on our terms. Enter: blackout curtains. For the longest time, blackout curtains were just that: pitch black. But nowadays—as these two-tone, retro-inspired curtains from Mainstays prove—blackout curtains can come in all manner of colors and patterns. Here, they’re shown in a red-and-off-white color scheme, but they’re also available in shades from teal to taupe to, yes, black.

Walmart Home Decor

Southern Enterprises Elko Gear Wall Art with Clock

$70.41; buy now at walmart.com

Calling all steampunk enthusiasts: get a load of this bona fide piece of art. No, the gears don’t turn—but they are hand-painted (with an applied “rusted” effect, at that). And unlike other similar affordable wall clocks on the market, this piece is made from actual metal, for an authentic look. To get it going, all you need is a single AA battery.

Walmart Home Decor

A&B Home Decorative Toucan Serving Trays

$37.10; buy now at walmart.com

Look at that: You can get Jonathan Adler-inspired style without sacrificing a rent payment. These loud-and-proud toucan serving trays make any food you serve instantly more Instagram-worthy. Or, you could place them on the center of a coffee table, throw a few pieces of accent art on top, and let them do what they do best: Make any boring old centerpiece look a thousand times better.

Walmart Home Decor

Stratton Home Decor Acrylic Eloise Wall Mirror

$100; buy now at walmart.com

Accent mirrors serve two purposes. One is a no-brainer: show your reflection. The other is less obvious, but no less important: disperse light around the room. This sturdy, hand-crafted wall mirror is adorned with small crystal beads that refract even more light than the average mirror, meaning it’ll transform even the darkest corner of your home.

Walmart Home Decor

Marmont Hill “Arrow of Time II” by Keren Toledano Framed Painting Print

$79.47-$678.59; buy now at walmart.com

No, buying great wall art doesn’t mean you have to deplete your cash reserves. Walmart’s online shop is home to an eclectic and vast array of stunning art, all available at affordable prices. Case in point: this minimalistic, Tron-like original piece by artist Keren Toledano, which you can in all manner of sizes (from 12″ by 18″ to a whopping 40″ by 60″), depending on what your accent wall demands.

Walmart Home Decor

Urban Shop Caged Uplight Lamp

$20.55; buy now at walmart.com

Even if you live far away from any metropolis, you can still infuse a taste of urbane sophistication into your space. Just pick up a modern, industrial lighting accessory, like this wire-cage lamp, which is done up in an ultra-trendy rose gold hue. The intricate design is just an added bonus.

Walmart Home Decor

Brooklyn Mid-Century Walnut Side Table

$196; buy now at walmart.com

It’s not quite a Hans Wegner number, but it’s the next best thing. Crafted out of whole wood and coated in a thin walnut veneer, it has all the trappings of a beautiful midcentury modern piece—without the sky-high price tag. It’s an easy and effective way to add some flair to your bedroom. (For maximum effect: Throw an artsy lamp, like that rose gold one we just mentioned, on top.)

Corner Shelf Walmart Home Decor

Furrino Five-Tier Corner Shelf

$18.67; buy now at walmart.com

And you thought zany shelves only came in giant blue boxes with indecipherable assembly instructions… That’s right: Next time you’re looking for a shelving upgrade, put down the IKEA manual and head to your nearest Walmart instead. This shelving unit—which features a contemporary espresso finish and structural reinforcement that can hold up to five pounds on each shelf—is proof of the mega-retailer’s shelving bona fides.

Iron Wall Sconce Walmart Home Decor

Better Homes and Gardens Iron Circle Wall Tealight Sconce

$17.44; buy now at walmart.com

Approach tealights in a completely novel way with this collection of circular sconces, which are crafted out of iron and glass (a timeless combo) and designed for an effortless installation. As far as the candles within, it’s best to stick with simple scents, like lavender or vanilla, that won’t overwhelm your guests. Bonus: Lavender is known to help sleep quality. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, hang this above your bed.

Room Divider Walmart Home Decor

DecMode Four-Panel Wood Screen Decorative Room Divider

$284.30; buy now at walmart.com

Intricately detailed and made out of mango wood, this seven-foot room divider imbues any room with air of demure Victorian whimsy. More practically—particularly if your sensibilities are squarely in the cramped 21st century—you can use this to divide a shared room, like a dorm, into two distinct, separate spaces.

Throw Blanket Walmart Home Decor

Chic Home Alden Throw Blanket

$95.84; buy now at walmart.com

For a luxurious throw, look no further than this faux fur pick from Chic Home Alden. Crafted out of 100 percent Microplush, this two-tone blanket feels like an indulgent purchase without the hefty price tag. To make the most of this comfortable statement piece, pair it with neutral colors to create an air of sophistication in your living room or bedroom.

Walmart Home Decor

DecMode Traditional Wood and Metal Globe

$30.16; buy now at walmart.com

Add depth to your home office with this globe by DecMode, which is made of marble, mango wood, and iron, and painted with a mix of contemporary colors and detailed landmasses that gives off an air of scholarly sophistication. For maximum picture-worthy intellectualism, place this beauty on top of a pile of books.

Hand Woven Rug Walmart Home Decor

Safavieh Cassandra Hand Woven Shag Area Rug

$23.07-$258.86; buy now at walmart.com

Transform your front room (and instantly impress your guests) with this hand-woven shag rug from Safavieh Cassandra. Crafted in India and made of 100 percent polyester, this rug packs an authentic bohemian punch while also being incredibly durable and easy to clean. Whether you’re looking to add a dramatic pop of color to a minimally decorated room or are in full pursuit of a top-to-bottom bohemian decorating theme (a huge decorating trend these days), this shag rug fits nearly any design personality.

Bar Cart Walmart Home Decor

Kassel Italian Replica Globe Bar

$67.66; buy now at walmart.com

Do a home bar cart right with this pick from Kassel, which features an Old World-themed 16th-century nautical map and a design that’s quite literally out of this world. This wooden bar cart has ample space for your favorite bottles of wine or liquor and accompanying areas on its side to hold multiple glasses when hosting guests. Plus: With a compact size and hinged meridian, you can tuck you booze away, hidden in what appears to the naked eye as a nothing more than a tasteful accessory.

Cactus Jars Walmart Home Decor

DecMode Set of Three Ceramic Cactus Jars

$52; buy now at walmart.com

Keep your culinary goods stored in style with these DecMode ceramic cactus jars. No matter what you’ve stored in these jars—whether cookies or coffee grounds—your kitchen counter will now be adorned in pieces that are frankly more appealing than their contents.

Walmart Home Decor

Sterling Fan Coral Sculpture

$140.40; buy now at walmart.com

Seeking an industrial design flair in your home? Seek no longer. Your quest comes to an end with this coral, plant-like sculpture that grants inspiration to any corner of an uninspired room. Best of all: there’s no need to water it.

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