20 Best Generic Products From Walmart

There's nothing basic about these great buys.

Woman Shopping with a Shopping Cart at Walmart {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Generic brands tend to get a bad rap. Because they're cheaper than national brand-name products, store-brand items are often overlooked and even scoffed at. And while some generic buys don't live up to their brand-name counterparts, others are actually just as good, if not better. Take Walmart, for example. You can save money without sacrificing quality by picking up the store's generic condiments, cotton balls, and even cheese. To guide you, we've compiled a list of the best generic products from Walmart.

Baking Powder

Walmart Great Value Baking Powder {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

What defines a good baking powder? So long as it leavens your baked goods, there's really nothing else that distinguishes one brand of baking powder from another, aside from price.

So, when you're stocking up on ingredients, opt for Walmart's store-brand Great Value version over any name brand. While an 8.1-ounce canister of Davis baking powder sells for $2.58, Walmart's Great Value baking powder costs just $1 for the same size container. That's more than 60 percent in savings!

All-Purpose Flour

Walmart Flour {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Just like the baking powder, you need flour that gets the job done, so there's no need to splurge on a name brand. Instead, opt for the Great Value all-purpose flour. Not only is it more cost-friendly, but when the editors at The Krazy Coupon Lady tested it against Gold Medal's well-known all-purpose flour, they found that it actually worked better in a batch of cookies.


Walmart Salted Cashews {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

When Consumer Reports compared cashews from nationwide brand Emerald to those of generic brands like Walmart's Great Value, they found that "Emerald fared worse than store brands because some of its cashews tasted slightly stale." In this case, the generic cashews are not just cheaper, but also superior.


Walmart Great Value Mayonnaise {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

You can save money without sacrificing taste by buying Walmart's Great Value mayonnaise. According to Consumer Reports, the generic condiment is just as good as Hellmann's, and it has the added bonus of being at least 25 percent cheaper.

Shredded Mozzarella

Walmart Great Value Mozzarella {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Though you can't always trust the quality of Walmart's dairy products, one perishable item that's worth buying generic is Walmart's Great Value shredded mozzarella cheese.

Consumer Reports notes that the generic cheese is "fresh" and "crumbly," plus it melts just as well as shredded Sargento.

Trail Mix

Walmart Trail Mix {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

The Great Value trail mix contains peanuts, raisins, almonds, cashews, and real M&MS—basically, everything you'd expect to find in a typical name-brand melange. When Consumer Reports compared the generic snack to Planters Trail Mix, they found that it packed just as much flavor.

Plus, the store-brand product costs $5.38 for a 26 oz. pack, while Planters' is $6.98 for a 19 oz. bag. That's 7 more ounces of trail mix for $1.60 less. It'd be silly not to get this great generic Walmart find.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Walmart Great Value Ice Cream {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

It's hard to imagine a generic brand measuring up to what the editors at Consumer Reports had to say about Breyers' vanilla ice cream after a taste test: "Breyers melts cleanly in the mouth and is moderately sweet, with a strong vanilla-bean flavor." But based on their samplings, the experts believe that Walmart's Great Value vanilla bean ice cream is "closest in taste and costs almost 30 percent less," making it a worthwhile generic buy.

Peanut Butter

Walmart Great Value Peanut Butter {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Here's a little insider secret about Great Value peanut butter: It's actually made by the same manufacturer that sells Peter Pan peanut butter. Back in 2007, that manufacturer, ConAgra Foods, had to recall certain batches of both products—and thus, we learned the truth.

So, by purchasing Walmart's store-brand spread, you're essentially getting a name-brand product for a fraction of the price.

Cotton Balls

Walmart Cotton Balls {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

So long as the cotton balls you buy are actually made of cotton and can adequately absorb liquid, then it doesn't really matter which brand or company makes the product, right?

So why Walmart's? Well, not only are the Equate brand cotton balls cheap, but customers online rave that they're "an excellent size" and "really soft."

Paper Towels

Great Value Paper Towel Rolls {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Though you often can't trust cheap paper products, the Great Value paper towels are an exception to the rule. According to Consumer Reports, the generic household product is an "excellent" substitute if you're looking to save on cleaning supplies.

Toilet Paper

Walmart Toilet Paper {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Paper towels aren't the only household paper product that you can (and should) stock up on at Walmart. When Consumer Reports tested out various store-brand products, they found that the Great Value toilet paper was worth trying.


Walmart Great Value Potato Chips {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Opinions vary on one Reddit thread about Walmart's Great Value brand. But if there's one generic product they agree on, it's the Great Value original potato chips. One recent reviewer said, "Just as good, if not better than Lay's brand potato chips! They taste much better than Aldi and a lot cheaper! I'll drive the distance for Walmart's quality and prices!"


Granola Bars

Walmart Great Value Granola Bars {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Though Consumer Reports noted that Nature Valley granola bars were "slightly more flavorful," they ultimately decided that the Great Value granola bars were just as good and definitely worth the savings.

Pie Crusts

Walmart Great Value Pie Crusts {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

The Great Value pie crusts are so low-cost and high-quality that they've gained something of a cult following. One devoted shopper posted on Walmart's site that she wishes she could give these pie crusts 10 stars on a five-star scale. "They are the best, along with the best price," she wrote.

Unsalted Butter

Great Value Unsalted Butter {Best Generic Products From Walmart}

The editors at Cooking Light described the Great Value unsalted butter as having a "clean, clear butter flavor" when they did a taste test in 2012. They even deemed it one of their favorite store-brand products.

And on Walmart's website, one reviewer said, "I buy this because it's cheapest. I can't notice any difference between this and the more expensive brands." Like the shredded mozzarella, this is a perishable generic product worth buying at Walmart.

Olive Oil

Walmart Olive Oil {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

The Cooking Light editors are also big fans of the Great Value olive oil. "This oil's clean, fresh taste is the perfect backdrop for sautéing veggies like mushrooms and onions, but its grassy finish was something we saved with a simple slice of crusty bread," they wrote. This is definitely another one to put in your cart.

Coconut Oil

Walmart Organic Coconut Oil {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

The folks on review site Influenster are big fans of the Great Value organic coconut oil. "I use this stuff for pretty much everything," one reviewer wrote. "I love how extra soft and smooth my skin feels when I use it." By comparison, a similar product from Carrington Farms costs $3 more for just 2 more ounces.

LED Bulbs

Walmart LED Light {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

People tend to assume that living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is expensive, but it doesn't have to be. For starters, you could replace all of the lightbulbs in your house with Walmart's Great Value LED bulbs. According to CNET, the bulbs work well, and they're "some of the most affordable dimmable LEDs available."


Walmart Ketchup {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

Though it's hard to deviate from your go-to ketchup brand, you won't be disappointed by Walmart's Great Value variety. According to Cooking Light, the condiment is "thick and clingy" with "a robust vinegar flavor" and "a smooth, sweet finish." And it's $3 less than Heinz.


Walmart Ibuprofen {Best Generic Products from Walmart}

One of the best-selling products on Walmart's website is their store-brand Equate ibuprofen. With more than 250 reviews, its average rating is still nearly five stars.

Reviewers rave that the medication works "just as well if not better than higher-priced brands." And while you're doing your shopping at Walmart, be sure to avoid these 27 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart.

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