15 Genius Tricks for Appearing More Attractive

Because you deserve it.

15 Genius Tricks for Appearing More Attractive

Because you deserve it.


Everyone has those days when you wake up feeling, you know, blah. Luckily, there are some little tricks you can use to instantly give your confidence a boost and make yourself appear more attractive to others in the process. Whether it’s highlighting one side of your face or switching up the way you walk, looking good has never been so easy. And if you’re looking for more clever ways to boost your confidence, check out the 70 Genius Tricks to Boost Your Confidence.

man wearing red sweater

Wear Red

Who knew color could make such a big difference in your level of attractiveness? A 2010 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found women loved it when men wore red—and, the same went for women. In a separate study from Rochester University, men were more attractive to women in red as well. It’s not just clothes, either: another study found red lipstick had the same effect.

woman in jeans hips

Show Off Your Hips

Don’t try and hide your hips—flaunt them. Wear pants that show off your figure and feel free to sway a little when you walk: One study from Texas A&M University found the attractiveness of women went up a whopping 50 percent when they strutted with a hip sway. Just like Shakira always says: hips don’t lie. And for more confidence, read up on these 30 Ways to Feel Better About Your Body Instantly.

man in a suit looking taller

Make Yourself Look Taller

Research has shown women prefer taller men over the short guys of the world, but just because you can’t change your height doesn’t mean you can’t physically make yourself look like you grew a few inches. Experts say sticking to monochromatic color palettes—otherwise known as colors that are the same shade—will make you appear taller. Plus, it looks super classy: You can’t go wrong with an all-black look. And if you’re looking for some amazing clothes ideas, check out the 8 Most Stylish Blue Blazers on the Planet. 

beautiful woman feeling energized in the morning

Highlight the Left Side of Your Face

You might not notice one side of your face being more attractive than the other, but a study published in the journal Experimental Brain Research found people preferred the left side of over the right. Whether you’re taking pictures or chatting with someone, turn your head slightly to the right to showcase your left and you’ll instantly look a little better. And for more on the power of your noggin, check out the 13 Astonishing Things Your Face Shape Says About You.

Friends sitting outdoors

Travel in Groups

If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother, the cheerleader effect is actually super legit. (Well done, Barney.) A 2014 study found people typically look much more attractive when they’re in groups than they do on their own. So grab your friends and hit up your favorite hot-spots in packs. For more on friendship, This is the Best Way to Make New Friends.

Girl doing eyebrows Appearing More Attractive

Fill in Your Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows used to be portrayed as the most attractive style, but the 90s are over. After analyzing pictures of 763 women in a 2017 study, researchers found those with bold brows appeared younger and more attractive. Learn how to fill in your brows for a thicker (but still natural!) look. Just remember to avoid the 20 Beauty Products You Should Never Use. 

Put On Some Sunglasses Appearing More Attractive

Put On Some Sunglasses

There might be a reason celebs wear sunglasses all the time. According to one expert, there’s actually some science behind it. Researcher Vanessa Brown found people tend to look more attractive when wearing dark shades because of a few reasons: they make your face look more symmetrical, it adds a little mystery (aka sexiness), and they have a history of being cool, making you look cooler, too. And for ways to upgrade your style on the cheap, check out the 30 Best Ways to Save Money on Clothes.

man with swagger Appearing More Attractive

Walk With a Swagger

Alright, guys—just like men think women are more attractive when they sway their hips, the same study found women found men more attractive when they walked with a swagger in their shoulders. But what does that mean, exactly? Basically it’s when you move your shoulders up and down as you walk. Not a lot, but just enough to look natural. If you’re looking for an added boost, consider the 10 Dress Shoes That Show Who’s Boss.

body image woman in black dress

Show Some (Arm) Skin

You don’t have to show off your legs to appear more attractive. One study found it’s actually long arms that men are super attracted to, so start sporting those sleeveless tops whenever you need a little confidence boost.

Get a Dog Appearing More Attractive

Get a Dog

All right, this one might sound a little silly… but it’s scientifically proven, OK? According to multiple studies (yes, multiple!) men instantly look more attractive when they’re holding or simply hanging out with a dog. Plus, added bonus: you’ll also have an instant new best friend who thinks you’re cute no matter what.

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Stop Trying to Look Model-Thin

Ignore those magazine ads! According to one study, men aren’t as into super-skinny, model-thin women as you think; they actually think women with normal body weights are more attractive. Instead of striving to become stick-thin, own and accentuate what you’ve got.

Man sticking to his guns because of his baby, standing firm. He's a better man

Stop Crossing Your Arms

It can quickly become a habit to cross your arms when you’re standing, but opening up a little will make you look much more attractive. One 2016 study found having an open posture — especially when you’re first meeting someone — makes you look more confident and charismatic whether you’re male or female.

jawline Appearing More Attractive

Show Off Your Jawline

Men who show off their jawlines instantly appear more attractive, all thanks to evolution. One 2011 review dug into the topic and found it’s more appealing to women for one specific reason: it’s a super masculine feature that shows genetic strength. While your beard is great and all, you might want to trim it up so your facial structure is a little more prominent.

dad bod Appearing More Attractive

Rock Your Dad Bod

Don’t be self-conscious about your dad body. Instead, be confident about the extra weight. Yale researcher Richard Bribiescas found women are super into a little pudginess, meaning those super-muscley guys don’t get to have all the fun.

heels Appearing More Attractive

Throw on Some Heels

Heels might make you feel a little sexier the second you slip them on, and they’re scientifically proven to make you look more attractive, too. The reason? One study found it’s simply because it makes women appear more feminine, particularly in the way they walk. For more all about style, read up on these 50 Ways to Look Red Carpet Ready.

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