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The Best Colors to Attract Love, According to an Astrologer

Whether you have a first date or want to spice up your marriage, there's a color for that.

In astrology, each color has its own energy. Surrounding yourself with a certain color can greatly influence everything from your financial success to your love life. And when it comes to the latter, you may want to pay special attention to what you're wearing on a date. Whether you incorporate them into your whole outfit, a tie, or even just your lipstick shade, these are the best colors to attract love. Keep reading to hear from an astrologer about which hue is right for your romantic energy.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, writer, and artist. She writes horoscopes for USA TODAY and pens columns for Best Life, InStyle, StyleCaster, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest, among others. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

The Best Colors to Attract Love


woman in purple
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Purple is known as the color of royalty, but it's also one of the most romantic hues. It represents a deep display of love and affection for another person. It shows that you see your partner as the "king" or "queen" in your life and that you would do anything to make their dreams come true.

It also shows any potential suitors that you're looking for a fairytale romance of your own. Purple energy is creative, whimsical, and dreamy. So, try painting your nails a special shade of purple if you're hoping to hint that your partner should start looking for an engagement ring.


woman in orange
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Orange is a rich and warm color that symbolizes security, safety, and rejuvenation. When you wear the color orange, it shows others that they can be vulnerable and open with you. It also encourages extroversion and conversational skills, so you can connect with people more easily.

And because orange energy is bright and glowy, you'll feel like this color makes all your best qualities shine brighter. One fun way to incorporate orange without wearing the color is by spritzing on a citrus-scented perfume before your date.

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cheerful man in pink
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This color symbolizes deep compassion and care. Pink energy is soft and gentle, which allows you to be more open in your affection with others. It's also known for its playful and youthful vibe, which will have you feeling extra flirty.

The easiest way to incorporate pink is with the clothing or jewelry you wear on a first date. But you can also try carrying a pink love crystal—like rose quartz—in your bag for an extra boost of luck.


beautiful woman in red
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You probably already know that red is the color of romance, lust, and love. However, it's also the color of energy, passion, action, and warmth.

For some people, the hardest part of finding love is having the courage to put themselves out there. If you're introverted in relationships, try wearing red, which helps bring your confidence to the surface.

Wearing red also puts you more in touch with your sensual side. And because this color is all about making a statement, we recommend going big and bold with an all-red ensemble, complete with matching red lipstick and accessories.

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Portrait of mature man with relaxed carefree expression in v neck sweater
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Green is one of the best colors for attracting good fortune, but did you know it can help you get lucky in love as well?

Green symbolizes prosperity in every sense of the word, so if you're looking for success in your dating life, this hue can help. Green is also the color associated with the heart chakra and is known to bring balance and posterity to your relationships.

Whenever you're setting out to make a strong first impression or hoping to secure a third date with someone you really like, choose a shade of green. It shows you're open to growing with another person. And it's a perfect message to your partner that you see their love as something valuable.

Lauren Ash
Lauren Ash is a profession astrologer, culture expert, and lifestyle writer based in St. Louis. Read more