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What Your Aura Color Says About Your Personality, According to Astrologers

Are you radiating passionate red? Or are you giving off the rare, enlightened white aura color?

Have you ever met someone new and just clicked right away? Or maybe you have a best friend who feels more like a long-lost sibling? It could be fate—or it could be your aura color. Much like your zodiac sign, your aura color can reveal a lot about your personality.

Your aura is a small electromagnetic field that radiates all around you. It's a subtle energy, which is why most people aren't aware of their own aura color at first. But with enough focus, you can become an expert at reading auras.

We asked a panel of astrologers to explain the spiritual meaning of each aura color (and how you can determine yours). Are you someone with a brilliant golden aura that steals the show? Or does your down-to-earth and charming pink aura sweep people off their feet? Read on to find out more.

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How to determine your aura color.

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Some aura readers can see or feel all the colors of a person's aura in a single session. Other readers can photograph your aura color with a special aura camera in a studio. And while both of these options are fantastic for people looking for an expert opinion, there's one popular method you can try yourself at home.

One of the most common techniques for finding your aura color is through meditation. To connect to your aura energy, you'll want to find a comfortable and quiet space where you can focus on your breath. As you relax and close your eyes, visualize a ball of light or energy all around your body. Focus on clearing your mind as you start to notice the colors that appear. It's likely you'll see more than one color emerge in your aura pattern.

Each aura color has a specific meaning and the combination of colors in your aura shows the unique energy you're putting out into the world. It's not uncommon for your daily aura to be a blend of different colors or change in clarity from time to time. But with enough practice, you'll notice a single dominant hue emerge as your primary aura color.

"When we see with our third eye, it isn't always as crystal clear [as what] we see with the physical eye," explains intuitive aura reader Janet Rae Orth. "At first, it can be more of a knowing, but trust it and you'll see your skills blossom."

And once you have a sense of what your aura looks like, you can learn more about the energy you radiate. Here's a breakdown of what each aura color means about your personality.

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What Your Aura Color Says About Your Personality



Red auras are associated with power, physicality, vitality, and energy. In astrology, this aura color is associated with Mars, the planet of action and motivation. People with red auras are often energetic and driven.

"Your passion is contagious, and people with red auras have plenty of love to give," explains professional astrologer and author Licia Morelli.

This aura color is one of the easiest to spot, as the power almost seems to radiate off people. If you see red in your aura, it means you're highly motivated to succeed and make your mark on the world.


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Orange auras are associated with creativity, sensuality, expression, and intuition. Connected to the planet Mercury, it's been said that wearing the color orange helps boost your artistic talents and playful side.

"People with this aura color are fearless risk takers," says professional astrologer Emily Newman. You might be the kind of person always up for a spontaneous road trip or dance party.

If you see the color orange in your aura, it means you find the most fulfillment when you feel free to express your creative side without limitations.

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Yellow auras are associated with optimism, joy, and enthusiasm. Connected with the planet Jupiter, this aura color is commonly seen in out-of-the-box thinkers who like to do things their own way.

"People with yellow auras are analytical, logical, and curious but also have a habit of overthinking," Newman explains.

If you see yellow in your aura, it means you're somebody who looks on the bright side. You like to take the road less traveled and inspire others to follow you.


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Purple auras are associated with mystery, wisdom, and dreams, as well as Uranus, the planet of independence and innovation.

If you see purple in your aura, it can mean that you have esoteric gifts or psychic abilities.

"A purple aura also shows you when you're connected to your destiny. Just got a job you love, and purple is the color around you? Have confidence–you're on the right track," explains Morelli.

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Blue auras signal communication, understanding, empathy, and trust. Associated with the planet Neptune in astrology, blue auras represent creativity, intuition, and spirituality.

If you see blue in your aura, it can mean that you're deeply introspective and imaginative. "Your confidence is soaring, and your communication is clear. It could also mean you're a bit of a mystery, like the depths of the ocean," Morelli explains.

Too much blue in your aura could be a sign that you're holding your feelings in.


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Green auras represent balance, harmony, and growth. Associated with the planet Venus, this aura color allows you to be more connected to your heart and imagination, radiating compassion and empathy.

"These people are ambitious and smart, but they can also be secretly sensitive," says Newman.

If you see a lot of green in your aura, it means you feel the most aligned in life when you take things slow and steady. You'll benefit from focusing on your emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Pink is often seen as an accent color of other aura color patterns, but it is possible to have a purely pink aura. In astrology, pink is associated with the warmth, passion, and expressiveness of Venus.

"A pink aura indicates a sweet, romantic, and nurturing nature. You're the go-to listening ear for anyone who needs a friend, and you've got a heart of gold," says Morelli.

If you see a lot of pink in your aura, you're loving life and loving yourself. Keep the good vibes going and treat others the way you want to be treated.


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A pure white aura is the rarest aura color of them all. Associated with the Moon, a white aura represents purity, clarity, and spiritual enlightenment. Having a white aura means a person is open-minded, receptive, and approaches life with authenticity.

"White auras tend to be projected by people who are sincere in their connection with a higher power or soul purpose," explains Kontrath.

People with white auras are generally more open to the secrets of the Universe, so it's easy for them to channel that energy themselves.

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