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What Does Your Moon Sign Mean, According to Astrologers

It can reveal you a lot about your inner world and personality.

When someone asks for your zodiac sign, they're typically inquiring about your sun sign, which refers to the position of the sun at the time of your birth. But once you get deeper into astrology, you'll realize there's more to it than just that. Your moon sign also comes into play—and it reveals just as much about you as the sun. Keep reading to learn what your moon sign says about your personality, according to expert astrologers. You might uncover something new about yourself!

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What Does Your Moon Sign Say About Your Personality?

First, let's discuss sun signs, which many people consider their primary zodiac sign—or at least the one you consult in magazines and horoscope apps. The sun is the center of the universe, and our sun signs are central to who we are and reveal how we shine out to the world. Moon signs, on the other hand, are a bit more introspective and can show the parts of you that are hidden.

"A moon sign in astrology deeply speaks to how a person feels, how they express how they feel, and a place of inspiration when they need a bit of self-care and introspection," says Lizzie Burgess, astrologer and founder of the modern witchcraft site Backyard Banshee. "Your moon placement can reveal a lot about your emotional nature, like how you process and handle emotions, and it can also give insight into your inner world, subconscious patterns, and even deepest desires."

The self-care piece is essential, adds Anne-Jane Stilwell of Business Astrology. "When they are in distress, a Taurus moon will cook or order some good food and wine, while a Gemini moon will call a friend and talk about it," she says.

How Do You Find Your Moon Sign?

Your moon sign is determined by the moon's location at the time of your birth.

"The moon, just like the sun, goes around the zodiac, but it changes signs more often than the sun," says Stilwell. "The moon stays in one sign for only two and a half days, so it's a very personal part of a natal chart, and the exact time of your birth is imperative, especially if the moon is at the beginning or the end of a sign because its placement could change significantly over a 24-hour period."

Fortunately, finding your moon sign doesn't require intricate knowledge of the cosmos. You can visit a free online birth chart generator, and all you need to know is your day, time, and place of birth. The generator will take it from there.

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Moon Sign Meanings

Keep reading to learn the unique meaning of your moon sign.

Aries Moon Sign

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Aries Moons are emotionally charged.

"Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and Mars is all about action, aggression, fight, conflicts, and ambition," says Cam White, astrologer and YouTube creator. "People with the moon here can be temperamental with anger and susceptible to emotionally lashing out."

However, people with this moon sign have a unique ability to invest their emotions into their actions. So, if there's an Aries moon vying for the same promotion as you at the office or even just planning their own birthday party, you can expect them to move with full effort ahead.

For these reasons, Aries moons don't recharge in ways many of us consider relaxing.

"Their body craves physical output, which means if these people are physically inactive or do not have something to put their energy into, they can become more cranky or confrontational," says White. "They're at their best when they can lead, start, or initiate something they're passionate about, and even more so when they have something to fight about—they will win if they don't let their emotions get the best of them."

Taurus Moon Sign

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Taurus moons crave routine and stability—even to a prohibitive level.

"Change can feel incredibly disruptive to a Taurus moon, who may withdraw and feel grumpy, bringing that 'bull in a china shop' rage if left unsupported, devalued, and discouraged," says Burgess.

These folks find comfort in the finer things in life and are drawn to items that please the senses, like "good food, a gorgeous candle, and a really nice blanket or throw," says Burgess, who adds that shopping is their preferred form of self-care.

Another strong suit for Taurus moons is their steady moral values and good relationship with money and savings, which help them "feel secure and less likely to feel discombobulated," says Burgess.

Gemini Moon Sign

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Ruled by Mercury, this sign is famous for its mercurial nature, or being volatile and flighty.

"People born with a Gemini moon can tend to struggle more with social anxiety than their sun counterparts," says Michelle Lewis, a modern Energy Witch and founder of The Blessings Butterfly. "Emotionally, they often lock up and prefer not to show their true feelings."

Like people with a Gemini sun, the twins are present, but in a somewhat different way. "Gemini moons may have a separate persona that they hide in to deal with those uncomfortable emotions and social situations," explains Lewis.

For self-care days, Gemini moons should allow themselves to explore their myriad curiosities, whether that's reading a book about a time period in history they've recently found interesting or scrolling TikTok to learn more about the sinking of the Titanic. Don't judge, just learn!

Cancer Moon Sign

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Cancer moons are associated with extra levels of emotional perception.

"These personalities are endowed with great sensitivity, nurturing tendencies, and a strong sense of belonging to one's home and family," says Sidhharrth Kumaar, an astrologer and numerologist. "Taking care of others and ensuring that others around [them] feel loved and supported may provide happiness and contentment."

While this moon enjoys creating security for others, they also crave it in return.

"Cancer is a sign that places a strong importance on safety and security, especially when it comes to relationships and the home," says Kumaar. "If your moon sign is Cancer, you probably feel a great need to construct a secure, warm, and inviting house where you can hide from the harsher parts of the outside world."

One of a Cancer moon's biggest drawbacks is their mood swings. They're ruled by the moon, so its phases can have an intense effect on their vibe.

Leo Moon Sign

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Leo moons shine extraordinarily bright. "Having a Leo moon lends to creativity and magnetism, and much like their sun siblings, they do love the limelight," says Lewis. "However, they also tend to be intense emotionally—for better or worse—and can be moody and dramatic."

These mood swings can be particularly impacted if a Leo moon feels its star has been dimmed. They need to ensure they have some type of attention-grabbing hobby, whether that's performance art, a career that involves presenting, or simply holding court with a large group of friends. Once they regain the spotlight, they'll settle down emotionally.

Another fun fact: These folks tend to become famous on some scale!

Virgo Moon Sign

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This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, ideas, and organization.

"Virgo moons are extremely organized, detail-oriented, and look for everything to be exact," says Wihte. "They can be obsessed with cleaning or organizing or be one of the people who have everything in giant piles, but they know exactly where everything is."

However, their strictness with themselves can have a negative effect on their inner world.

"These people tend to overanalyze their emotions and are often overwhelmed with all of their thoughts or ideas they have," White explains. "They are at their best when they can organize, plan, detail, and tend to people's needs, but they are at their worst when they're idle and in their heads."

A mindfulness practice, such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing a few times a day can help them become more confident in controlling their own minds.

Libra Moon Sign

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This moon sign appreciates both sides of every coin. "Libra is an air sign that is connected to harmony, balance, and justice," says Kumaar. "When [their] life is in balance, [they] probably feel the most emotionally stable and content, and this may show up as a strong desire to keep things peaceful and steer clear of confrontation in all facets of life."

Libra moons are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships, so people with this moon sign are quite relationship-focused.

"[They] probably like to share experiences with others rather than go it alone and find emotional fulfillment in partnerships," says Kumaar. "[They're] also skilled at negotiation and diplomacy."

Venus also shapes this moon sing's fondness for beauty and aesthetics. But one thing this moon sign may struggle with is making decisions.

"They are naturally inclined to balance their options by weighing each one carefully," explains Kumaar, which he says causes them to "become indecisive."

Scorpio Moon Sign

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There's no getting around it: Scorpio moon signs are intense.

"People with this placement value loyalty and honesty above all else, and if you ever break their trust, you are effectively dead to them," says Lewis. "Emotionally, they feel their feelings very deeply but will rarely let you see this side of them."

They recharge best when leaning into their private nature—so long walks in nature, nights holed up on the couch, or mornings in a small-scale yoga class can work wonders for their mental health.

As far as relationships go, these folks keep their circle small. "If you are one of their trusted inner circle, you have made a friend for life," says Lewis. Just don't screw it up—or else!

Sagittarius Moon Sign

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Those with this moon sign are naturally curious. "As someone whose whole life feels like a philosophy to explore, the wisdom [they] share with others is almost a love language of itself, and [they] thrive in opportunities to learn more, especially if it's in another country or among another culture," says Burgess.

However, she adds that the "newness-seeking element" of this moon sign can leave them "feeling trapped or insecure" if they can't express themselves fully.

While some might tsk-tsk their sometimes flighty ways, these traits are actually their true strengths. "It doesn't always have to be a 'I'm having a bad day so better book my flights to Bali' reaction," says Burgess. Instead, she says Sagittarius moons can "create real change" with their "eternal optimism."

If these folks need a pick-me-up, phoning a friend who's a great conversationalist will do the trick, as diving into an interesting topic with a pal can brighten their whole day.

Capricorn Moon Sign

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These people are responsible and disciplined and value those traits in others.

"Individuals with a Capricorn moon may prioritize long-term goals and stability in their emotional lives, seeking security through hard work and dedication," says Hanna Shahun, Western astrologer at MoonX. "People with the Capricorn moon sign have a strong sense of duty, and while they may appear reserved on the surface, they possess a depth of character and inner strength that allows them to achieve their goals and weather life's challenges with grace and fortitude."

But as they drive themselves to excel in their career or exercise regimen, emotions might not come as easily to them.

"The moon in Capricorn presents challenges for emotions and feelings," explains Shahun. "Due to the constant pursuit of stability and strict discipline, this position can evoke feelings of discomfort and a perpetual quest for comfort."

If they feel they've fallen short on a task, they can beat themselves up heavily.

Aquarius Moon Sign

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Many astrologers consider Aquarius sun signs the geniuses of the zodiac, and Aquarius moons have an equally pioneering spirit.

"With an Aquarius moon, one may approach emotions with a unique and non-traditional perspective, valuing independence and intellectual connection in relationships," says Shahun. "Individuals with this placement approach emotions with logic and rationality, value their social connections, and are driven by a deep concern for humanity and a desire to create a better world."

All that good-doing can wear a person out, so relaxation is key for this moon sign. Shuhun suggests engaging in creative outlets that allow them to express their unique perspective and innovative ideas, tinkering with gadgets, or even volunteering. When they make a difference, they'll feel recharged.

Pisces Moon Sign

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This sign has innate psychic abilities. Kumaar describes Pisces moons as "extremely perceptive, empathic, and occasionally mystical."

He adds, "Individuals with their Moon in Pisces have rich, creative inner lives and are frequently attuned to the emotional undercurrents surrounding them."

Unfortunately, that can be a mixed bag. "When the moon is in this sign, [they] are probably quite sensitive and will frequently experience other people's happiness and suffering as though it were their own," Kumaar adds. This can lead to being very empathetic and understanding in relationships, but it can also be downright exhausting.

Therefore, Pisces moons require a good night's sleep to recharge. They can also enjoy one of the many artistic, literary, or musical hobbies they're likely drawn to.

"It's a means of expressing and finding comfort from [their] strong feelings," says Kumaar. "A Pisces moon must strike a balance between giving to others and attending to their own needs."

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