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What Your Rising Sign Says About Your Love Life, According to Astrologers

Where and when you were born can say a lot about your personality.

Most people know their zodiac sign, but if you're looking for clues about how you act when you're in love or which signs you're most compatible with, your rising sign could have the answers. Also known as the ascendant, this is the first part of your birth chart and is based on the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon of the sky at the moment of your birth.

"Your rising sign represents the persona that we present to others, our first impression, and the way we interact with the world around us. As such, they can have a significant impact on our approach to love and relationships," shares Tiffany McGee, professional astrologer and founder of Nomadrs.

Curious to know more? Use this online calculator or download an astrology app to find your rising sign. Then, keep reading to see what astrologers say your rising sign says about your love life.

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Aries Rising

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Aries Risings are known for being trailblazers, so when it comes to dating, they like to take the lead and be in control of the situation. "Aries' flirting style is bold, brash, and straight to the point," says professional astrologer and founder of Suburban Witchery, Hana O'Neill. "Aries risings are very passionate and will look for someone who can outwit them and make them laugh."

In a long-term relationship, they need a partner who can match their energy and enthusiasm—and maybe even surpass it. They're looking for someone who's just as willing to take the initiative and wear their heart on their sleeve.

Taurus Rising

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Taurus risings are some of the most thoughtful and giving partners. They like to take things slowly at first and enjoy the early stages of getting to know someone before going all in.

"Taurus risings are true romantics. Their flirting style is sensual, indulgent, and passionately intense," says O'Neill. "They're very good listeners and prefer long-term relationships over a fling." Because of their own practical and grounded personality, they value consistency, stability, and trust.

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Gemini Rising

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Gemini risings are outgoing and friendly, and they have a light-hearted approach to dating. "Their flirting style is fun and cheeky, and they will send a lot of flirty text messages in the talking stages," O'Neill says. "Gemini risings are attracted to people who aren't afraid to try something new and who are social chameleons like them."

In a long-term relationship, they're looking for someone who can provide intellectual stimulation and keep up with their ever-changing interests—and is okay with taking things easy.

Cancer Rising

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"For sweet and sentimental Cancer rising, a relationship built on friendship is best," O'Neill explains. "They want to date someone practical and no-nonsense who they can deeply trust."

Though they're incredibly sensitive and nurturing souls, Cancer risings are cautious when dating to protect their hearts. They're looking for someone who can understand their emotional needs, and when they find that person, they're unfailingly loving and loyal.

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Leo Rising

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"Leo rising's flirting style is charming, fun, and dramatic," says O'Neill. When dating, they're drawn to people who they can't quite figure out at first, and they like to take the lead in the process.

Long term, though, they value loyalty, intimacy, and romanticism, and they want to be with someone who celebrates their ambition. "They look for a partner who is equally as independent as they are, with a warm and kind heart," adds O'Neill.

Virgo Rising

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Virgo risings are practical and analytical, so they approach dating with a straightforward and rational attitude. "A Virgo rising's flirting style is very cool, calm, and collected. You likely won't even know they are flirting with you until they ask you out," shares O'Neill.

But because they can be quite rigid, Virgo risings tend to "seek out a partner who is more fluid and easygoing," says O'Neill. However, they still look for someone who can provide the support and understanding they need to feel secure.

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Libra Rising

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Libra risings are outgoing, bubbly, and fun, and they seem to always know exactly what to say to land that second date. As the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, it's no surprise they're very romantic and affectionate, so they're looking for someone who can give them that same attention in return.

"Libra risings put a lot of work into making their relationships solid, which is why they tend to date ambitious go-getters who inspire them to step up and be better. And someone who makes them laugh is an absolute must," O'Neill says.

Scorpio Rising

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Scorpio risings are passionate people who are renowned for being reliable, steady, and devoted lovers. Their flirting style is sexy, dark, and very intense—and it's not uncommon for people to be entranced by their mysterious energy.

"Scorpio risings know how to play the game. They will whisk you away to a secluded corner and whisper all the right things in your ear," O'Neill explains. But really, this emotional water sign just wants to be with someone who is wholeheartedly loyal and dependable (and with whom they have intense sexual chemistry).

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Sagittarius Rising

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Sagittarius risings are very optimistic, adventurous, and free-spirited. For this reason, they're attracted to people who won't hold them back and who have an open-minded attitude.

"They love people with a bright smile," adds O'Neill. "And they need a partner who can keep up with them intellectually." In a long-term relationship, they want to build a strong emotional connection so that their need to explore and constantly evolve will be celebrated and not met with skepticism.

Capricorn Rising

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Capricorn risings are ultra-practical, so they have a very measured approach to dating. They take relationships seriously and need a partner who can respect their need for structure and security.

"Capricorn risings have very high standards in a partner and require someone who will support their ambitions and help them to feel secure in their decisions without telling them what to do," O'Neill says. "They don't want someone overly needy to stifle them, but they also need a partner they can let down their guard with."

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Aquarius Rising

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Aquarius risings are the eccentric wildcards of the dating world, always marching to the beat of their own drum. "Aquarius risings like to date people with bright personalities who are exciting and unusual," says O'Neill. "The person they seek out must be someone with a good spirit who will fight for what's right alongside them, and knows how to make them laugh."

In a long-term relationship, they value communication, mutual respect, and a strong emotional connection. They desire a partner who understands their need to be their own person.

Pisces Rising

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Pisces risings are dreamy, empathetic, and sensitive people who are looking for a fairytale romance. "Pisces risings will flirt with big doe eyes and lots of touching. They want to hold your hand, they want roses and they will give you lots of thoughtful little gifts just because." O'Neill says.

Though they imagine being swept off their feet, they more realistically will attract a long-term partner "who is equally empathetic and kind," O'Neill explains. They want someone who isn't afraid to show their vulnerable side.

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