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How to Tell If Each Zodiac Sign Is Into You, According to an Astrologer

Maybe they'll send you flowers, or perhaps they'll cover you with kisses.

They love you. They love you not. The dating world is a confusing place to navigate, and knowing whether or not someone likes you can be easier said than done. Everyone has a different approach to relationships and how they show their interest in a potential partner. That's why it can be helpful to know how each member of the zodiac displays their romantic interest. Keep reading to hear from professional evolutionary astrologer Aylah Cadwell about how you can tell if each zodiac sign is into you. Will they be overtly touchy-feely or will you have to look for more subtle clues?

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Aries: They make the first move.

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This sign is the bold leader of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and determination, these folks are known for their direct communication and relentless drive. Whether it's their career or their romantic pursuits, "Aries is not one to hold back; they go after what they want without hesitation," says Cadwell.

"You will know if they are attracted to you because they will be screaming it off the rooftops," Cadwell explains. "You'll always know where you stand with them. They love to have fun and if they are attracted to you, they will want to take you along for the ride!"

Taurus: They shower you with affection.

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This down-to-earth sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and attraction, which explains why they seem so effortlessly charming and alluring to others. There's nobody who knows how to sweep someone off their feet quite like a Taurus, but they aren't ones "to be especially vocal about their affections," points out Cadwell.

Instead, if a Taurus is into you, "you can expect them to wine and dine you," she adds. "They may like to give you small gifts or do small acts of service for you. Taurus is sensual; they will find any excuse to touch or show physical affection."

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Gemini: They're extra flirty and playful.

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Most people know Gemini as the fun-loving social butterflies of the zodiac. Their talkative nature and love of meeting new people mean that they're attracted to "intelligence and conversations," says Cadwell. If they think they may be into you, they'll initiate these conversations. "If they are talkative, they feel comfortable letting loose and sharing what's on their mind."

Cadwell adds that if the attraction grows, you can expect Gemini to "make a lot of flirty jokes around you" and "take their time to ask you questions and to get to know you."

Cancer: They invite you into their life.

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Cancers are shy in the dating game at first but, don't mistake that for them being passive. This water sign is one of the most emotionally deep and sentimental signs, making them incredibly nurturing partners.

"Cancer will remember the little things and take their time to get to know what you like or dislike," says Cadwell. And given that Cancer is also the biggest homebody of the zodiac, "you'll especially know that they are attracted to you when they prioritize you in their day and welcome you in their home space for a cozy night."

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Leo: They try hard to impress you.

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Leo is ruled by the sun, which gives them unshakeable confidence. Everywhere they go, people are drawn to their magnetic energy and witty sense of humor—and they have no problem turning this into a flirtatious banter.

"Leo loves words of affirmation, so they will shower you with compliments and roses," Cadwell explains. "You'll know when a Leo is attracted to you because they will constantly tell you how beautiful, amazing, and wonderful you are. They especially like to show off their affection by posting you on their social media—and they adore it when you return the favor."

Virgo: They open up emotionally.

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"Virgo is generally reserved, aloof, and shy with their affections," notes Cadwell. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they like to take their time getting to know someone beyond what's on their dating profile. It's not uncommon for this sign to befriend their crush before dropping hints that they're interested in something more.

When they start to let loose, though, you'll know they're into you, says Cadwell. "They will surprise you with their hilarious and witty side. Virgos also show their affection through small acts of service like getting you a cup of coffee."

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Libra: They show you off to the world.

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Smooth-talking and outgoing, Libras are infamous for flirting too much—they just can't help it! Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, these sweet air signs know how to turn on the charm. You may worry that this means they play the field, but the truth is that their flirting style is very direct and attentive.

If they're into you, "Libra will want to spend all their time with you," says Cadwell. They will invite you out to anything and everything. They love to spend quality time."

Scorpio: They want to know everything about you.

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"Scorpios are notoriously private," notes Cadwell. But, this water sign is more emotional than they let on, so "when a Scorpio shares their deep dark thoughts and secrets, you know that they are attracted to you," says Cadwell. "Scorpios love to bond deeply and dive into the nitty gritty of your mind. They will want to know all your darkest secrets and what makes you feel alive."

Another way to know if a Scorpio is into you is if you start noticing their protective or jealous side. "If you are picking up that vibe, know that they are infatuated!" Cadwell adds.

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Sagittarius: They treat you like a best friend.

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People like to joke that world-traveling Sagittarians never settle down, but that's just a myth. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and adventure, this feisty fire sign doesn't have a "type." Instead, they prefer to date people who feel like a best friend.

"Sagittarius is the life of the party! If they are smitten with you, they will be all smiles and laughs," shares Cadwell. "Sagittarius is honest and will tell you if they are into you. However, they don't commit unless they know that you are the perfect fit. They will take you out on excursions and small trips to see how the chemistry vibes."

Capricorn: They make you a priority.

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Nobody has higher standards for themselves and others than Capricorn. This focused and reliable earth sign gets a bad reputation for being the least romantic of the bunch, but they just show their affection in a different, more practical way.

"They want to ensure that their partner is the best fit for them and meets their expectations in relationships," explains Cadwell. "If they are taking their time, you know that they are attracted to you and see you as having potential for the long haul." Once they've committed to you, they'll do everything in their power to sweep you off your feet.

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Aquarius: They make an effort to be around you.

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As the carefree rebels of the zodiac, Aquarians tend to reject the traditional style of dating. They're very spontaneous and unpredictable, but "these free-thinkers don't like to play games and aren't the type to put on a show for people they don't like," notes Cadwell. "So, if you see that they're making time for you and introducing you to their friends, things are on the right track."

You should also note that Aquarius will often friend-zone someone before making a serious commitment. "While dating them might feel a little hot and cold… you can be sure that if you have gone on a date and have not been ghosted yet…they're into you," Cadwell adds.

Pisces: They make you the center of their world.

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Don't let Pisces' shy and sweet demeanor fool you—these artistic dreamers know how to cast a spell over just about anyone. They're a deeply intuitive sign, and their approach to winning someone over can be described as the stuff of legend.

"Pisces are hopeless romantics," says Cadwell. "They'll tell you how much they adore you and see your best qualities. They'll get you roses, sing you songs, and shower you with affection. They won't be able to get enough of your company and will spend all their time with you if they can." Simply put: You'll have no questions about whether or not Pisces is into you.

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