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What the Day of the Week You Were Born Says About Your Personality, According to Astrologers

Each day has its own vibe.

Lots of factors can determine your personality. Of course, genetics and how you were raised, but also things like your zodiac sign and even the day and time you were born can influence who you are as a person. Rebecca Schmidt, an astrologer at Trust the Effing Process, says that because each day of the week has a ruling planet, the day of you were born can be as important as your sun sign. We all know that Friday is fun, Sunday is relaxing, and Monday shouldn't exist, but what is it about these days that make you, well, you? Keep reading to discover what day of the week you were born says about your personality.

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Family Bonding Time
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Mondays are ruled by the moon, which controls your moods and emotions, so it's no wonder that this day of the week can sometimes feel like a drag. However, people born on Monday are very empathetic, caring, and non-judgmental, Schmidt tells Best Life.

The moon also rules Cancer, and those folks are next level nurturers, so Monday-born people are often the same way. "Family is of high importance in their life," Schmidt says. Caretaking and compassion come second nature to them, so they're definitely the ones to call if you need a shoulder to cry on. They're very intuitive, so they'll always know what you need.

Being in the presence of anyone born on a Monday is largely comforting. They are true homebodies and love nothing more than a night on the couch.

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Ruled by Mars, the planet of conflict, those born on Tuesdays are definitely intense. "They never take a back seat, their energy simply won't allow it," says Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

Tuesday-born folks are competitive beyond belief and won't stop grinding until they reach success. They make for great leaders, and you'll usually see them pursuing a career that will challenge them and give them new opportunities for growth.

Failure is not an option for anyone born on a Tuesday and they'll make sure everyone around them knows how goal-driven they are. "They'll succeed at all costs, even if that means cutting off their nose to spite their face," Bennet says.


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Known as 'hump day,' Wednesday has that middle-of-the-week vibe that can either leave you in a slump or give you the motivation to get through the rest of it.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, which is associated with communication and travel, "so these individuals love to be unbound by traditional work schedules and thrive in jobs where they can work remotely or get to travel for work," says Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology. Folks born on Wednesday are great communicators and love talking their way into new opportunities, so it would be a waste to put someone who's born on a Wednesday into a job where they can't use their social skills!

But they do get bored easily and need a lot of mental stimulation, so they are always planing ahead for their next adventure. "Knowing they have those things on the horizon makes it easier for them to stay focused on more mundane tasks," Marquardt says.


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Thursday is ruled by Jupiter which not only is the biggest planet, but represents fun, travel, and wealth. "Thursday's child is the most likely to be found dancing on a table in a far-flung bar," Bennet says.

They seek out adventure at any chance they get and have giant personalities. Schmidt describes Thursday-born people as happy-go-lucky and optimistic by nature.

While these folks are a delight and people love to be in their presence, they do sometimes lack boundaries. Anyone born on Thursday has a spirit like no one else and are likely to end up doing things in their career, or life in general, that will be for the greater good.

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We've made it to Friday! Always an exciting day of the week, and Friday-born folks are no different. They have warm, inviting energy and love to express their creative side. Friday is ruled by Venus which represents love.

"They can be lost in beauty at times and be seen as materialistic but they likely feel they deserve the best things in life," Schmidt says.

Someone born on a Friday is super sociable and loves to keep the vibes peaceful and happy. They love to meet new people and can form a connection with anyone who crosses their path.

Marquardt also mentions that Friday-born individuals are usually drawn to more artistic careers, anything from the culinary arts, to acting, to working as a musician.


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Funnily enough, Saturday is ruled by Saturn which gives these people a strong sense of diplomacy and matter-of-fact personalities. Saturday is typically seen as the fun day off, but these people will find themselves being productive more often than not. "They might have a more serious demeanor, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun to be around," Marquardt says.

Saturday-born people aren't interested in being liked by everyone, so they tend to surround themselves with people who are reliable, loyal, and have good heads on their shoulders. They are practical and driven and don't need to be bothered with frivolous things.

"They have a high capacity for responsibility and know how to play the long game, so you'll see these individuals gradually become more and more successful as life goes on, usually ascending to the top of their field somehow," Marquardt says.


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Sunday-born people are natural movers and shakers. They are ruled by the sun, so they love to shine. Plus, they have a feel-good authenticity about them. Marquardt explains that Sunday-born people are here to make a positive impact by showing the world the power of being comfortable in their own skin. "They have a strong sense of self and are enthusiastic about living a life that feels genuine," he says.

If these folks have to tone down their self-expression or spend their time doing something that doesn't ignite their fire, then they aren't living up to their full potential. These people are far from predictable, and always draw others in with their magnetic energy.

"They are pioneers who carve out their own path in life, often ending up in roles where their character or identity leads the way, like being a motivational speaker, social media influencer, or politician," Marquardt says.

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