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The Most Successful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'll be at the top of the list every time

When it comes to climbing the ladder of success, some people are naturally driven to get to the top. They have a plan, a goal in mind, and a great mix of determination and passion. Whether this involves a promotion at work or finding happiness in their life, these people have a can't-stop, go-getter attitude. If you're just not sure why some folks flourish so easily, astrology could be a contributing factor. Read on to discover the most successful zodiac sign from a little accomplished to completely prosperous.

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As the sign of the lion, Leos are strong and fierce, and they'll jump at any opportunity to lead others. They are ruled by the Sun, so they love receiving attention. One of the ways they get that is from working hard to achieve success, Emily Newman, an astrologist at Best of Psychic Reader tells Best Life.

They also have a solid sense of empathy, which will ultimately give them an advantage whether that involves forging new relationships or uncovering a unique solution to a problem. Once they figure out their rhythm, they'll be unstoppable.

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When it comes to the Libras in your life, you should know they love harmony and balance. These people are certainly a force to be reckoned with and they have no problem turning up the charm to accomplish their goals. They ooze charisma and can step up to lead any situation without hesitation.

These air signs are great listeners and are able to connect with others in a meaningful way. "This can lead to success in negotiations, diplomacy, and the arts, as they are able to express themselves in a way that resonates with others," Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense, tells Best Life.


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As another air sign, communication comes naturally to Geminis, so it's no surprise that success comes to them easily as well. These people possess instinctual charm and intelligence which allows them to effortlessly network, whether for personal or professional gain. Clare explains that the air element is responsible for their intellectual curiosity and imaginative nature, which allows them to approach problems from a unique and innovative angle.

These combined factors not only make Gemini someone who excels at forming relationships but someone who will shatter glass ceilings as well.


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Scorpios are a force to be reckoned with in any facet of life. They may be quiet and keep their thoughts to themselves but you should never mistake those traits for failure. "Scorpios are the zodiac's power sign, and as such, they possess a strong will and a concentrated mind together with a natural air of mystery and ambition that frequently results in tremendous success," Newman says.

These water signs achieve things in the traditional sense and will always stick to the things they know work best. They have an unwavering work ethic that can't be matched as well as high emotional intelligence that can help them astutely understand the words and actions of others.


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Aries are dynamic, confident, and known to be the trailblazers of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and assertiveness, they're often rightfully associated with success. This gives them the courage and energy to take on challenges and brush off criticism, Clare says.

As a fire sign, Aries is also bold and uses that to their advantage. "They are not afraid to take risks and aren't satisfied unless they are making strides in whatever it is they choose to do," she says.

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Organized, ambitious, and goal-oriented are three words that should come to mind immediately when you think of Capricorn. So it's really no surprise that they're the most successful zodiac sign. They almost always have a plan and they stay on top of tasks like no one else, explains Newman. Their ruling planet, Saturn, gives them a strong sense of discipline and structure and they'll happily face whatever comes their way.

"This sign's inhabitants are renowned for being highly patient and tenacious, which enables them to accomplish their goals despite challenges," says Newman.

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