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5 Easy Ways to Accentuate Your Waist If You're Over 50, According to Stylists

You can still show off your shape as you get older.

It often gets harder to hang on to your hourglass shape with age. As we get older, our bodies naturally change because we tend to lose muscle mass and gain body fat, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This fat usually builds up towards the center of the body—significantly altering the way our midsection looks. But learning to adapt your style with the adjustments in your physical appearance can help you continue to feel confident at any age. Talking to stylists, we gathered insight on how you can still create the illusion of a slim waist over time. Read on to find out what they say are five easy ways to accentuate your waist if you're over 50.

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Opt for wrap styles.

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The best way to define your waist if you're over 50? Go for a wrap style garment, Rachel Varney, a personal stylist based in New York City who often works with clients over the age of 50, tells Best Life. "The design quite literally hugs your midsection to cinch your waistline," she explains.

According to Varney, this is also a "timeless style." She recommends pairing your wrap clothing with a little bit of jewelry and a pair of flats to make for a more sophisticated look.

Buy a structured blazer.

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Blazers are no longer restricted to job interviews or upscale restaurants. Instead, they're now seen as a statement pieces that can easily be thrown on as an outer layer for your everyday looks, according to Varney. But in order to accentuate your shape at an older age, she says it's also important that you pick a more structured one over a looser fit.

"Blazers with waist construction add contouring to the sides of your waist and create the look of an hourglass," Varney explains. "This tailored piece adds an element of chic to a simple or casual outfit."

Pay attention to the length and cut.

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You can easily create a sliming effect by choosing certain types of tops over others. According to Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist and the founder of Elizabeth Koisch Styling, people over 50 should focus on two particular features when it comes to what they're wearing on their upper half: the length of the sleeves and the cut of the neck.

"Three-quarter length sleeves are a great trick for drawing attention to the waist," she says. "This unconventional sleeve length forces the eye to rest right at the waistline, which is a subtle way of emphasizing it." If you don't already own tops with three-quarter length sleeves, Kosich says you can easily achieve this look by pushing or rolling the sleeves up.

As for the cut of the neck? Bring it lower, she advises. "Emphasizing the waist can be as subtle as wearing a V-neck top," Kosich explains. 'The sharp point directs the eye right to the waist and, for added emphasis, try shoulder pads to minimize the waist and really put it on display."

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Pick the right pieces for your bottom half.

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Rosann Fleischauer, a stylist for the knitwear industry and author of Cozy Coastal Knits, says the key is to think about proportions—which means you need to make sure you're picking the right pieces for your bottom half as well. "Find a pair of trousers or jeans that feels comfortable and is not too tight," she advises. "Never have any part of your body bulging over the top of anything—especially not your bra or underwear."

You should also consider leaning towards high-waisted pants or skirts, according to Varney. "These are not only going to conceal your midsection, but they will also pull in your waistline and direct the eye from the hips to the waist," she explains.

Bring out a matching belt.

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When it doubt, belt it out. Alex Higson, a fashion stylist and founder of Magic of Clothing, says picking the right one can easily give you the snatched look you're going for without making your outfit look outdated. "Opt for a belt that is the same color as your outfit to create a cohesive look," he recommends. If you're wearing a pattern, he also advises sticking to a solid-colored belt in order to avoid overwhelming your outfit.

But overall, Higson says there is one major rule you must remember if you want to make sure you're accentuating your waist: "Avoid wearing a belt that is too tight, as it can create bulges and is uncomfortable," he warns.

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