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20 Winter-Home Must-Haves from Ikea

Even if you can't pronounce these items, you can probably afford them.

When you think of a picturesque winter, you probably see a majestic moose, warm cups of hot cocoa, dog-sledding, and cozy chalets. And there's no place that embodies those things quite like Scandanavia. To build your own Nordic wonderland this winter, head to Swedish home furnishing giant Ikea to shop winter offerings that'll get you the most bang for your buck. They have an entire "Vinter 2018" collection!

But before walking into your nearest Ikea, or surfing its overwhelming website, take a look at this curated list of winter must-haves to spruce up your home.

Bunny Bowl

patterned bowl

$3; buy now at Ikea

Nothing screams winter cuteness like a bunch of apron-wearing rabbits bearing gifts. This adorable little bowl from Ikea is microwave and dishwasher safe—and it only has five-star reviews.

Acorn Sugar Bowl

acorn bowl

$5; buy now at Ikea

A winter home isn't quite complete until you bring some of the outdoors in, and this acorn-shaped sugar bowl from Ikea is the perfect way to do that. Its simple white design makes it easy to match with everything else in your home. Plus, its versatility goes well beyond sugar: One reviewer noted that she prefers to use it as a Q-tip holder.

Children's Christmas Apron

childs apron

$5; buy now at Ikea

Winter is the perfect time to teach your little ones the joys of home cooking. Putting them in Ikea's charming child's apron will make them even more excited to join you. The image on it may be Christmas-y, but its pale blue color will keep your kids stylish all winter long.

String Light Curtain

string lights

$20; buy now at Ikea

String lights can often appear mangled and uneven. But Ikea has you covered. This 48-light "curtain" is six rows of pre-spaced, star-shaped LED bulbs that are impossible to mess up. It'll make any room—or outdoor space—sparkle.

Plaid Dish Towels

dish towel

$6; buy now at Ikea

The winter months often mean more staying in, more home-cooking, and therefore, more dishes. Add some flair to that dreaded chore by way of these plaid dish towels form Ikea. In a classic forest green and scarlet pattern, these 100 percent cotton towels will absorb excess liquids, while exuding a seasonal warmth.

Gray and White Bath Towel Set

diamond towel

$20; buy now at Ikea

While you're at it, make sure your bath towels are also comfy and classy with this gorgeous diamond-patterned set of four from Ikea. The bold design will definitely make your bathroom pop and have guests asking where you got them.

Indoor/Outdoor Candle Lantern

lantern candle

$10; buy now at Ikea

This indoor/outdoor candle lantern offers an old-school vibe with a fresh, new-school design. It strikes the perfect wintertime chord of nostalgia and novelty. Plus, it's the perfect way to display all those candles you got from Secret Santas and White Elephants.

Plaid Hallway Rug


$25 buy now at Ikea

With the mud and muck that winter all too often brings in its wake, you're going to want a sturdy, easy-to-clean rug in your entryway. This plaid winter chic option from Ikea is affordable and stylish with its dark-red-and-emerald design. Even if it's going to be stepped and stomped on, it might as well look good doin' it.

Gold Decorative Paper Plates

paper plates

$2; buy now at Ikea

Winter is a time for entertaining, which tends to mean a ton of dishes. You can lighten your clean-up by feeding guests on these eye-catching gold paper plates. This 10-pack is sure to leave diners impressed, while providing you a little extra well-deserved R&R.

Red Table Runner

table runner

$5; buy now at Ikea

Another way to make your table festive is with this luscious red table runner from Ikea. Versatile enough to layer, yet impressive enough to be left on its own, this monochrome piece is the perfect anchor to build your dining set around.

Rabbit Wall Pendant Lamp

wall pendant

$13; buy now at Ikea

As the amount of sunlight dwindles this winter, you can never have too many lights in your home. Up your brightness without sacrificing an ounce of coziness with this bunny-shaped wall pendant from Ikea. With a bow-tie at the bottom to really tip the adorableness scale, this piece will lighten up any room, both physically and spiritually.

Dark Red Fleece Bedspread

bedspread fleece

$25; buy now at Ikea

Nothing will provide the warmth you need this winter like this fleece bedspread from Ikea. It's an easy way to tie together any room's winter vibe, and to keep you snug all day long.

Plaid Oven Mitts

oven mitt

$5; buy now at Ikea

To add to your subtly festive kitchen, throw in these handsome plaid oven mitts, decorated in a red-and-navy pattern that's perfect for the winter months. You might just want to take them outside for snowball fights, as well.

Purple Mug and Saucer

mug and saucer

$6; buy now at Ikea

When the weather gets cold, it's time to bring out the hot beverages. When they're served in dinnerware that sets the mood—like this rich purple mug and saucer kit from Ikea—they'll taste even better. With a simple, timeless design and some subtle leafy flourishes, these pieces are sure to remain in your cupboard for decades to come.

Dried Bouquet


$10; buy now at Ikea

Be a little unconventional this winter by decorating your home with a dried bouquet from Ikea. These imposing branches stand a little over five feet and add wintriness without the mess. Plus, with a strong pair of scissors and some excess string, the set becomes completely customizable. They're getting rave reviews on Ikea's website this winter.

Glowing Faux-Gift Table Decoration

$11.99; buy now at Ikea

Combine decoration, utility, and a wee bit of nostalgia with this soft-glowing gift box. Assembled from a paper exterior and steel framing, this durable piece perfectly skirts the line between vintage and modern. Just be sure to tell the children in your life what it is—otherwise you might find them trying to "open" it.

Emerald Green Throw Pillow

green pillow floral

$15; buy now at Ikea

This is one of Ikea's few pieces from acclaimed Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld. The velvet throw pillow's floral design might look three dimensional, but that's just an illusion—and a convenient one at that. If the flowers actually did protrude from this pillow, they'd probably get bent or crushed as soon as someone leaned on them. It's a durable and gorgeous way to add some winter touches to your couch or bedroom.

Plaid Apron

plaid apron

$8; buy now at Ikea

Whether it's baking, cooking, or creating homemade candles, your kitchen will get a lot of action this winter. So why not do all that hard work in style with this red-and-blue plaid apron from Ikea? It's sure to keep you motivated to cook your heart out. Plus, it has a pocket—and who doesn't love pockets?

Decorative Tree Lights

light up trees

$8; buy now at Ikea

Turn up your home's cuteness factor with these tiny, light-up evergreen trees. Battery-run and packed with around 20,000 hours of glow, these babies are the kind of thing you can set up and never have to think about again. That is, of course, until your guests gush about your home's ambiance and ask where you got them.

Splatter Dot Tumblers

splattered glasses

$7; buy now at Ikea

Every winter home needs a set of glasses interesting enough to use for entertaining, yet inexpensive enough that you don't mind when they inevitably get shattered by houseguests. These six splatter-paint glasses from Ikea are sure to do the trick. Whether you're serving a cocktail or water, these tumblers are perfect for any dinner party you may find yourself hosting. And for more winter home accessories, check out 20 Winter-Home Must-Haves from Costco.

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