4 Tips for Dressing Up for a Party Over 60, According to Stylists

There's so much fun to be had, whether you go for a little black dress or a chic blazer.

Getting dressed for a party is an exciting way to show off your personal style and have a little fun. Depending on the type of soirée you're attending, you can choose anything from an LBD with standout accessories to polished denim with an unexpected blouse. This is especially true after the age of 60. Gone are the days when entering your seventh decade meant sticking to boring basics. Now, you can play with modern and exciting styles that feel uniquely you. But if you need an extra nudge, then fear not. Ahead, stylists offer their best tips for dressing for a party over 60. Cool outfits that make you feel confident and sophisticated are ahead.

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Perfect the LBD.

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When dressing for a party that calls for anything from cocktail to formal attire, a little black dress is always a hit.

"Choosing the perfect style for your body type is the key to looking and feeling fantastic," says Amy Salinger, head stylist and owner of Style Method NYC. "Ruching is always flattering through the middle because it can hide 'imperfections.'" Other details, like a V-neck, off-shoulder neckline, or high hem, can show off your favorite features.

If you're attending a classic or formal event, accessorize your LBD with sheer black stockings and stiletto heels, suggests Salinger. To make more of a statement, try knee-high boots. "Comfort first, fashion second," Salinger says. "Be realistic with how your feet will feel after wearing them for hours."

The best thing about this look is that you can wear and re-wear it—and any of its components—again and again.

Try a feminine tuxedo.

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Another cool and sophisticated option for a cocktail attire party is a pantsuit. "The color is completely up to the individual—ivory is so chic—but the silhouette is sexy and mature, perfect for any lady over 60," says Salinger.

"The best benefit is you can style it to match your personality by picking personalized accessories," she adds. A kitten heel, stiletto, loafer, or ballet flat can complete the look on the bottom. Add a statement necklace or earrings up top and you're ready to make a bold entrance.

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Or a blazer and pants.

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Not ready to do a full tux? Try a blazer and pants instead. "These days I love chic wide palazzo pants with a blouse and maybe a blazer—something to add some tailoring to balance the flowing trousers," says Sahra Schukraft, founder and stylist of Shop the City.

For something super on-trend, pair an oversized blazer silhouette with skinny-straight high-waist jeans and a silky tucked-in blouse, says Salinger. "You look incredibly chic without 'trying too hard.'"

A sparkly bag or jewelry will make the ensemble extra festive. And you can pair either of these outfits with an ankle boot that goes under your pants, a kitten heel, or a ballet flat.

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Add sparkle with accessories.

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Whether you're dressing for a holiday party or a more evergreen affair, sparkly accessories can take your look from basic to bold.

"No matter what the age of the woman, everyone loves a little sparkle," says Salinger. Try a clutch that's covered in rhinestones, heels with a crystal buckle, or diamond drop earrings.

If you'd prefer to remain more understated, that's also an on-trend option. "I love a layered necklace look and some approachable earrings like a small hoop or ear huggie or even a basic but luxe-looking stud style," says Schukraft. "If you love a belt, let's opt for a stylish chain belt."

When you look and feel your best, you'll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your soirée's cocktails, food, and company.

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