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7 Best Color Trends to Wear This Spring

Find out how you can freshen up your outfits for the season.

As the weather heats up, the dark and muted clothes in your closet may seem less appropriate (or comfortable!). But as you try to incorporate more color into your wardrobe, you could be stuck on exactly where to go. While you're probably all-too-familiar with spring's classic pastels, there are so many more must-have hues that can help your outfits really pop during this time of year. We talked to several stylists to get their insight on which ones are making a splash in 2024. Read on to find out the seven best color trends you should wear this spring.

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Butter yellow

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Butter yellow has been deemed the hottest spring color trend for 2024. But because it's in the yellow family, this shade can be trickier for some to pull off "due to its potential to wash out certain skin tones," Steven Dann, fashion stylist and CEO of Monfrère, tells Best Life.

The solution? "Incorporate butter yellow into your wardrobe this spring through strategic layering or accessorizing, perhaps using it as a pop of color against a neutral canvas of white or denim," Dann recommends.

Glacial blue

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Another popular color standing out this spring is glacial blue, according to Vivienne Desurmont, founder of the French-style secondhand and vintage luxury shop Maison Vivienne.

"This is a serene and calming hue reminiscent of clear skies and tranquil waters," she says, adding that it brings about a sense of freshness, sophistication, renewal, and optimism—all of which "perfectly capture the essence of the season."

To incorporate the glacial blue trend into your spring wardrobe, Desurmont suggests looking for pieces like blouses, dresses, or accessories in this color.

"Pair a glacial blue blouse with white jeans and sandals for a chic daytime look, or layer a glacial blue cardigan over a floral dress for a feminine touch," she says.

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Mint green

woman wearing mint green pants

Mint green is a classic spring color, and it's not going anywhere.

"This refreshing shade captures the essence of spring and can quickly revitalize your look," Ira Lysa, stylist and founder of the fashion brand Ira Lysa, says. "Mint green skirts or blouses pair well with white or beige, creating a crisp, clean aesthetic that's perfect for the season."


Tanned woman in stylish orange shorts with high waist and light blouse posing against background of house with antique wooden doors

If you prefer more warm and earthy tones, terracotta might be the current spring trend for you, according to Mia Anderson, fashion expert and founder of ChicSew.

"Embrace this rustic hue with a flowy midi dress or a cozy knit sweater," Anderson advises. "You can also pair terracotta with olive green or mustard yellow for a trendy and effortless ensemble."

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Peach fuzz

Fashion woman customer looking on peach color shirt in store. Buying clothes using fitting concept while choosing, professional stylist creating trendy look according to color of the 2024 year

Another color trend in the orange family you should be paying attention to is Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year: peach fuzz. This is a "soft and delicate hue that exudes warmth and femininity," Desurmont shares.

"Peach fuzz adds a subtle pop of color to your spring wardrobe while remaining versatile and easy to style," she says. "This color trend evokes a sense of sweetness and charm, making it an excellent choice for embracing the romanticism of spring."

Desurmont recommends adding the peach fuzz color trend into your wardrobe with skirts, tops, or accessories.

"Pair a peach fuzz skirt with a white blouse and espadrille wedges for a stylish daytime ensemble, or layer a peach fuzz cardigan over a floral print dress for a playful twist," she suggests.

Soft pink

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Soft pink is also a "timeless springtime staple," Anderson says.

"Whether in the form of a silky blouse or a ruffled skirt, this feminine hue adds a touch of sweetness to any look," she explains. "Pair soft pink with floral prints or denim for a playful and whimsical vibe."


Street style, woman wearing Prada outfit: blue V-neck bra, a matching blue cropped bomber coat, yellow midi skirt and silver pointed pumps heels shoes.

Don't rule out metallics this spring either, Ashley Full, fashion stylist and co-founder of Amour781, notes.

"This trend is here and having a moment in 2024," she says.

While metallics have been making a splash on runways recently, Full says people can incorporate this trend into their everyday wardrobe through "metallic accessories, scarves, shoes, and bags."

Any of these metallic pieces "will go perfectly with a denim pant and a white button down," she adds.

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